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Discover the Most Expensive CryptoPunks in the World

Hey friend, if you‘ve been following the rise of NFTs, you‘ve probably heard about CryptoPunks. These collectible characters essentially kicked off the entire NFT movement. And some extremely rare punks have sold for millions of dollars!

In this post, we‘ll explore the fascinating world of CryptoPunks, including what exactly they are, why certain punks are so valuable, and rankings of the most expensive CryptoPunk sales in history. Let‘s dive in!

What Are CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are algorithmically generated pixel art characters collected as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

They were originally created and released for free by Larva Labs in June 2017. The project was led by two Canadian developers, Matt Hall and John Watkinson. Their goal was to provide an easy and fun way to claim ownership over digital art on a blockchain.

There are only 10,000 unique CryptoPunks, each with its own pixelated appearance. To generate the images, Larva Labs used an algorithm that randomly combines over 175 possible visual features. This includes things like accessories, headwear, facial features, skin tones, and more.

According to Larva Labs data, here are some quick stats on the punks:

  • 6,039 are male, while 3,840 are female

  • There are 88 zombie punks, 24 ape punks, and only 9 alien punks

  • Over 4,082 punks wear small shades

  • 597 punks rock various headbands

  • Only 492 punks have some form of facial hair

This mathematical generation of random traits means each CryptoPunk has a completely unique look. And certain attributes and types, like aliens, are far rarer than others.

Owning a CryptoPunk represents official membership in an exclusive digital community. And since they are issued as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, direct ownership and authenticity is guaranteed.

So in a nutshell, CryptoPunks blend together algorithmic digital art, community status, and blockchain-verified ownership into one iconic NFT collection.

Over the years since their launch, CryptoPunks have firmly established themselves as one of the most prestigious and culturally important NFT projects out there.

Why Are CryptoPunks So Valuable?

You may be wondering – why do people pay millions for these pixelated punks?

There are several key factors driving CryptoPunks‘ immense financial value and cultural cachet:


With only 10,000 punks in existence, and far fewer copies of rare traits and types like aliens, scarcity imbues major value. According to the laws of supply and demand, lower supply plus high demand pushes prices way up.

Social Status

Owning a CryptoPunk represents membership in an exclusive digital community with bragging rights and social clout. This appeals greatly to serious NFT collectors and enthusiasts.


As the first NFT project on Ethereum, CryptoPunks hold special historical significance in the blockchain space. Their legacy as pioneers adds meaning and value.


While procedurally generated, many CryptoPunks appeal aesthetically as stylized pixel art. Unique images are inherently valuable as tradeable artworks and collectibles.


As with any volatile asset, speculation on rising prices and emerging trends helps drive market mania over the scarcest punks.

According to data site DappRadar, as of April 2022 the total all-time trading volume across all CryptoPunk sales exceeded $1.5 billion. The average sale price in April 2022 was $125,302.

So in summary, CryptoPunks derive tremendous value from their scarcity, cultural significance, aesthetics, and status as blue-chip blockchain collectibles. This combination makes the rarest specimens highly desirable on the open market – as we‘ll see next with specific record sales.

Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks

Now let‘s explore the 10 most expensive CryptoPunk purchases of all time. The tables below outlines the ranking based on current USD prices, along with some quick facts on the winning bid for each prized punk.

Rank CryptoPunk # Type Price in ETH Price in USD
1 #5822 Alien 8,000 $23.7 million
2 #4156 Ape 3,300 $10.26 million
3 #7252 Zombie 1,750 $5.44 million
4 #3100 Alien 4,200 $7.58 million
5 #6335 Alien 2,500 $7.57 million
6 #7523 Zombie 4,200 $11.75 million
7 #5217 Ape 1,750 $5.44 million
8 #7252 Zombie 1,690 $5.33 million
9 #9209 Ape 1,320 $4.2 million
10 #233 Alien 1,400 $3.9 million

Astounding sales for just 10 x 24 pixel art NFTs, right? Now let‘s look closer at what made each of these punks so valuable.

1. CryptoPunk #5822 – $23.7 million

Claiming the #1 spot for most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold is the ultra-rare alien CryptoPunk #5822. This mystical punk with a bandana fetched an unbelievable 8,000 ETH, or $23.7 million USD, in February 2022 when it was purchased by Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of blockchain firm Chain. This shattered all previous sales records for a single punk.

As 1 of only 9 aliens among the 10,000 CryptoPunks, its rarity is off the charts. And bandanas themselves are highly sought after, donning just 184 of the punks in total.

So this particular combination of alien design and bandana accessory put #5822 into truly mythic territory. Its new owner recognized that, paying a record sum to acquire one of the most coveted NFT assets around.

2. CryptoPunk #4156 – $10.26 million

In the #2 spot is the ape known as CryptoPunk #4156, which sold for an impressive 3,300 ETH, or $10.26 million. This large sum was forked over in December 2021, reflecting massive price growth throughout 2021 for rare punks.

Apes themselves are very rare, with only 24 in existence. So collectors covet them. Add in this one‘s stylish blue bandana, of which only 184 exist, and you have an incredibly desirable 1-of-1 specimen.

Originally claimed for free in 2017, its value skyrocketed alongside the NFT market‘s meteoric rise last year. Its new owner recognized immense financial potential in this blockchain pioneer.

3. CryptoPunk #7252 – $5.44 million

Up next is the zombie CryptoPunk #7252, which netted 1,750 ETH, or $5.44 million, from its sale in August 2021. Considered one of the cooler-looking zombies out there, #7252 sports a mohawk, face tattoos, and vampiric green skin.

With only 88 zombies in the collection, this punk sits near the top in terms of rarity. Combine that with its stylish look, and it‘s no wonder this undead punk sold for a small fortune at auction to a buyer seeking exclusive NFT status.

4. CryptoPunk #3100 – $7.58 million

In the #4 spot is the alien CryptoPunk #3100, which commanded 4,200 ETH, or $7.58 million, from its March 2021 sale. As 1 of only 9 super-rare aliens, this punk wears an understated yet stylish headband as its distinguishing accessory.

Originally sold for a modest $2,127 USD back in 2017, its value exploded alongside the NFT market‘s astronomical rise. Its anonymous new owner clearly understood the immense financial potential and cultural cachet contained in this rare alien artifact.

5. CryptoPunk #6335 – $7.57 million

Next up is another alien punk, #6335, which sold for an impressive 2,500 ETH, or $7.57 million USD, in March 2021. This particular alien stands out for its classic punk style, including orange swept hair, a pipe, shades, and striped shirt.

As 1 of only 9 aliens, its rarity is off the charts. The buyer, Figma CEO Dylan Field, knew early on that the NFT market was heating up. By acquiring this alien punk, he cemented himself as an early adopter with incredible foresight.

6. CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.75 million

This zombie punk, #7523, is the gem of Israeli entrepreneur Shalom Meckenzie‘s NFT collection. He paid a handsome 4,200 ETH, or $11.75 million, to acquire this undead punk in June 2021.

Its rainbow mohawk, hot lipstick, and shades give this zombie some bold personality. And as 1 of just 88 zombies, it ranks near the top in terms of rarity. Its new owner instantly gained elite status among NFT collectors by purchasing this prized punk.

7. CryptoPunk #5217 – $5.44 million

Up next is the ape CryptoPunk #5217, which netted 1,750 ETH, or $5.44 million USD, from its July 2021 sale. This punk differentiates itself with its mint green knitted cap and gold chain accessory combo.

As 1 of only 24 apes, its built-in scarcity lent immense value. The buyer clearly appreciated the stylish mix of accessories and rare ape breed, paying top dollar to add this 1-of-1 punk to their collection.

8. CryptoPunk #7252 – $5.33 million

This colorful zombie punk sold for an impressive 1,690 ETH, or $5.33 million. With its green skin, rainbow mohawk, and punky face jewelry, CryptoPunk #7252 has some serious style.

It also has serious scarcity as 1 of just 88 zombies in the collection. Given its visually striking look and rare design, it‘s no wonder this zombie commanded such a high sales price. The buyer instantly gained major bragging rights.

9. CryptoPunk #9209 – $4.2 million

While not the most eye-catching punk, CryptoPunk #9209 still managed to sell for $4.2 million in January 2022. As 1 of only 24 super-rare apes, this orange-haired punk‘s value is intrinsically linked to its primate scarcity.

Originally claimed for free in 2017, its new owner recognized tremendous financial potential thanks to its rare ape breed and the ongoing NFT mania driving up prices. Their insight paid off with this multi-million dollar score.

10. CryptoPunk #233 – $3.9 million

Rounding out the list is 1 of the 9 rare aliens, CryptoPunk #233, which sold for $3.9 million back in July 2021. This alien distinguishes itself with its mohawk and goatee combo, two traits each found on less than 500 punks.

Its new owner instantly joined the ranks of the crypto-elite by investing in this incredibly scarce alien specimen early on in the NFT boom. It was a risky bet that paid off immensely.

Why Do These Expensive Sales Matter?

You may be wondering why a handful of multi-million dollar CryptoPunk sales matter to the broader NFT space. Here are a few reasons:

  • The increasing prices reveal the growing mainstream appetite for scarce and culturally relevant NFTs.

  • They cement CryptoPunks‘ place as the "blue chip" standard for coveted blockchain collectibles.

  • CryptoPunks‘ brand visibility expands with each record-breaking sale, further driving demand.

  • Mainstream media coverage of major sales attracts new users and investors into the NFT space.

  • Six-figure sales validate the "digital art as an asset class" concept that spawned the NFT movement.

In essence, the outsized sale prices for rare CryptoPunk NFTs reflect their towering status as the epitome of provably scarce blockchain collectibles. As CryptoPunks go, so goes the entire NFT market. Their success highlights the immense financial potential in this emerging digital art realm.

The Future Impact of CryptoPunks

Looking ahead, rare CryptoPunks seem destined to be blockchain‘s version of ultra-prestigious Mona Lisa-level collectibles. Their brand, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal provide enduring and growing value to collectors.

However, some experts warn that CryptoPunk floor prices may drop if the NFT market‘s focus shifts to new "blue chip" projects. The space evolves rapidly.

Yet even if hype cools, CryptoPunks will remain blockchain pioneers and modern artistic artifacts representing an epochal cultural shift.

In this sense, they seem destined to hold a mythic place in the history of technology and culture regardless of price fluctuations. The eye-popping sales may wane, but CryptoPunks‘influence persists.

So that‘s the inside scoop on the most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs and why they matter. Let me know if you have any other questions! This novel intersection of blockchain technology and digital art is changing so much about how we assign value and meaning in a digital society.