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Discover The Most Expensive Gaming PC In The World

Gaming PCs are some of the most powerful personal computers available today. While many affordable options exist for casual gamers, high-end gaming PCs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. These expensive machines are packed with cutting-edge components and custom features to provide the ultimate gaming experience. In this article, we will explore some of the most expensive gaming PCs in the world and what makes them stand out.

The Edge DL – The Most Expensive Gaming PC

The current record holder for the most expensive gaming PC is a machine called The Edge DL, built by NextComputing. With a staggering price tag of $54,950, this custom-built PC aims to provide elite performance for demanding users.

So what makes The Edge DL so expensive? Firstly, it is powered by an AMD EPYC 7702P processor, which features a whopping 64 cores and 128 threads. This enterprise-grade CPU provides an enormous amount of processing power perfect for running complex simulations and computations.

The Edge DL is also equipped with up to four NVIDIA RTX 8000 graphics cards connected via high-speed NVLink bridges. With 48GB of VRAM each, these professional GPUs enable extremely high resolutions and smooth framerates even on the most graphically intense games.

Storage comes in the form of speedy NVMe SSDs up to 2TB in capacity. For memory, The Edge DL packs up to 512GB of blazing fast DDR4 ECC RAM to handle massive datasets. It also has 10Gb Ethernet connectivity and supports up to 8 displays for an immersive gaming experience.

This raw power makes The Edge DL overkill for gaming alone. But it can also handle demanding workloads like data analytics, scientific computing, machine learning, and more. While certainly not cheap, it provides elite performance tailored for organizations and research institutions.

Runner Up Most Expensive Gaming PCs

While The Edge DL reigns supreme in pricing, other exorbitantly expensive gaming PCs also exist for enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge performance.

8Pack OrionX

Costing around $46,000 fully loaded, the 8Pack OrionX is a custom gaming and overclocking PC designed by expert overclocker Ian "8Pack" Parry.

It boasts an 18-core Intel Core i9-10980XE CPU that can hit speeds up to 5.1GHz when overclocked. Graphics power comes from three NVIDIA Titan RTX cards in NVLink, providing immense GPU horsepower. There‘s also 128GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 4000MHz for incredible memory bandwidth.

With its bespoke liquid cooling system, RGB aesthetics, and meticulous cable management, the 8Pack OrionX is built for enthusiast overclockers wanting the best possible performance. Only a limited number of these PCs are produced each year.

HP Z8 G4 Workstation

While not marketed as a gaming PC, the HP Z8 G4 workstation can be configured into a high-end gaming machine. Fully decked out, its price exceeds $30,000.

It supports dual 22-core Xeon processors, up to 3TB of RAM, and multiple NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 graphics cards for state-of-the-art performance. Large amounts of storage, excellent cooling, and tool-less expandability round out the premium features.

With a few tweaks, the Z8 G4 becomes a gaming and content creation powerhouse. But it also handles intensive workstation tasks like 3D rendering, video editing, and data science.

Origin PC Neuron

Pennsylvania-based company Origin PC offers customized PCs like the Neuron gaming desktop. Users can pick from a wide range of high-end components when ordering.

Fully loaded, a maxed-out Neuron costs over $25,000. It includes an 18-core i9-10980XE, up to four RTX 3090s in SLI, 128GB RAM, 15TB of NVMe storage, and more. Copious RGB lighting and liquid cooling provide style and thermals.

With personalized service and hand-built quality assurance, the Neuron epitomizes a customized high-end gaming PC. Owners even get lifetime 24/7 support from knowledgeable technicians.

What to Expect from a $50K+ Gaming PC

Gaming PCs crossing the $50,000 mark cater to enthusiasts wanting the very best performance possible. Here‘s what to expect at this elite pricing tier:

CPU: Expect professional-grade CPUs like AMD‘s Threadripper or Intel Xeon W with up to 64 cores. These server-class processors offer incredible multithreaded performance.

GPU: Multiple high-end NVIDIA RTX or Quadro GPUs connected via NVLink or SLI provide immense graphics processing power for gaming at high resolutions and framerates.

Memory: With 128-512GB of blazing fast DDR4 ECC RAM, these systems can handle huge datasets and multiple demanding applications.

Storage: Large 2-8TB NVMe SSDs offer responsive performance perfect for quick game load times. Some may also include HDDs for mass storage.

Cooling: Custom liquid cooling loops, sometimes using exotic cooling fluids, are necessary to tame the immense heat output of these elite components.

OS: Windows 10 Pro or Linux-based OS focused on workstations and gaming, like Ubuntu or Pop!_OS.

Design: Aesthetics range from clean and minimalist to fully decked out in RGB lighting, depending on personal preferences.

Support: Expect white-glove customer service and support, given the high cost. Many builders offer lifetime support and warranties.

Use Cases: Gaming, content creation, data science, financial analysis, scientific computing, AI/ML, and more. Overkill for general tasks.

So in summary, a $50,000+ gaming PC offers no compromises on performance and longevity. From the elite processors to high-end GPUs and maximum memory and storage, these systems represent the cutting edge of PC gaming technology. They may seem excessive for most, but deliver unmatched power and customization options for enthusiasts.

The Edge DL Specs Breakdown

As the current record holder for the world‘s most expensive gaming PC, let‘s take a more in-depth look at The Edge DL‘s specs and hardware capabilities:


  • AMD EPYC 7702P CPU
  • 64 cores / 128 threads
  • 2.0GHz base clock (up to 3.35GHz boost)
  • 280W TDP

The 7702P has an abundance of cores and threads optimized for heavily parallel workloads. It provides tremendous multi-threaded performance for gaming, content creation, scientific computing, and more.

Graphics Card

  • Up to 4x NVIDIA RTX 8000 GPUs
  • 48GB GDDR6 VRAM each
  • 4608 CUDA cores each
  • NVLink connectivity

With four RTX 8000 cards, The Edge DL has immense graphics processing power equivalent to over 100 TFLOPS of 32-bit floating point performance. The NVLink bridges provide fast GPU-to-GPU bandwidth.


  • Up to 512GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 8-channel memory controller
  • 2933MHz speed

The massive memory capacity and bandwidth from the 7702P allows The Edge DL to handle huge datasets easily and run memory-intensive applications smoothly.


  • 2TB NVMe SSD
  • PCIe 4.0 interface
  • Read speeds up to 7000 MB/s

Fast PCIe 4.0 SSD storage enables quick boot and game load times. Capacity up to 2TB provides ample storage for games, media, and working data sets.


  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Low latency
  • High throughput

10GbE networking provides low latency and high bandwidth connectivity for multiplayer gaming and syncing large datasets across a network.


  • High airflow chassis
  • Liquid cooling system
  • Server-grade fans

Robust cooling is required to handle the 7702P CPU‘s 280W TDP and heat from four power-hungry GPUs. Custom liquid cooling solutions help maximize thermal headroom.


  • Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu Linux
  • Applications focused on gaming, content creation, data science

OS options like Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu Linux catering to both gaming and professional use cases. AMD and NVIDIA‘s drivers enable peak hardware performance.


  • Full tower or rack chassis
  • Tool-less design
  • Customizable RGB lighting

Chassis options range from specialized rack enclosures to full tower cases with customizable RGB bling for aesthetics. Quick-release components enable easy hardware swaps and upgrades.

So in summary, every hardware component in The Edge DL is engineered for peak performance. For those wanting the best of the best and money being no object, it represents the cutting edge of gaming PC technology today.

The Edge DL: Where to Buy

The Edge DL gaming PC is a product exclusive to NextComputing. This US-based technology company provides high-performance computing systems for various industries and applications.

Potential buyers can browse the different Edge DL configurations on NextComputing‘s website. There are currently four main models priced from $18,950 to $54,950.

After selecting a configuration, customers can complete the checkout process online. NextComputing then custom builds each Edge DL unit at their facility in California before shipping it out.

For US and Canada buyers, delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks after the order is placed. International shipping is also available but may take longer. White glove delivery service ensures the expensive system arrives safely.

While not a mainstream gaming PC, the specialized Edge DL caters to research institutions, universities, and enterprise organizations needing elite performance. For wealthy enthusiasts seeking the ultimate gaming machine, it represents the peak of PC gaming technology today.

The History and Origins of The Edge DL

California-based NextComputing has been producing high-end workstations and supercomputers for over 25 years. Their systems cater mainly to industrial, scientific, and visual computing applications requiring serious number crunching power.

In 2018, NextComputing partnered with NVIDIA to create a line of AI supercomputers featuring NVIDIA‘s Quadro GPUs. Dubbed EdgeDL, these systems were designed specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning applications.

Configurations utilized NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 and Quadro RTX 6000 GPUs connected via NVLink. Paired with Xeon or AMD Threadripper CPUs, large RAM capacity, and fast NVMe storage, these were optimized machines for AI research and training neural networks.

In late 2020, NextComputing updated the Edge DL line with NVIDIA‘s new flagship Ampere-based GPUs, the A100 and RTX 8000. These massively powerful GPUs took the Edge DL‘s capabilities to another level for both AI and high-end creative workloads.

One of the top configurations includes AMD‘s 64-core EPYC 7702P CPU, 4 RTX 8000 GPUs, and up to 512GB RAM for just under $55,000. This elite-tier hardware makes the revamped Edge DL one of the most capable and expensive gaming PCs in existence today.

Moving forward, NextComputing continues innovating to offer cutting-edge performance to its niche professional customers. The Evolution of EdgeDL shows their focus on providing specialized systems optimized for data science, content creation, and technical computing applications on the bleeding edge.

Reviewing The Edge DL Product Line and Configurations

NextComputing offers several preconfigured models of The Edge DL spanning a wide performance and price range:


  • 1x AMD EPYC 7702P 64-core CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA A100 40GB GPUs
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB NVMe SSD storage
  • $18,950 starting price

With four A100 GPUs and a 64-core EPYC processor, the EDDL-7702P1T provides elite performance perfect for AI research and scientific modeling. More affordable than maxed-out configs.


  • 1x AMD EPYC 7702P 64-core CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA RTX A6000 48GB GPUs
  • 512GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB NVMe SSD storage
  • $39,950 starting price

Step up to NVIDIA‘s RTX A6000 gaming/professional graphics cards for increased gaming capabilities while retaining the robust 7702P CPU.


  • 1x AMD Threadripper 3970X 32-core CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA RTX A6000 48GB GPUs
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB NVMe SSD storage
  • $36,950 starting price

Slightly more affordable config with a 32-core Threadripper CPU and four RTX A6000 GPUs for excellent creative workstation performance.


  • 1x AMD Threadripper 3990X 64-core CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA RTX 8000 48GB GPUs
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB NVMe SSD storage
  • $54,950 starting price

The flagship Edge DL speaks for itself – a 64-core CPU, four RTX 8000 GPUs, and ample RAM/storage make this the most expensive configuration available.

With its diverse product stack, NextComputing allows customers to tailor an Edge DL model based on their budget and performance requirements. Top-shelf options like the 3990XQR8 define the cutting edge of gaming PC technology today.

Customer Perception and Reviews of The Edge DL Gaming PC

Given its specialized nature and high price tag, The Edge DL caters to a narrow niche of buyers – namely research institutions, universities, and some mega-enthusiast PC gamers.

As a result, user reviews and opinions of The Edge DL are relatively limited online. Most commentary exists on technology forums and Reddit, where users discuss the projected performance and value of these ultra-high-end systems.

Overall, sentiment is positive, with users admiring the no-compromise approach to building a dream machine. The sheer processing power and cutting-edge hardware make these systems objects of desire, even if excessive for most buyers.

Criticism tends to focus on the extreme pricing, questioning what workloads truly justify the cost. But for those needing ultimate CPU and GPU performance, these negatives are outweighed by the capabilities on offer.

Without broader customer exposure, it‘s hard to comprehensively evaluate EndgeDL reception. But NextComputing‘s longevity and reputation in manufacturing specialized high-performance computers lend credence that these machines deliver on their promises.

For voracious gamers, streamers, and creators seeking the best of the best, The Edge DL represents an undeniably elite tier of hardware performance – albeit with an equally elite price tag.

Closing Thoughts on The Edge DL and Expensive Gaming PCs

While most gaming PCs cost a few thousand dollars at most, some ultra high-end models can run tens of thousands for buyers who want an uncompromising top-tier machine.

The Edge DL from NextComputing, with its $54,950 price tag, currently represents the cutting edge of gaming PC technology. Its suite of professional-grade AMD and NVIDIA hardware offers performance that surpasses even demanding users‘ expectations.

For the select few who can justify the price, The Edge DL delivers a custom-built supercomputer optimized for gaming, content creation, scientific workloads, and more. Ongoing upgrades ensure each model utilizes the latest hardware for elite-tier experiences.

But ultimately, purchasing such an exponentially expensive gaming PC should come down to necessity. Those wanting a future-proofed dream machine with bragging rights will find value in the engineering and potency that comes with a system like The Edge DL.

Yet for the average user, far more reasonably priced options can still provide excellent 1440p or 4K gaming experiences. As with many hobbies, diminishing returns kick in rapidly at the highest echelons of hardware.

Nevertheless, boundary-pushing computers like The Edge DL represent the bleeding edge of what is currently possible. For people with specific performance demands or money to spare, they offer an unfiltered view into the future of gaming technology.