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What Channel is Hallmark on DirecTV? Your 2023 Viewing Guide

For fans of feel-good entertainment, the Hallmark Channel is a beloved oasis offering heartwarming stories to brighten your day. With its mix of original movies, nostalgic series, and holiday specials, Hallmark has become the ultimate comfort viewing destination.

If you‘re a DirecTV subscriber searching your on-screen guide for that familiar Crown Media logo, this article will help you locate it. Here‘s everything you need to know to find the Hallmark Channel on DirecTV along with its sister stations.

A Brief History of Hallmark‘s Rise to Fame

Hallmark‘s origins trace back to 1910 when founder Joyce C. Hall began selling postcards in Kansas City, Missouri. Over the next century, the company expanded into greeting cards, ornaments, and other small gift items, eventually becoming an internationally recognized brand.

In 2001, Hallmark looked to extend its sentimental appeal into television by rebranding the struggling Odyssey Network into the Hallmark Channel. This new cable outlet focused on acquiring and producing family-friendly movies and series exuding positivity.

The transition proved enormously successful, sparking the launch of several Hallmark-branded sister stations in later years. Now owned by Crown Media Family Networks, the Hallmark cable channels reach over 85 million subscribers, cementing their status as leaders in feel-good entertainment.

What Sets Hallmark‘s Programming Apart

So what exactly makes Hallmark shows and movies so uniquely comforting?

Hallmark productions tend to share certain key traits in common no matter the genre or format. They usually center around themes of family, friendship, new beginnings, and especially romance. You can always expect emotionally-resonant stories with happy endings that leave you feeling hopeful.

Even Hallmark‘s mystery programming follows this uplifting formula. The crimes skew more cozy than gritty, with likable characters who ultimately restore order and justice.

While critics sometimes malign Hallmarks‘ stories as cheesy or formulaic, fans delight in their reliability as good-natured escapes from life‘s stresses. During the holiday season, networks roll out fresh romantic comedies and Christmas tales to provide extra yuletide cheer.

This winning combination of heart and happiness explains the networks‘ dedicated viewership.

Locating the Hallmark Channel on DirecTV

Now let‘s get down to business! Here are the channel numbers you‘ll need to access Hallmark stations on the DirecTV channel lineup:

  • Hallmark Channel: 312
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: 565

You can find these stations among DirecTV‘s wide range of entertainment offerings. Hallmark Channel sits comfortably among other popular cable networks like HGTV, Food Network, and TLC. Meanwhile, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries occupies channel real estate near INSP and UPtv.

Hallmark Channel Programming Guide

As the flagship destination, Hallmark Channel offers the most robust and varied selection of crown media feel-good content.

Original Series

While movies represent Hallmark Channel‘s biggest draw, the network has recently found success with original scripted series. Fan favorites include:

  • When Calls the Heart: This period drama follows a cultured young teacher adjusting to frontier life in a 1910 coal town. Strong female bonds and multiple romantic subplots drive the story.

  • Chesapeake Shores: Based on a book series, this show centers on Abby O‘Brien, a divorced mother of twins returning to her seaside hometown after years away. Family and new romance await.

  • The Good Witch: Cassie Nightingale seems like any typical small-town woman until unusual enchantments reveal her magical identity as a kindly witch. Light paranormal elements mix with relatable drama about love and family.

In addition to multi-season originals, Hallmark rolls out new movie franchises and limited series annually.


As you‘d expect, feel-good original movies dominate Hallmark Channel‘s schedule on weekends and during seasonal events like the famous "Countdown to Christmas." Some popular offerings include:

  • Christmas Under Wraps: A harried doctor relocates to take a new job in Alaska, only to discover her new boss recently passed away. She works to reopen the town‘s beloved but rundown holiday-themed resort with help from a charming local man and his adorable son.
  • A Valentine‘s Match: Finding herself unlucky in love approaching her 30th birthday, Natalie returns home to help with her best friend‘s wedding festivities. Will the bride‘s stubborn yet handsome brother reignite Natalie‘s romantic spark?
  • Sweeter Than Chocolate: Life-long BFFs and business partners run a beloved bakery famous for its chocolate confections. When a TV producer approaches them to star in a cooking competition, it threatens the future of their shop and tests the strength of their bond.

You never quite know where Hallmark‘s next hit movie will come from! But you‘re guaranteed a hopeful storyline with a happy-ever-after ending.

Retro Favorites

Rounding out Hallmark Channel‘s offerings, you‘ll find reruns of classic sitcoms like The Golden Girls, Frasier, Cheers, and Reba during daytime and late-night hours. These syndicated hits attract channel flippers when Hallmark isn‘t premiering new movies.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Programming Guide

Seeking slightly edgier stories than Hallmark Channel provides? Look no further than sister station Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on channel 565.

This outlet launched in 2008 amid growing popularity of Hallmark holiday movies. Executives sought to provide additional outlets for Crown Media content while attracting wider audiences.

The result, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, incorporated cozy mystery and general drama into the network‘s wheelhouse of family entertainment. Rather than shying away from death, crime occasionally drives these storylines while maintaining an overall hopeful spirit.

Mystery Series

Many popular Hallmark Movies & Mysteries programs follow amateur sleuths piecing together puzzling crimes in their small towns or neighborhoods. Light tones keep things family-friendly. Premier originals include:

  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Librarian and avid mystery buff Aurora "Roe" Teagarden never imagined investigating real-life homicides in her quiet Georgia community. Alongside a handsome local detective, Roe applies book smarts to crack unusual cases.

  • Garage Sale Mystery Adventures: Part-time antiques dealer, full-time sleuth Jennifer Shannon has a knack for finding rare treasures. When her valuables attuned eye spots clues others miss, she springs into action assisting her local police department.

  • Crossword Mysteries: Tough-as-nails crossword puzzle editor Tess Harper moved home after her now-deceased mentor’s suspicious demise. Joining forces with a witty homicide detective, she races to construct solutions before the next victim falls.

Hallmark currently produces over a dozen ongoing mystery programs fitting this general mold.

Made-for-TV Mystery Movies

In addition to its mystery series, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries rolls out dozens of original mystery movies every year, typically aligned to holiday themes. Prime examples include:

  • Valentine Ever After: When the female editor of a major fashion magazine switches places with her small-town twin sister, she finds herself investigating a murder related to a handsome investigative journalist.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with the Carters: Rich Hollywood actor Jay Carter returns to his Louisiana hometown for an awkward Thanksgiving family reunion. When the family matriarch takes a near fatal fall, old secrets get unearthed revealing motives for foul play.
  • Jolly Good Christmas: Professional home baker Mary agrees to judge a prestigious gingerbread house contest in Scotland during the Christmas season. But when a prized entry goes missing, Mary must stop sprinkling sugar and start sniffing out clues.

These movies shine bright lights on charming characters in picturesque holiday settings. The crimes tend to involve personal grudges and hidden schemes rather than hardened violence.

Retro Mysteries

During daytime hours, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries entertains its retro TV fans by airing syndicated classics like Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Murder, She Wrote, and a variety of similar whodunits from the CBS archives.

These reruns appeal to older viewers while introducing legendary examples of the mystery genre to new generations.

Additional Hallmark Streaming and Sister Stations

Can‘t get enough Hallmark sweetness beamed straight to your screens? You have even more options beyond DirecTV‘s standard channel offerings:

  • Hallmark Movies Now: This standalone streaming service grants unlimited on-demand access to Hallmark films old and new for $6/month following a 30-day free trial. Download the Hallmark Movies Now app on mobile devices and streaming platforms like Roku.
  • Hallmark Drama: Another Crown Media sister station, Hallmark Drama airs reruns of classic family dramas and retro Hallmark originals. Check channel 593 on AT&T‘s DIRECTV Stream plans if you don‘t already receive Hallmark Drama.
  • Hallmark Publishing: Can‘t wait for the next on-screen adaptation? Pick up novels adapted from Hallmark movies and series published under the Hallmark Publishing imprint.

Why Do Viewers Adore Hallmark Programming?

Hallmark stories resonate widely due to their focus on universal emotional touchstones. Whether following hopeful romances or mysterious small-town crimes, the lead characters feel familiar. Relatable Everymen and women find friendship, belonging, and self-discovery.

The stories unfold slowly with plenty of scenic vistas and cozy conversations. Action and violence take a backseat to human connections. Positivity exudes from every frame even when characters experience sorrow and loss along their journeys.

While each new release may follow a prescribed formula, special chemistry between cast members and idyllic filming locations keep things fresh. The result? A comforting escape promising silver screen happy endings really can extend beyond the credits.

In a media landscape saturated with gritty procedurals and dystopian fantasies, Hallmark remains committed to spreading family-friendly cheer. And devotees will keep soaking it up as long as Crown Media continues delivering its signature brand of heartwarming hope.