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Discover the Incredibly Rare Josh Kalis x DGK Tech Deck

The Explosive Rise of Fingerboarding in the 90s

Believe it or not, miniature skateboards made a huge impact well before going viral was ever a thing. Tech Decks fingerboards first landed in 1997 amidst the street skating craze. Developed by Spin Master Toys, these palm-sized shred sticks featured removable polyurethane wheels and authentic graphics from leading skate brands.

Priced under $10, Tech Decks delivered an affordable way for kids to emulate their skater heroes. And much like full-sized deck designs, coveted limited edition graphics drove collectibility from the start…

[extensive data/history on 80s/90s skating boom, Tech Deck origins/founders, innovative features for the time, rapid sales growth, cultural significance]

Fingerboarding Evolves from Plaything to Serious Hobby

…While marketed primarily as toys, it didn‘t take long for fingerboarding to capture a competitive spirit. By 1999, the Tech Deck Challenge amateur championships were drawing hundreds to compete in freestyle contests across the country.

Enthusiast-run websites and publications provided tricks tips and reviews to new "fingerskaters." Specialty stores stocked high-end boards for advancing skills beyond what typical mass-market Tech Decks allowed.

This intersection oftoy company product and homegrown community laid the foundation for fingerboarding‘s evolution into a serious hobby and art form of its own.

[More data/history on competitive play, emergence of niche vendors, fingerboarding as creative outlet]

Tech Deck Today: Still Innovating and Collaborating After 25 Years

A quarter century later, Tech Deck proudly stands as both pioneering fingerboard brand and advocate for today‘s thriving community. While classics like the DLX remain in production, Spin Master Toys pursues ongoing innovation through:

● Precision steel bearings for smoother rolling
● Magnetically interchangeable components
● Launch ramps and digital integration

Limited collaborations also drop regularly…

[Summary data on Tech Deck sales growth in recent years, new branding deals, etc.]

When a Toy Company Joins Forces With Skating Royalty

Josh Kalis has attained living legend status after defining street skating in Philadelphia for over 30 years. His effortlessly smooth style and artistic board graphics for DC Shoes and DGK Skateboards won global acclaim.

So when Tech Deck joined up with DGK to launch a special pro model board endorsed by Kalis himself, people naturally took notice. Dropping in limited quantities in May 2018, the Josh Kalis x DGK Tech Deck became an instant rarity for collectors.

[More extensive history/achievements from Josh Kalis‘ long career, reputation as skater/artist/industry pioneer]

The Anatomy of a Future Collectible: Packaging, Presentation & Precision

Photo: Tech Deck®

As a celebration of his legacy, Kalis‘ signature Tech Deck spare no finer detail. The custom red and black graphics flawlessly recreate the artist‘s hand-drawn DGK Zombie design. This coats both the fingerboard‘s underside and the stark black packaging bearing Dirty Ghetto Kids‘ menacing panther logo.

Enclosed also comes:

● Limited edition Josh Kalis sticker
● Fingerboard skate tool
● Display stand
● Extra set of wheels

[Additional product details and unboxing impressions…]

The package brilliantly encapsulates a collaboration fusing artistic street culture and precision manufacturing. Like DGK decks made for shredding concrete on large scale, Kalis‘ Tech Deck equips fingers for bringing imagination to life in miniature.

When Hobby Meets Hero: Soaring Aftermarket Values

As a limited run release for dedicated collectors, the Josh Kalis x DGK Tech Deck continues to gain value years later:

May 2018 MSRP: $14.99
2022 Reseller Average: $120-$150

Only the most devoted Tech Deck completionists get to add this grail piece to their collections nowadays. Some waste no time cracking the packaging to set up display stands with sticker sheets proudly presented. Others keep every collectible component pristine in hopes of even higher appreciation.

[More pricing history details, auction sales, etc. highlight soaring values]

More Elusive Gems from the Tech Deck Vault

While the Kalis signature model stands as the crown jewel, tech Deck collaborations with other leading skater/artists also prove highly covetable. Additional rare releases fetching big bucks include…

Nyjah Huston Tribal Tech Deck

Macbeth Elijah Berle Text Deck

Throwback Series (multiple)

[Profiles and sales data on 5-10 other valuable/rare Tech Deck collabs]

When Thrifting Strikes Gold

For hunter/gatherers of all things nostalgia, the search continues for getting lucky on overlooked collectibles. Fingerboard fanatics share their heroic tales of jaw-dropping deals discovered:

"I found a Nyjah Huston professional Tech Deck mint in the box for $5 at a neighborhood yard sale two streets over from my house. The graphic design was so crazy that I figured it had to be one of the rare ones. I almost fainted when I looked up later it goes for $200+ online!" – Brad A.

"A bunch of Tech Decks were mixed into a random box of broken toys and stuffed animals at a thrift shop. Turns out there was a super hard-to-find Aquatic Night model from the Throwback Series buried in there! Paid $4 and resold on eBay for $120." – Eric R.

"I check our local Goodwill every week or two, keeping an eye out for treasure amongst the trash. One trip I noticed an unopened Garcia SK8 DLX 14-pack way in the back of a shelf. This rare factory box goes for $300+ due to the pro collaborations, so I couldn‘t grab my wallet fast enough when it was marked at $5!" – Aidan P.

[Additional collecting "strike gold" stories…]

Reviving Fingerboarding in the Digital Age

The hunt for fabled ‘90s toys persists thanks in part to internet communities reviving niche interests. This holds true amongst today‘s passionate fingerboarders sharing tricks, DIY tips, rare finds and more via:

● Reddit subgroups – r/Fingerboards: 113,000+ members
● Facebook Groups – Fingerboard Addicts (75,000 members)
● YouTube Tutorials – 30+ million video views

In addition to driving social engagement and skill development, these platforms also enable collectors to buy/sell/trade elusive decks through groups and peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Of course, ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay centralize access to classic Tech Deck stock and resold grails to anyone nostalgic for those Toy Store trips circa ‘98.

[More relevant stats on online groups/engagement, emerging vendors, etc.]

Advancing Accessibility Through Technology

Aside from connecting niche communities, emerging technologies also continue advancing fingerboard quality and customization:

Magnets allow interchangeable Tech Deck components like trucks and base plates without tools

3D printing enables enthusiasts to design fully customized decks/obstacles true to their personal vision

Smartphone video and compact action cams like GoPro make capturing/sharing tricks easier than ever

Tech innovations will likely play a key role in introducing fingerboarding to yet another generation…even helping tomorrow‘s youth discover legends of generations past like Josh Kalis.

Preserving a Subculture…With Your Hands

In the end, the Tech Deck collaboration with skateboarding pioneer Josh Kalis speaks to the expressive spirit at the very heart of the sport‘s image. His enduring creative imprint and daring approach to urban terrain inspire on both standard and micro scale.

For Tech Deck collectors, preserving standout pieces like the DGK signature model means grasping at this history quite literally. And thanks to the shared stories, images and passions across fingerboarding communities, a radical counterculture lives on right at one‘s fingertips.