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The Best Podcasts for Following the Electric Vehicle Revolution in 2023

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the biggest stories in tech, transportation, and the fight against climate change. Global sales of plug-in passenger vehicles have skyrocketed from just 120,000 in 2012 to 6.6 million in 2021, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). While still less than 10% of the overall car market, EVs are poised for explosive growth this decade as battery costs fall, charging infrastructure expands, and many more new models become available.

Year Global EV Sales EV Share of Car Market
2012 120,000 <0.1%
2015 550,000 0.6%
2018 2.0 million 2.2%
2021 6.6 million 8.6%
2025 14.2 million 23.0%
2030 31.1 million 48.0%

Source: IEA, BloombergNEF

With the EV market evolving at lightning speed, staying informed on the latest developments can be a challenge, even for the most ardent enthusiasts. That‘s where podcasts come in. The on-demand audio format is perfect for taking a deep dive into complex EV topics in an engaging, conversational style. And the EV podcast scene has absolutely exploded in recent years alongside surging interest in battery-powered cars.

Whether you‘re considering an EV for your next vehicle purchase, are already a proud EV driver, or simply fascinated by the technology and its world-changing potential, there‘s an electric car podcast for you. Here are some of the best EV podcasts to follow for news, reviews, and expert insights in 2023:

1. Electrek Podcast

Electrek Podcast

Source: Electrek

For the latest breaking news and analysis on the EV market, it‘s hard to beat the Electrek Podcast. An offshoot of the popular news site, this weekly show is hosted by editor-in-chief Fred Lambert and publisher Seth Weintraub. Every Friday, they dissect the top EV stories of the week, with plenty of insider scoops, hot takes, and lively banter. Regular topics include new EV model reveals, charging network expansions, battery tech breakthroughs, Tesla news, and EV policy developments.

With over 300 episodes released since 2017 and a devoted listener community, the Electrek Podcast has become a must-listen for serious EV followers. The show strikes a great balance between geeky, granular coverage of the latest electric cars and big picture discussions around how EVs are disrupting the multi-trillion-dollar auto industry. Lambert and Weintraub don‘t shy away from critiquing hype and vaporware, but their overall outlook on the e-mobility transition is decidedly bullish. Tune in for some of the most plugged-in analysis of the EV space, interspersed with plenty of laughs and friendly arguments between the co-hosts.

2. Fully Charged Show Podcast

Fully Charged Show

Source: CNET

The Fully Charged Show has grown from a niche YouTube channel into a full-fledged clean energy media empire, spanning live events, a news site, and of course, podcasts. Hosted primarily by British actor and EV evangelist Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged offers a uniquely UK perspective on the shift to e-mobility and renewable power. But in recent years, the show has gone increasingly global, with episodes and presenters from around Europe and North America as well.

What sets Fully Charged apart is its contagious enthusiasm for all things clean tech. Episodes tend to focus on the real-world benefits of EVs in terms of cutting emissions, costs and noise. Llewellyn and his co-hosts Johnny Smith and Helen Czerski also frequently address the societal implications of the EV transition, such as how it will impact auto workers, oil companies, and local communities. Reviews of the latest EV models are a regular feature, but Fully Charged usually emphasizes the bigger sustainability picture over obsessing about specs and performance.

With funky, upbeat production and a roster of lovably geeky presenters, the Fully Charged Show podcast makes learning about complex energy topics a joy. For those seeking an antidote to the sometimes overly technical EV coverage out there, Fully Charged is the perfect gateway drug to e-mobility. With over 200 episodes and counting, this long-running series is sure to get you excited about the electric future.

3. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Ride the Lightning Podcast

Source: The Atlantic

If there‘s one company that epitomizes the EV revolution, it‘s Tesla. The California carmaker almost single-handedly jump-started the mass market for EVs with the launch of its Model S sedan in 2012. A decade later, Tesla is the most valuable automaker on Earth, delivering over a million EVs per year and boasting legions of die-hard fans. One of those superfans is Ryan McCaffrey, a veteran podcaster and automotive journalist who has been hosting the unofficial Ride the Lightning podcast since 2015.

Every week, McCaffrey breaks down the latest Tesla news and delivers in-the-weeds analysis of the company‘s products, technology, business model and mercurial CEO, Elon Musk. In addition to poring over Tesla‘s quarterly financial results, he frequently gets into the nitty-gritty of over-the-air software updates, battery chemistry advances, and Autopilot‘s latest capabilities. McCaffrey sugarcoats some of Tesla‘s struggles and isn‘t afraid to criticize moves he sees as misguided. But overall, Ride the Lightning is an unapologetic celebration of all things Tesla.

At over 400 episodes and counting, Ride the Lightning offers unparalleled insight into one of the most innovative and important companies of the 21st century. Even if you‘re not a Tesla owner or investor, the podcast is a fascinating case study in how a disruptive startup can take on a century-old industry and catalyze economy-wide transformation. As EVs steadily replace gas-powered cars in the years ahead, expect Tesla to remain at the center of the story, with Ride the Lightning offering a front-row seat.

4. E for Electric

E for Electric Podcast

Source: InsideEVs

If you prefer your EV coverage with a healthy dose of sass and style, look no further than E for Electric. Hosted by Alex Guberman, an ex-Tesla employee turned e-mobility influencer, this YouTube channel and podcast takes an entertaining, often irreverent approach to the EV world. Guberman is known for his bold predictions, spicy takes and on-air antics. But beneath the bombast is a genuine passion for EVs and expert-level knowledge of the rapidly changing industry.

E for Electric episodes tend to be shorter and punchier than some of the more long-winded EV podcasts out there. Guberman frequently posts news reaction videos and single-topic deep dives alongside his more produced podcast-style interviews and panel discussions. Guests include fellow EV YouTube personalities, auto analysts, and the occasional exec from Tesla or other car companies. While Tesla coverage still dominates, Guberman has expanded his focus to the entire e-mobility ecosystem in recent years.

What E for Electric may lack in polish or product reviews, it more than makes up for in sheer energy, humor and hot takes. Guberman‘s over-the-top persona and contrarian streak are a welcome counterbalance to the sometimes staid, sanitized coverage of larger EV media outlets. Even if you don‘t always agree with his arguments, you‘re guaranteed to be entertained and come away with a fresh perspective. E for Electric is a vital part of the EV community‘s passionate, participatory culture.

The EV podcast universe is remarkably diverse, with shows for every knowledge level, use case and special interest. In addition to the top podcasts highlighted above, some other notable series for EV enthusiasts include:

No matter which EV podcasts you tune into, you‘re sure to come away better informed about the e-mobility revolution. So grab your earbuds, plug in, and get ready to geek out over the exciting future of transportation. See you on the road to electrification!