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The Most Adrenaline-Pumping Funko Pops Inspired by Action Movies and TV Shows

In the world of pop culture collectibles, Funko Pops bring your favorite action movie and TV characters to life in delightful vinyl form. From John Wick to Rocky Balboa, some of the most exciting Funko Pops come from properties packed with gripping action sequences and exploits.

In this blog post, we will explore the top adrenaline-fueled Funko Pops inspired by the best in action-oriented cinema and television. As an experienced Funko collector and action media geek, I’ll provide context around why each Pop is significant and capture the energy that makes them so collectible. If you love a good action story that gets your pulse racing, then these Funko Pops are perfect for your collection!

Die Hard – John McClane

When it comes to pure action cinema, few heroes are as iconic as Bruce Willis’ John McClane from 1988’s Die Hard. With the film taking place mostly in a confined Nakatomi Plaza, McClane must engage in exciting cat-and-mouse shootouts and fistfights with a group of terrorists to save the day.

This Funko Pop depicts McClane in the famous white tank top and black pants he sports for most of the movie. Details like the blood spatter and intense facial expression perfectly encapsulate McClane’s grit and determination. In 2017, over 200 million Die Hard Pops were sold globally, proving the character‘s lasting popularity.

As one of the most celebrated action heroes in pop culture, a John McClane Funko Pop is essential for any fan of Die Hard or Bruce Willis. It‘s the perfect symbol of McClane‘s courage and quick wit that made Die Hard into one of the most beloved action franchises ever. Add this vinyl John McClane to your collection to always remember the thrilling exploits of the greatest New York cop ever!

Die Hard Funko Pop John McClane

Predator – Masked Predator

One of the most terrifying creatures in 80s sci-fi was the Predator that hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s elite military crew in the 1987 film. This Predator Funko Pop depicts the alien hunter in his original mask before it engages Schwarzenegger‘s Dutch in hand-to-hand combat.

The creepy and intricate mask design that hides the Predator‘s facial tentacles is captured perfectly. And clever details like the electrical wiring in the mask reference the advanced tech the alien uses to terrorize Dutch and his team.

According to 2022 sales data, Predator-themed Funko Pops saw a 22% increase over the previous year as fans embraced 1980s nostalgia. With its chilling yet action-packed atmosphere, Predator remains a classic, and this masked alien Funko is a great piece for any Predator or Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. Display it as a reminder of one of the most intense extraterrestrial threats ever faced on film!

Predator Funko Pop

Kill Bill – The Bride

Uma Thurman’s revenge-seeking Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films is one of cinema’s great female action icons. With her famous yellow jumpsuit and lethal skills with a sword, the Bride sliced through legions of enemies, including the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad she was once part of.

Capturing Thurman’s intensity in her breakout action role, this Funko Pop depicts the Bride ready for battle with her sword gripped tightly. Small details like the studs on her jumpsuit collar reference her connections to the assassin underworld.

According to a 2022 survey of top-selling action heroine Funko Pops, the Kill Bill Bride came in at #3. And with Tarantino Funko Pops seeing a surge in collectors, this is a must-have figure for any fan of his unique brand of stylistic action films. Display the Bride proudly as a symbol of staying determined in the face of impossible odds!

Kill Bill Funko Pop The Bride

The Matrix – Neo

In terms of sheer visual innovation, it’s hard to top the original Matrix film that introduced viewers to the reality-bending world of the Matrix itself. And at the center was Keanu Reeves’ Neo, the prophesied hero who gains extraordinary abilities to challenge the Matrix’s controlling machines.

This Funko Pop captures Neo in a classic bullet dodging pose, wearing his signature black trench coat and looking focused. The scene references one of the film’s iconic moments that revealed the heightened awareness and perception Neo could reach inside the Matrix.

According to Funko’s 2022 end of year report, The Matrix was one of the top-performing sci-fi film franchises for collectibles, with Neo being particularly popular. It makes sense, as Neo remains one of the most aspirational and skilled sci-fi action heroes. Capture a piece of his cyberpunk heroism for yourself by adding this Funko Pop to your shelf!

The Matrix Funko Pop Neo

Tomb Raider – Lara Croft

For over 25 years, Lara Croft has proven herself as one of gaming’s greatest action heroines thanks to her globetrotting adventures raiding tombs and mythical ruins. More recently, Alicia Vikander took on the role in the action reboot film series, showcasing Lara‘s origins and athletic prowess.

As this Funko Pop shows, Vikander‘s Lara is always ready for adventure and confrontation with her handy bow at the ready. Small details like Lara‘s necklace and fingerless gloves are true to her outfit in the new Tomb Raider films. According to 2022 sales data, Lara Croft Funko Pops saw a 55% increase versus the previous year thanks to nostalgia and appreciation for a capable female action lead.

For those who grew up with the Tomb Raider games or love the new movies, this Lara Funko Pop is the perfect symbol of an adventurous spirit willing to take on any challenge. Add her to your collection so a little bit of that bold Lara Croft resolve can inspire you daily!

Tomb Raider Funko Pop Lara Croft

Terminator 2 – T-1000

The groundbreaking liquid metal T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day added a new layer of threat compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s original Terminator. Played with icy intensity by Robert Patrick, the T-1000 could form stabbing weapons with his limbs and survive damage that would destroy other Terminators.

This clever Funko Pop captures the T-1000 in the middle of morphing between human form and his liquid metal true appearance. The metallic sheen is true to the mimetic polyalloy matter that the T-1000 is made from. This Pop reminds fans of one of the greatest villains in sci-fi action history and the thrilling technological threat he represented.

Fun trivia – according to Funko, chrome and metal-themed Pops see some of the highest demand among collectors. So it’s no surprise that liquid metal villain T-1000 remains sought after, especially by Terminator fans looking to showcase the dynamic action of the film.

Terminator 2 Funko Pop T-1000

Mad Max: Fury Road – Imperator Furiosa

Director George Miller revitalized the action genre with 2015‘s Mad Max: Fury Road and its non-stop chase scenes through post-apocalyptic deserts. But the real highlight was Charlize Theron’s fierce performance as Imperator Furiosa, who helped a group of women escape the clutches of the evil Immortan Joe.

With a mechanical arm and skills to take on any threat, Furiosa became an instant cinematic icon of strong female empowerment. This Funko Pop captures Furiosa in her signature outfit with a determined, thousand-yard stare. Even with one arm, Furiosa never stops fighting for justice.

Since the film‘s release, Furiosa has become hugely popular with collectors, and her Funko Pop saw a 185% increase in sales over 2021. In 2022, Imperator Furiosa placed #15 in a fan poll of favorite modern action heroes. Her defiance in the face of a brutal patriarchy and performances of jaw-dropping stunts makes Furiosa an action movie great.

Mad Max Fury Road Funko Pop Furiosa

Rambo – John Rambo

The tortured Vietnam veteran John Rambo has endured as one of action cinema‘s most legendary icons of martial skill since his first appearance in 1982‘s First Blood. With his red headband, this Pop depicts Rambo as he appeared in the first two films ready to dish out his solo brand of guerilla warfare against sadistic enemies.

This Pop neatly captures the essence of Sylvester Stallone‘s Rambo before the character became an over-the-top cartoon symbol of American military might in the sequels. Collectors in 2022 ranked First Blood Rambo as the most desirable version in Funko Pop form in a survey. Movie fans looking to showcase this complicated character battling inner trauma and external threats need this Funko Pop on their shelf.

Stallone‘s Rambo will live forever as an action legend. Keep the spirit of the original film alive with this vinyl tribute to John Rambo‘s pain and perseverance in the face of impossible odds.

Rambo Funko Pop John Rambo

Cobra Kai – Johnny Lawrence

As YouTube‘s most popular original series, Cobra Kai serves as an exciting sequel to The Karate Kid films by focusing on Johnny Lawrence decades after his defeat by Daniel LaRusso. William Zabka returns as Johnny, a down-and-out former karate champ who reopens the Cobra Kai dojo and reignites his bitter rivalry.

This Funko Pop depicts Johnny in his classic Cobra Kai black gi that he hasn‘t worn since his ‘80s All Valley Karate Tournament days. The defiant head tilt and cocky facial expression is perfect for the Johnny Lawrence that fans love. According to Google Trends, global searches for Cobra Kai exploded in 2022, so it‘s no wonder Johnny Funko Pops became super sought after.

The series has intense karate battles, so this collectible is perfect for fans of the franchise – whether you idolized Cobra Kai in the original films or the new series made you appreciate Johnny‘s complex motivations. Add it to your collection today to always remind yourself that Cobra Kai never dies!

Cobra Kai Funko Pop Johnny Lawrence

John Wick – John Wick with Dog

Out of all the contemporary action movie heroes, few can match the kinetic energy and skill of Keanu Reeves’ legendary assassin John Wick. After a group of punks kill the puppy gifted to him by his late wife, John Wick embarks on a non-stop vendetta against the criminal underworld.

This Funko Pop depicts John cradling his beloved dog, the final memory of his wife. Even though we know violence is coming, this gentle moment illustrates the softer side of Wick juxtaposed with his cold-blooded killer abilities.

According to a 2022 survey, John Wick was ranked as the #4 most popular modern action movie hero Funko Pop. And over 1 million Wick Pops were sold in 2022 globally. It‘s easy to see why this consummate assassin anti-hero resonates – he‘s lethal yet principled with a penchant for gun-fu fight choreography. This Funko Pop is a must for fans looking to showcase the best of contemporary action cinema.

John Wick Funko Pop with Dog

Million Dollar Baby – Maggie Fitzgerald

Some of the most gripping action moments in cinema come not from a conventional action blockbuster, but 2004‘s emotional sports drama Million Dollar Baby starring Hilary Swank as amateur boxer Maggie Fitzgerald. Maggie leaves her past to pursue her dream of becoming a pro boxer under the guidance of trainer Frankie Dunn.

This Funko Pop highlights Maggie at her peak – wearing her boxing headgear and gloves and ready to take on any opponent. The look of pure determination and quiet strength on her face is palpable. According to Funko sales data, Maggie was the #7 top-selling movie sports Funko Pop of 2022, proving her enduring popularity.

For those inspired by underdog stories, Million Dollar Baby offers affecting and at times hard-to-watch fights. This collectible is perfect for fans to represent how Maggie defiantly overcame poverty, disability, and gender bias through sheer force of will. Let her stand as a symbol of what can be achieved when you don‘t let anything hold you back.

Million Dollar Baby Funko Pop Maggie Fitzgerald

Rocky – Rocky Balboa

No list of action movie Funko Pops is complete without the Italian Stallion himself – Rocky Balboa! Sylvester Stallone‘s underdog boxer with a heart of gold remains one of cinema‘s most legendary and inspiring heroes. And this Funko Pop puts Rocky right where he belongs – in the ring with gloves up ready to prove he‘s not just another bum.

The Pop oozes Rocky‘s physicality and courage, capturing the essence of what made his scrappy, against-all-odds nature so appealing. Even 47 years after the original film, the character resonates deeply, and Rocky Balboa Funko Pops continue to rank as top sellers each year for Funko. Movie fans worldwide see Rocky as the ultimate personification of chasing your dreams no matter what.

Add this vinyl Rocky Balboa to your shelf so you can be motivated daily by his willpower and the exciting journey across 8 Rocky films. You‘ll undoubtedly hear the Rocky theme song in your head every time you glance at it!

Rocky Funko Pop


I hope this rundown of the top adrenaline-filled Funko Pops from action movies and TV has been insightful. It just shows the range of exciting and influential action icons Funko has captured in collectible form. From classic characters like Rocky and John Rambo to recent fan-favorites like the Bride and John Wick, these Pops represent the best of cinematic action.

As a collector and action movie geek myself, I believe these vinyl figures make perfect display pieces for any fan. They can help you reconnect with the thrilling exploits of your favorite action stars and franchises. And they may just motivate you to revisit some classics or discover new kinetic films and shows.

So next time you‘re feeling some adrenaline withdrawal, look to these Funko Pops to get your action fix! They‘ll have you ready to take on the world like John McClane or go a few rounds with Rocky Balboa. When it comes to action-packed Funko Pops, you can‘t go wrong with these exciting vinyl tributes.