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8 Reasons To Buy an Nvidia GTX 1050 Today

Hey there! If you‘re looking to build or upgrade your gaming PC on a budget, the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card deserves your consideration even in 2023. Let‘s walk through why this GPU can still deliver a great experience.

Plays New Games Fluidly at 1080p

Don‘t let its age fool you – the GTX 1050 can absolutely handle the latest games at full HD 1080p resolution. Is it as fast as a newer RTX 3050? Of course not. But with graphics settings tuned, you‘ll still enjoy smooth 45-60 FPS performance in most titles.

Trusted sites like Tom‘s Hardware and TechPowerUp confirm the GTX 1050 is a "pleasant surprise for gaming at 1080p." Benchmarks show it‘s roughly 15% slower than a 1650 Super in FPS, but costs far less. The takeaway is that although the GTX 1050 isn‘t cutting edge, it remains strong enough for casual gaming.

Sips Power instead of Guzzling It

Gaming PCs are power hungry, but the GTX 1050 breaks the mold with incredibly efficient operation. Its miserly 75W TDP is less than half that of most modern GPUs. You won‘t find a more energy-sipping graphics card that can still game.

And because it pulls all required power from the PCIe slot, you avoid extra cables snaking inside your case. Reviews consistently praise the 1050‘s "minimal energy footprint." Less power draw also means less fan noise and heat. Your energy bill will thank you!

GTX 1050 Power Draw 75W
GTX 1650 Power Draw 100W

Packed with Solid Gaming Hardware

Diving into its specs, the GTX 1050 is equipped with ample muscle for smooth Full HD gameplay:

  • 1354-1455 MHz core clock speed
  • 2GB or 3GB GDDR5 memory
  • 640-896 CUDA processing cores
  • DirectX 12, Nvidia G-Sync supported

Its aging Maxwell architecture is offset by robust base clocks that meet the minimum needed for polished 1080p experiences. The 1050 also aged well thanks to Nvidia‘s excellent driver support over the years.

Dominates Competitive Esports Titles

For multiplayer games like League, CS:GO, Overwatch and Fortnite, frames win games. The GTX 1050 excels here, driving 100+ FPS on medium settings in popular competitive titles.

Whether you‘re chasing ranks in Valorant or sweating in the Apex Legends arena, this card lets you fully leverage high refresh rate monitors beyond 100Hz for silky motion clarity. Gamers on a budget need to squeeze every frame possible from hardware, and the 1050 delivers.

Cooling That Goes the Distance

A single fan and aluminum heatsink keep the GTX 1050 humming along at acceptable temperatures up to 80°C under load. Automatic speed adjustment keeps the fan quiet when possible and ramps up to maintain thermals when needed.

Reviewers confirm "cool and quiet operation" even in compact cases. For economical gaming PCs, cool running cards like the 1050 greatly reduce risk of thermal throttling after hours of use. Heat management is vital for stability, and this GPU gets it right.

Outputs Crystal Clear 4K Video

You‘ll need to lower settings for 4K gaming on the GTX 1050. But it has zero issues driving desktop, video and media apps at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Whether you‘re working on spreadsheets or watching Netflix in Ultra HD, you can enjoy the benefits of 4K clarity.

Nvidia also equipped this card with full hardware support for decoding/encoding H.264 and HEVC video. That means streaming 4K video content doesn‘t overburden your CPU. If you invest in a hi-res monitor down the road, the 1050 won‘t hold you back.

Minimal Power Requirements

With a max draw of 75 watts from the PCIe slot alone, the GTX 1050 will work in virtually any modern desktop. You won‘t have to worry about factors like:

  • Upgrading your PSU for higher wattage
  • Having adequate PCIE power cables
  • Finding extra power headers on the motherboard

As a drop-in upgrade, it‘s tough to beat the simplicity of installing a 1050. Avoiding messy cable management is a nice perk too!

Budget Price, Premium Performance

Considering its capable 1080p speeds, the GTX 1050 is a steal:

GTX 1050 Launch MSRP $109
GTX 1050 Current Retail Price $150
GTX 1050 Used Price ~$80

At under $100 used, nothing can touch the 1050‘s value. And even at release MSRP, it ran circles around integrated graphics while costing mere pennies per frame. If budget matters most, this card remains a price/performance champion.

The Verdict

The GTX 1050‘s impressive longevity proves its enduring value for modern 1080p gaming. It delivers smooth framerates, excellent efficiency, quiet operation and fantastic pricing. If you manage expectations, the 1050 still belongs in budget gaming rigs. Considering its age, this GPU‘s bang for the buck is nearly impossible to beat. So if you‘re seeking Entry-level performance at a budget cost, the GTX 1050 deserve a card slot in your next build!