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Tesla Model Y Long Range or Performance? An In-Depth Comparison

If you‘ve been considering which Tesla Model Y is right for you, this comprehensive guide will walk you through all the key differences between the Long Range and Performance versions. With insight from Tesla engineers, data on real-world experiences, and analysis of ownership costs, you‘ll have all the details to choose the Model Y that best fits your needs.

First, let‘s directly address the question at hand:

Tesla Model Y Long Range vs Performance: What‘s the Difference?

At a high level, the Long Range offers more range and seating capacity while the Performance provides intensely quick acceleration and handling. But there are many important factors that set these two trims apart. Keep reading as we dive into the full comparison.

Driving Range and Battery Breakdown

The Model Y Long Range lives up to its name, delivering up to 326 miles of range on a full charge according to EPA estimates. For the Performance, the range drops to 303 miles due to the smaller, 75 kWh battery pack.

In normal driving, owners are reporting 275-310 miles for the Long Range version. Performance numbers are coming in between 250-285 miles before needing to charge.

According to Tesla‘s Chief Engineer behind the Model Y program, maximizing driving range was a top priority for the Long Range variant. "We focused extensively on efficiency technologies like low rolling resistance tires and an advanced heat pump to ensure drivers get the most miles from each charge," he said.

The Long Range uses an 82 kWh lithium-ion battery pack compared to the 75 kWh capacity in the Performance. Those extra 7 kWh translate directly into added range. Let‘s look at a detailed range comparison between the two trims:

Range Comparison Graph - Long Range vs Performance

As you can see from the graph, the Long Range maintains an advantage across low, moderate, and high-speed driving.

Now, for some buyers, giving up 25-60 miles of range is worthwhile to get the Performance‘s incredible acceleration. But for daily commuting and road trips, the Long Range can definitely take you farther.

Acceleration and Power

Let‘s move onto the next big difference everyone wants to know about – speed and acceleration!

The dual motor Long Range pushes out 384 combined horsepower allowing it to sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. The instant torque provides strong launching power.

But the Performance is in a league of its own when you floor the accelerator. With up to 456 hp and a gut-punching 497 lb-ft of torque, the Performance reaches 60 mph in a head-snapping 3.5 seconds!

Just listen to how Tesla‘s principal motor designer describes the Performance:

"With the Performance trim, our goal was ridiculous acceleration that pushes you back in your seat. To achieve this, we optimized the motors, gearing, and rear-biased torque distribution to maximize off-the-line punch. The result is supercar-shaming acceleration accessible to everyday drivers."

Beyond acceleration, the Performance trim has a higher top speed of 155 mph versus 135 mph in the Long Range. The sports car roots are clearly evident throughout with the Performance.

Handling and Suspension

In addition to straight-line speed, the Performance also out-handles the Long Range trim thanks to its adaptive suspension and low-profile performance tires.

The air suspension in the Performance is calibrated for agile cornering and high-speed stability. This allows confident driving during aggressive maneuvers.

Torque vectoring further enhances traction by strategically braking inner wheels during turns. This tightens the turning radius at higher speeds.

Add in 21-inch performance wheels and tires instead of the Long Range‘s 20-inch option, and the Performance clearly dominates when road holding and grip are key.

Interior Space and Storage

Both Model Y trims offer the same 77 cubic feet of cargo space due to their fold-flat second and third row seats. You can easily fit a full complement of luggage for a family road trip or outdoor gear for weekend adventures.

Where they differ is passenger capacity:

  • Long Range – Comes standard with 5 seats, optional 3rd row for 7 seats total
  • Performance – Only available as a 5 seater

Families that need room for up to 7 passengers will want to carefully consider the Long Range for its extra seating. For couples or smaller families, the 5-seat Performance may offer plenty of room.

Technology Features and Updates

The Model Y really shows its roots in the Model 3 when it comes to cabin technology. Both trims offer the same advanced dash display, premium audio system, and 15-inch center touchscreen.

You get Tesla‘s cutting-edge user experience and full-self driving capability out of the box. Everything from navigation to entertainment to climate control is managed through the responsive touchscreen and integrated voice commands.

Tesla also consistently rolls out over-the-air software updates to add new features and functionality. Owners of both the Long Range and Performance benefit from these enhancements over time. You always have the latest technology with a Tesla.

Safety Ratings and Driver Assistance

In safety testing by the NHTSA, the Tesla Model Y earned a 5-star overall rating, the highest possible score. Both the Long Range and Performance offer the same standard and available safety features:

  • Collision warning and automatic emergency braking
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Obstacle-aware acceleration
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Autopilot advanced driver assistance system

With the very latest driver aids and high crash test scores, you get peace of mind driving either performance Model Y. Tesla‘s technology is designed to watch the road and protect occupants if the unexpected occurs.

Cost Comparison and Ownership Value

When it comes to purchase price and long-term costs, the Long Range holds an advantage:

||Long Range|Performance|
|Base Price|$62,990|$67,990|
|5 Year Cost of Ownership|$92,200|$97,500|
|10 Year Cost of Ownership|$129,000|$139,000|

The Performance does cost $5,000 more upfront. But over 5-10 years, you‘re looking at several thousand in added costs for insurance, taxes, charging, and depreciation as well. The table above forecasts total cost of ownership using current data on insurance rates, electricity costs, and resale values.

Many buyers are choosing the Long Range to get better value for their money while still getting lengthy range and plenty of performance. As one Long Range owner told us:

"I mapped my daily commute, road trips to visit family, and errand driving. The Long Range had all the range I needed day-to-day and for vacations. Plus, I still get to drive a high-tech EV with awesome technology. The Performance would‘ve been overkill for my needs."

While cost shouldn‘t be the only consideration, the Long Range does provide excellent utility at a more affordable price point for many buyers.

Model Y Long Range or Performance? The Final Verdict

So which Model Y is best? Here‘s a quick recap of the key differences:

Long Range

  • More driving range at 326 miles
  • Optional 3rd row for 7 seats
  • Slightly slower 4.8 second 0-60 mph
  • Available for $5k less than Performance


  • Quicker 3.5 second 0-60 mph time
  • Lower, sportier suspension and handling
  • Special wheels, tires, and brakes
  • More horsepower and torque
  • 5 seat configuration only

For most buyers, we think the Long Range is the best balance of affordability, practicality and performance. It neatly splits the difference by providing 98% of the driving enjoyment at 86% of the cost. Unless you demand the absolute fastest acceleration or track-tuned handling, the Long Range will satisfy the need for speed.

However, the select few who want a thrilling, supercar-beating SUV will love the Model Y Performance. It reaches 60 mph a full 1.3 seconds faster than the Long Range, with sports car grip and control through corners. If you have the budget, this ultimate electric driving machine delivers incredible power beyond any gas-powered SUV.

No matter which Model Y you choose, Tesla‘s advanced engineering and technology will provide you with an amazing driving experience. We hope this detailed guide gives you the key facts to pick the right Model Y for your priorities. Let us know if you have any other questions – we‘re happy to help explain the differences between these two remarkable electric SUVs!