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101 Awesome PSN Names You Can Use Now (for PS4 and PS5)

Your PlayStation Network (PSN) name is your identity in the gaming world. Like a gamertag or username, it‘s how other players recognize you online and can even reflect your personality.

But with over 100 million PSN names taken on PlayStation already, coming up with something unique, funny, and still available can be a challenge.

That‘s why I‘ve brainstormed this mega list of 101 awesome name ideas you can snag for your PSN right now. I‘ve broken them down into creative categories, covering everything from hilarious kids‘ names to sci-fi and horror-themed options.

So power on your PS4 or PS5, and let‘s find your perfect PSN ID!

What Exactly is a PSN Name?

Your PSN name, also called your PlayStation Network ID, is the username you choose when you set up your PlayStation account.

It‘s important because:

  • It‘s your identity β€” how other gamers will recognize you online
  • It can represent your personality through cool, funny, or clever word choices
  • It needs to be unique enough to stand out from the 100+ million names already taken

The limitations are that PSN names must:

  • Be 3-16 characters long
  • Start with a letter (no numbers at the beginning)
  • Use a mix of letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens (no spaces allowed)

My goal today is to give you creative name ideas you‘ll love that also meet PlayStation‘s rules.

So whether you want something silly or more serious, let‘s find your perfect PSN gamertag!

Hilarious PSN Names for Kids

Parents may want to avoid giving their kids PSN names that reveal their ages. So these funny ideas work for all ages:

  • SpahgettiJet
  • FearfulChris
  • ExplosiveJan
  • TurtleSon
  • CatsFish
  • VengefulCheese
  • DragonMurphy
  • AppalPineapple
  • PumpkinPrincess
  • AppleNick
  • FlickStern
  • Cooky_Boy12
  • GrrlGamer_07
  • MiniMeHere
  • KidMerkin01
  • Polite_grin
  • TamedBird
  • BrightLongSocks
  • NerfNerdNed

Unique PSN Names for FPS Gamers

If fast-paced first-person shooters are your specialty, try these creative names on for size:

  • SpiderGuns
  • ResentfulWilly
  • Hardenmealy
  • LooterBooter
  • ScaryHeadshot
  • CasualPollywog
  • FpsSpiral
  • CampCheese
  • SlackerCamper
  • Nerffier
  • Anguishedradio
  • PacHunter
  • AimBird
  • SpawnCamper
  • RunningTarget
  • Boo

Fun PSN Names for Fantasy Fanatics

Magic, monsters and RPGs more your thing? Represent with these mythic name options:

  • Fantasia
  • FantasyVampire
  • Elision
  • ExtremeDream
  • DragonFantasy
  • Vampire_witch23
  • Fantasies
  • Fantom
  • PumpkinDragon
  • DapperingDragon

PSN Names for Anime & Manga Lovers

Express your love for Japanese animation and comics by snagging an anime-inspired ID:

  • AnimeReel
  • MangaFairy
  • AnimePlot
  • Anime_Perk
  • LootedReputed
  • MangaMaster
  • PlayAnime
  • ChadTriad
  • LoyalFanGirl
  • RowdyButton

Killer PSN Names for Horror Fans

Prepare to get spooky with spine-tingling names like:

  • Carrie
  • CleverCreepy
  • CreatorDiscern
  • GroundedThriller
  • Fillerlonely_vampire12
  • ItchWitch
  • DragonWitch
  • HalloweenBirds
  • HerdsDrHorror
  • VikingHalloween

Hilarious PSN Names for Comedy Fans

Get some LOLs going with these sure-to-be funny names:

  • Receptivenannie
  • Distortedfluid
  • MeseemsDirty
  • ChiquitaRainbows
  • PorkUncorcked
  • BombSitcom
  • HumorSchumer
  • Bitter-puns
  • NervousBomb
  • CheshireDean

Playful PSN Names for RPG Gamers

For roleplaying game fans, don your wizard hat and grab wands-ready names like:

  • RPGDullard
  • SnarkyRPG
  • RolepPayingGal
  • RoleplayDoh
  • Rpg-rowdy
  • RPGCrawler
  • RPGStaceygamer
  • Quixoticgamer
  • ApprovedOutFoxedByMe

Futuristic PSN Names for Sci-Fi Fans

Set your controls to stun and beam aboard these stellar space names:

  • SciFiSuperficial
  • FictionScience
  • PathologyBiology
  • SciFi_Rules
  • AlienSnarky
  • AlienPigwash
  • SciFiTheBorg
  • OrbitingStar4U
  • FrostbitSatelite
  • ExploringSpacer
  • OuterSpaceCats

Creating Your Ideal PSN Name

As you browse these 101 suggestions for inspiration, keep PlayStation‘s naming rules in mind:

πŸ‘ Between 3-16 characters

πŸ‘ Use letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores

πŸ‘ Must start with a letter

πŸ‘ No hate speech or slurs

Check availability with sites like PSN Name Checker before claiming your name. Then have fun gaming online with your new badass ID!

Changing Your PSN Name

Choose wisely because you only get one free change! After that, you‘ll pay around $10 USD to change your ID again.

Here are simple steps to change it on both consoles or their websites:

On the PlayStation website:

  1. Go to your PlayStation account manager

  2. Select β€œEdit” by your current PSN name

  3. Enter and save your new desired name

On PS5:

  1. Go to Users and Accounts in Settings

  2. Select your Profile

  3. Enter your new name and save changes

On PS4:

  1. Go to Account Management in Settings

  2. Select Account Information > Profile

  3. Enter your new name and save changes

So check out these 101 PSN name ideas for inspiration on your search for the perfect PlayStation ID! From funny and cute to badass and scary, you‘ll be set with loads of awesome gamertags at your disposal.

Got any other questions about changing or creating your PSN name? Let me know in the comments!