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How Big Are Roku Remotes? A Technical Breakdown by Remote Model

Roku remotes may seem innocuous, but their diminutive size betrays the amount of technology contained within. These little controllers hold mighty power – the ability to navigate a sea of streaming content from the comfort of your couch.

But with great power comes great responsibility…not to lose them in that couch! Roku remotes have a pesky habit of slipping between cushions or under furniture due to their compact form factor.

Just how small are these easy-to-lose controllers? Do minor size variations between models impact functionality? What design considerations determine optimal proportions for bingeing? Let‘s find out…

Roku Remote Sizes and Dimensions

While at a glance Roku remotes appear uniformly petite, their dimensions actually differ depending on the specific model. To illustrate these size disparities, we‘ll analyze and compare the measurements for today‘s three main offerings.

Roku Simple Remote

Roku Simple Remote

  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 1.7 inches
  • Height: 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces

The no-frills Simple Remote clocks in at 5.5 inches long and under an inch tall. It may be boxy, but remains easy to grip thanks to its 1.7 inch width. The Simple Remote leverages minimal heft too – at just 2.5 ounces you‘ll forget it‘s in your hand!

Roku Voice Remote

Roku Voice Remote

  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 1.65 inches
  • Height: 0.78 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Sharing the same 5.5 inch length as the Simple Remote, the Voice Remote trims down to 1.65 inches wide. It‘s especially petite in height at less than 0.8 inches to squeeze in more buttons. But that functionality adds extra weight – the Voice Remote tips the scales at 3.2 ounces.

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro

  • Length: 5.7 inches
  • Width: 1.7 inches
  • Height: 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces

The advanced Voice Remote Pro extends the length to 5.7 inches for a barely longer, boxier shape. Height expands by a hair to 0.9 inches too. However it drops back down to 2.8 ounce weight by minimizing materials.

For quick comparison:

Remote Length Width Height Weight
Simple 5.5" 1.7" 0.8" 2.5 oz
Voice 5.5" 1.65" 0.78" 3.2 oz
Voice Pro 5.7" 1.7" 0.9" 2.8 oz

So while minor, the Voice Remote Pro ultimately wins for longest and tallest. But thanks to slight materials differences, it still weighs less than the regular Voice version.

Now that we‘ve broken down their by-the-numbers measurements, how do these subtle size variations impact real world experience?

How Roku Remote Size Affects Handling

With TV streaming, users access tons of content via relatively tiny remotes. Striking an optimal balance between compact portability vs ergonomic comfort becomes paramount.

We‘ll compare each remote model to evaluate which form factor offers the best handling.

Simple Remote

The Simple Remote‘s boxy shape with gently curved back nestles easily into the palm for intuitive, ambidextrous grip. Enough surface area prevents cramping bigger hands during lengthy streaming sessions too.

However, the flat profile lacks contours for fingers to grasp. Smooth plastic sides tend to slide around on fabric. This makes the Simple Remote tricky to pinch firmly.

Voice Remote

Slightly rounded edges give the Voice Remote‘s front and back some ergonomic shape, but not enough for truly contoured holding. The thinner design cramps wider hands when clutching to avoid dropsies.

Textured rubber sides do enable better pinching grip. But buttons awkwardly align to fingertips when using it one-handed.

Voice Remote Pro

Extending dimensions provides roomier proportions for a natural feel across all hand sizes. A deeper arc to the back hugs palms without poking. Rubber grips also prevent slippage.

Angled sides angle button rows towards thumbs for ambidextrous, eyes-free control. The Voice Remote Pro clearly offers optimal handling and comfort.

Winner: Voice Remote Pro

Do Smaller Remotes Get Lost More Easily?

Many a streaming binge has been tragically cut short after a remote tumbles irretrievably out of reach. Does a tinier form factor increase odds of getting lost between cushions?

To find out, I staged an extremely scientific experiment…

Remotes Lost in Couch

Okay, it involved shoving three remotes at various angles into my couch then assessing difficulty to dig them back out.

After multiple trials, differences emerged:

  • The Simple Remote‘s wider proportions prevented it from slipping too deep into cracks. Easy retrieval.

  • The Voice Remote tended to disappear right out of sight, complicating efforts to relocate it by touch alone. A flashlight helped illumination.

  • The Voice Remote Pro‘s added surface area and grippy finish prevented cushions from fully swallowing it. By far the easiest to randomly grab.

So despite moderate size variances between models, the tinier Voice Remote seems most prone to vanishing without a trace.

Based on this important research, I recommend going with the Simple or Voice Remote Pro if you stream from a soft, cushiony surface!

Advanced Remote Finding Techniques

Beyond probing couch cracks, Roku also bakes tracking capabilities into their controllers to cut down lost remote frustration.

Roku Mobile App Remote

Every Roku TV or streaming player works with the Roku mobile app, allowing your smartphone to substitute as a remote in a bind:

While not as responsive as a physical controller, the mobile remote lets you pause shows after finding streaming‘s Kryptonite wedged underneath you.

Roku Voice Remote Finder

Roku Voice Remotes (and Voice Remote Pros) also feature remote finding functions. When activated through the Roku UI or mobile app, the Roku will make its remote play a sound so you can locate it by ear.

Just bear in mind:

  • The Simple Remote lacks this capability

  • Background noise impacts effectiveness

  • You must be in the same room

  • Not compatible with wired headphones connected to the remote

So while handy, the remote finder has limits. But combined with the right cushion cracks searching strategy you‘ll reunite with that remote in no time!

Do Aftermarket Remote Holders Work?

Okay okay, fishing gear is still easier to lose than Roku controllers. But after the trauma of interrupting that cliffhanger binge, you‘d be forgiven for shopping protective remote cases. Could these solve our small remote woes?

CouchCoaster The Ultimate Couch Remote Control Holder

This padded pouch uses velcro straps to adhere remotes to furniture. But adding bulk erodes ergonomic comfort. Straps loosen over time too, eventually dumping contents back into abyssal crevices.

Sofa Caddy The Couch Remote Control Holder

A more elegant leather catch-all Hammering remotes inside risks scratching. And good luck digging them back out of overstuffed storage in the dark.

While valiant efforts, most third-party remote holders undermine what makes Rokus usable – their featherlight and intuitively shaped designs. Instead apply other finding tips should streaming‘s siren call suddenly cut out.

The Ultimate Remote Size?

In our exhaustive exploration, the Roku Voice Remote Pro emerged as best balancing compact portability with ergonomic comfort across hand sizes. Its added width prevents losing remotes between couch cracks too.

However, all Roku remote models measure under 6 inches – sufficiently small to slip off an armrest if you doze off mid-binge. So stay vigilant friends…and happy streaming!