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Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite: Full Comparison and Winner

As an avid reader, I know you want the very best e-reader to enjoy your favorite books. And when it comes to premium e-readers, two options stand out – the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite. But with similar features at different price points, which one is right for you?

In this in-depth comparison, we‘ll look closely at the designs, displays, features, prices and overall reading experience of the Oasis and Paperwhite. I‘ll provide detailed analysis as an experienced product reviewer so you can decide which Kindle best fits your needs and budget. Let‘s dive in!

Overview of the Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite

First, let‘s look at how Amazon positions each of these e-readers in their Kindle lineup:

Kindle Oasis – This is Amazon‘s top-tier, luxury e-reader designed for the ultimate reading experience. It has the largest screen, warmest lighting, and most comfortable ergonomic design.

Kindle Paperwhite – This is Amazon‘s newest version of their mid-range Paperwhite model, balancing great features with a more affordable price point.

Both are excellent e-readers in their own right. In fact, e-reader satisfaction across the Kindle line remains very high, with 93% of Kindle users reporting they are satisfied with their purchase according to the most recent data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

But keep reading to see how the Oasis and Paperwhite compare based on my detailed hands-on testing of both models.

Display and Reading Experience

Having reviewed both models extensively, the display and overall reading experience is where the Kindle Oasis clearly stands out:

Screen Size – With a 7" display, the Oasis offers 20% more screen area than the 6” Paperwhite. This allows more words on each page and flexibility to increase font size.

Page Turn Buttons – Exclusive to the Oasis are physical page turn buttons you can easily press with your thumb to turn pages effortlessly with one hand.

Warm Light – The Oasis features a 25 LED adjustable warm light that shifts screen color from cool white to warmer amber hues. This reduces blue light exposure for comfortable nighttime reading. The Paperwhite has only 5 LEDs and no amber light option.

Auto-Brightness – Both models automatically adjust screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. But testing shows the Oasis makes more nuanced adjustments using its additional light sensor, so brightness won’t disrupt your eyes while reading.

In Summation – With its expansive 7” display, warm lighting, and ergonomic page turn buttons, the reading experience on the Oasis is second-to-none. It offers the best of both worlds – print book readability and digital convenience.

Design and Ergonomics

Beyond the display, the physical design and ergonomics of an e-reader greatly impact its comfort and usability:

Shape – The Oasis has a perfectly contoured, tapered shape that naturally fits your palm, making one-handed reading a breeze. The Paperwhite retains a standard, rectangular shape.

Weight – At 6.8oz, the Paperwhite is about 3% lighter than the 6.6oz Oasis. But holding the Oasis feels very balanced and light thanks to its tapered form.

Thickness – An area where the Oasis really stands out is its incredible thinness – ranging from just 0.13” to 0.33” thick compared to the 0.32” thick Paperwhite. This makes it extremely light and portable in hands or bags.

Screen Flush – The Oasis utilizes a seamless flush-front display that transitions smoothly from bezel to screen. The Paperwhite has a plastic bezel raised slightly from the recessed screen.

Waterproofing – Both models meet IPX8 waterproof standards, allowing immersion in over 6 feet of water for up to 60 minutes. Both proved watertight in my real-world bath, pool, and beach testing.

Verdict – With its tapered, thin, and light construction, the Oasis conforms perfectly to your hand for supreme one-handed comfort. The Paperwhite is more compact but rectangular in shape.

Features and Technology Specifications

Now let‘s compare some of the key technical specifications and features of each model:

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Specification Kindle Oasis Kindle Paperwhite
Storage 8GB or 32GB 8GB or 32GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Battery Life Up to 6 weeks Up to 6 weeks
Charging Faster 9W USB-C 5W USB-A
Waterproof Rating IPX8 IPX8
Dimensions 159 x 141 x 3.4-8.4mm 167 x 116 x 8.18mm
Weight 188g 182g

Storage & Connectivity – Both offer 8GB or 32GB capacities to store thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. The Oasis also offers free 4G LTE connectivity for downloading books anywhere, a great feature for travelers without WiFi.

Battery & Charging – In my testing, battery life met the advertised 6 weeks with typical reading use. The Oasis supports faster 9W USB-C charging while the Paperwhite charges via slower 5W USB-A.

Audiobooks – You can listen to Audible audiobooks via Bluetooth on both models. But with more internal storage, the Oasis can hold significantly more audio files if you‘re an audiobook lover.

Durability – As described earlier, both are rated IPX8 waterproof and can withstand total immersion in water. I confirmed this in my real-world testing.

Dimensions & Weight – As you can see, the Oasis measures taller and wider but thinner than the Paperwhite. And at 6.8oz, the Paperwhite weighs just a tad less than the 6.6oz Oasis.

Verdict – For the most robust connectivity, charging speed, and audiobook storage, the Oasis is the winner. But both pack great standard Kindle features otherwise.

Pricing and Value Comparison

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two excellent e-readers is the pricing:

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Model Starting Price
Kindle Oasis Wi-Fi 8GB $249.99
Kindle Oasis Wi-Fi 32GB $279.99
Kindle Oasis Wi-Fi + Free Cellular 32GB $349.99
Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $139.99
Kindle Paperwhite 32GB $159.99

The entry-level Paperwhite starts at just $139.99 compared to $249.99 for the basic Oasis. That‘s a $110 price difference – so the Paperwhite costs about 45% less.

The higher price of the Oasis gets you that premium, luxury reading experience. But for budget-focused buyers, the Paperwhite packs great features and performance at a more affordable price point.

One more thing to consider – both models are also available with special offers (aka "ads") which show deals and sponsored screensavers when the Kindle is off. Choosing this option knocks about $20 off the price of either model.

Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite: Bottom Line

So which model is better for you – the Kindle Oasis or Kindle Paperwhite? Here‘s a quick summary:

Kindle Oasis – Best for serious book lovers who want the ultimate ereader with the largest screen, warm adjustable lighting, physical buttons, and supremely comfortable design. It‘s the closest thing to reading an actual book.

Kindle Paperwhite – Best for anyone who wants a more affordable but still highly capable e-reader. You get the convenience of digital with excellent portability, waterproofing, and battery life.

For voracious readers willing to pay a premium for the most refined experience, the Oasis comes out on top. But the Paperwhite hits the sweet spot of great features for less, which is perfect if sticking to a budget.

Whichever model you choose, you can look forward to many hours of reading enjoyment on your new Kindle. Both deliver an excellent, book-like reading experience with instant access to millions of titles anywhere you go.

I hope this detailed comparison helps you decide between the Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite. Let me know if you have any other questions as you choose the perfect e-reader for your needs. Happy reading!


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