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Hey friend, here‘s why Verizon is the better carrier in 2023

I know it can be a really tough choice deciding between Verizon and T-Mobile. You want to make sure you get the right carrier for your needs at the best price. Well, I‘ve done a deep dive on how Verizon and T-Mobile compare in 2023. Looking at the key factors, I believe Verizon is the better option for most people.

Why Verizon is the winner in this match-up

When comparing network coverage, speeds, plans, customer service and more, Verizon has some significant advantages:

  • Better rural coverage – Verizon has around 70% U.S. 4G LTE coverage vs 60% for T-Mobile. This means stronger reliability in rural areas.

  • Top-rated customer service – Verizon consistently scores higher for customer satisfaction and support quality compared to T-Mobile.

  • Faster 5G rollout – While limited in area, Verizon‘s 5G covers 13% of the population and offers peak download speeds up to 4 Gbps thanks to mmWave.

  • More plan perks – Promotions like Disney+ bundle and 50% off connected devices provide value many subscribers appreciate.

  • Reliable performance – Verizon continues to rank highly for consistent reliability, low latency and network resilience.

While T-Mobile does offer some compelling benefits like lower prices and faster average 5G speeds, Verizon ultimately wins out in the majority of key carrier comparison categories.

Comparing network coverage area

Verizon simply covers more ground with 4G LTE across rural America. According to the latest analysis from Opensignal, Verizon offers around 70% nationwide 4G LTE coverage compared to 60% for T-Mobile.

This gives Verizon an edge in reliability for rural areas as well as highways and remote locations. So if you need a network that works consistently coast to coast, Verizon is tough to beat.

Now T-Mobile has worked to quickly roll out their next-gen 5G network. As of January 2023, T-Mobile 5G reaches over 50% of Americans while Verizon 5G sits at just 13% population coverage.

However, it‘s important to note that not all 5G is created equal. Verizon uses advanced mmWave 5G technology that taps into super-high frequency airwaves. mmWave allows for lightning quick peak speeds of 4 Gbps in areas like stadiums and busy city centers.

T-Mobile‘s 5G predominantly uses mid-band spectrum which offers a good balance of speed and coverage but maxes out around 300 Mbps.

So Verizon‘s mmWave 5G is far faster when available, but T-Mobile‘s mid-band 5G reaches many more people nationwide. It depends on which type of 5G coverage matters most to you.

T-Mobile has the speed advantage on average

Based on the most recent in-depth testing from analysts like Ookla, PCMag, and Opensignal, T-Mobile boasts the fastest overall 5G download speeds nationwide.

The average 5G download speed for T-Mobile clocks in around 182 Mbps according to Opensignal‘s measurements in early 2023. Verizon 5G is no slouch but trails at an average of 90 Mbps based on RootMetrics‘ recent testing.

As you can see, T-Mobile has quickly built out a speedy mid-band 5G network that handily beats Verizon‘s 5G speeds.

When it comes to 4G LTE performance, Verizon does maintain an advantage with average download speeds of 47 Mbps compared to 33 Mbps for T-Mobile LTE.

Overall, T-Mobile wins on 5G speeds while Verizon is slightly faster for LTE. For many users, those quick 5G speeds will be more noticeable, especially when streaming HD video or downloading large files. But both networks deliver solid LTE speeds for normal usage.

Plan pricing and perks

T-Mobile generally offers cheaper rate plans compared to Verizon, particularly for unlimited data. However, Verizon plans come with some additional perks that you may value.

Let‘s compare some of the key unlimited plans from each carrier:

Plan T-Mobile Magenta Verizon Play More
Price per month $70 $80
Data Unlimited 4G/5G Unlimited 4G/5G
Video Streaming Unlimited HD 720p HD
Mobile Hotspot 5GB LTE 15GB LTE
Perks Netflix on Us Disney+ Bundle

Verizon‘s Play More plan costs $10 more but includes nice entertainment perks like the Disney+ bundle with Hulu and ESPN+. So while T-Mobile is cheaper, Verizon offers some additional built-in value.

When it comes to premium unlimited data, T-Mobile Magenta MAX beats Verizon‘s top Play More Unlimited plan with a $5 lower monthly price along with benefits like 40GB of high-speed hotspot data and free inflight Gogo WiFi.

Both carriers run frequent promotions, so keep an eye out for discounted plans and extra perks. For example, Verizon recently offered a third line free on Play More Unlimited plans for a limited time.

Verizon customer service is top-notch

If customer service is a high priority, Verizon consistently rates higher for satisfaction and support quality.

According to the respected American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, Verizon edges out T-Mobile in key metrics:

  • Verizon has an overall satisfaction score of 76 out of 100. T-Mobile comes in at 68.
  • For call center support specifically, Verizon scores 74 versus 63 for T-Mobile.
  • Verizon gets 92 out of 100 for financial services like billing. T-Mobile ranks lower here at 79.

By virtually every measure, Verizon subscribers are more satisfied with the level of customer service and support they receive compared to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile certainly isn‘t bad, and they‘ve upped their game in recent years. But long-time industry leader Verizon still appears to offer a better overall subscriber experience if that‘s important to you. Their network reliability also helps keep customers happy.

The bottom line

I hope this detailed look at how Verizon and T-Mobile compare in 2023 has helped provide some useful insight. When looking at the full picture across coverage, speed, plans and service, I believe Verizon offers the best option for most people. However, T-Mobile can also be a great choice depending on your specific needs and budget.

I‘d recommend taking a close look at coverage for where you live, work and travel. Be sure to see if any current promotions can help save you money. And of course, consider how factors like data speed and customer service align with your priorities. Once you break it all down, I‘m confident you‘ll pick the ideal carrier for your needs.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to help you make the right decision.