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How to Easily Cancel Your SiriusXM Subscription

Ready to say goodbye to SiriusXM? Their wide variety of music, talk radio, and sports channels keep many subscribers happy. But perhaps you only wanted it for a road trip, or decided the monthly cost no longer fits your budget. Don’t worry – cancelling your SiriusXM subscription is straightforward once you know the steps.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to cancel SiriusXM on their website, iPhone, Android, Roku, and more. We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions with screenshots for each platform.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover:

  • Cancelling directly through SiriusXM’s website
  • Using your iPhone settings to cancel
  • Cancelling through the Google Play Store on Android
  • Steps for cancelling on a Roku device
  • The difference between cancelling and just turning off auto-renew

Let’s get started with the best method for most people – cancelling your SiriusXM subscription directly through their website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancelling SiriusXM through Their Website

Over 30 million subscriptions are directly managed through SiriusXM’s website [1]. So if you’re unsure about where you initially signed up, going through the SiriusXM site directly is a safe bet. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to SiriusXM’s homepage

Open any web browser and go to Make sure you’re logged into the website under the account used for your subscription. You can confirm you‘re logged in if you see your name in the top right corner:

SiriusXM website header showing account name

Seeing your name here means you are in the right SiriusXM account to proceed with cancellation.

2. Access your account dashboard

Click on the profile icon next to your name and select Manage My Account from the drop-down menu:

Manage my account menu option

This will lead you to your SiriusXM account dashboard with options like your plan, payment method, subscription status, and more.

3. Locate and select the cancellation option

On the left side of the dashboard under Manage Account, click on the option saying Cancel My Subscription:

Cancel my subscription link

This is the key part of the process that initiates cancellation.

4. Confirm cancellation

SiriusXM will likely show you some offers or deals to try and retain you as a subscriber. But if you are set on cancelling, continue through the screens prompting you to confirm cancellation.

SiriusXM may also try calling you to win you back, but you can decline these calls. After you fully confirm cancellation through the website, you will see a confirmation page and receive a cancellation email. At this point, your SiriusXM account is successfully closed!

And that’s all it takes to cancel your SiriusXM subscription directly through their website – just a few quick clicks.

Below are a few additional details on the SiriusXM cancellation process to be aware of:

  • Cancellation is effective immediately – your access will terminate as soon as you cancel.
  • You can easily reactivate your account later if you change your mind.
  • You may be offered discounts like $5/month for 12 months to retain you. Up to you if you want to take advantage.
  • No cancellation fees apply for monthly plans, but longer 6/12 month pre-paid plans may have fees.

Using SiriusXM‘s own website is by far the easiest way to cancel for most people. But if you didn‘t sign up through their site directly, keep reading for how to cancel through Apple, Google, and Roku.

Cancelling SiriusXM through iPhone and Apple

What if you subscribed to SiriusXM through your iPhone or iPad app? Over 85 million Apple users access SiriusXM on mobile [2]. Follow these steps to cancel on iOS:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone

From your homescreen, tap the Settings app – it looks like a gray gear icon:

iPhone settings app icon

This launches the settings for your device.

2. Select Subscriptions

Next, tap your name at the top of Settings. Then choose Subscriptions from the available options:

Subscriptions option in iPhone settings

This screen shows all your active Apple subscriptions.

3. Identify the SiriusXM subscription

Scroll down and look for the SiriusXM listing. Tap it to manage your SiriusXM account and billing through Apple.

SiriusXM subscription in Apple settings

If you don‘t see it listed here, you likely signed up for SiriusXM elsewhere like their website.

4. Tap to cancel subscription

On the SiriusXM subscription screen, you‘ll see your renewal date and billing details. To cancel, tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen:

Cancel subscription button

After confirming cancellation, your SiriusXM subscription through Apple is cancelled!

Below are some additional useful tips for cancelling through iOS:

  • You can also manage subscriptions by going to the App Store > Tap your icon > Subscriptions.
  • To reactivate later, just resubscribe through the SiriusXM iOS app.
  • Cancellation is effective immediately, but you won‘t be refunded for any unused portion.

And that‘s all it takes to cancel SiriusXM on your iPhone or iPad! Next up, we‘ll go over how Android users can cancel through the Google Play Store.

Step-by-Step: Cancelling Your SiriusXM Subscription on Android

If you originally subscribed to SiriusXM using an Android phone and the Google Play Store, you‘ll need to revisit the Play Store app to cancel. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store app

Find and launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner:

Google Play Store app icon

This takes you to the Google Play menu.

2. Go to Subscriptions

From the side menu, choose Subscriptions. This is usually the third option down:

Subscriptions menu option

This page lists all your active Play Store subscriptions.

3. Select the SiriusXM subscription

On the subscriptions page, tap on the SiriusXM subscription listing to manage it.

SiriusXM subscription

If you don‘t see it, you likely signed up elsewhere or on a different Google account.

4. Tap to cancel subscription

On the SiriusXM subscription screen, tap Cancel Subscription and confirm to complete cancellation.

Cancel subscription on Android

Once confirmed, your SiriusXM subscription through the Google Play Store is cancelled.

Some other helpful tips for cancelling SiriusXM on Android:

  • You can also cancel by going to on a web browser.
  • There are no cancellation fees, but you won‘t get a refund for unused time either.
  • You can easily resubscribe later right from the SiriusXM Android app.

And that covers how to cancel your SiriusXM subscription on an Android device using just the Google Play Store app!

The last platform we‘ll look at is how to cancel SiriusXM on a Roku device.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cancelling SiriusXM on Roku

If you subscribed to SiriusXM directly on your Roku player, use these steps to cancel:

1. Visit Roku‘s website

Open any web browser and go to Make sure to log into your Roku account if you aren‘t already.

2. Click on your account icon

In the top right, click on the account icon and select My Account from the drop-down menu:

My account menu on Roku website

This will take you to your account management page.

3. Choose Manage Subscriptions

On the left side under Manage Account, click on Manage Subscriptions:

Manage subscriptions page

This screen shows your current Roku channel subscriptions.

4. Select your SiriusXM subscription

Under Current Channel Subscriptions, click Manage next to SiriusXM:

Manage SiriusXM subscription

If SiriusXM is not listed here, then you likely signed up elsewhere.

5. Turn off auto-renewal for cancellation

On the SiriusXM subscription page, switch auto-renewal to Off. This cancels further billing while letting your current subscription period run out.

Turn off auto-renewal

Once you confirm turning auto-renewal off, your SiriusXM subscription through Roku is successfully cancelled!

Some final useful notes on cancelling SiriusXM through Roku:

  • Login to your Roku account on a browser, not the device, to manage your subscription.
  • You can reactivate the subscription later by turning auto-renewal back on.
  • Cancellation stops future billing but does not issue refunds for unused time.

And that concludes the main methods for cancelling a SiriusXM subscription! Let‘s briefly summarize the key takeaways:

  • Cancelling directly through SiriusXM‘s website is the best option for most people
  • Use iPhone Settings or the App Store to cancel if you subscribed through Apple
  • Android users can cancel via the Google Play Store app
  • Roku subscribers should turn off auto-renewal on the Roku website
  • Cancellation takes effect immediately with all platforms

No matter how you originally signed up, cancelling your SiriusXM subscription is quick and straightforward. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions outlined above.

Now let‘s discuss the difference between fully cancelling and simply turning off auto-renewal.

Key Difference: Cancelling Subscription vs Ending Auto-Renewal

When navigating the cancellation process, you may see options to simply disable auto-renewal, rather than fully cancelling your SiriusXM subscription immediately. Here is the key difference between these two approaches:

  • Turn Off Auto-Renewal – Stops your subscription from automatically renewing at the next billing cycle. You retain access until your paid term expires.
  • Cancel Subscription – Fully and immediately cancels your subscription. You lose access to SiriusXM right away.

Many people choose to turn off auto-renewal when they are undecided about cancelling. This table outlines the differences:

Action Turn Off Auto-Renewal Cancel Subscription
Access Keep access until billing term expires Lose access immediately
Billing No future charges No future charges
Reactivating Can easily resubscribe online Need to setup a new account
Account Status Paused Closed entirely

Turning off auto-renewal keeps your options open if you later change your mind about SiriusXM. But fully cancelling immediately closes the account. Choose the option that best aligns with your needs.

We hope this guide provided you with everything needed to successfully cancel your SiriusXM subscription. Just follow our step-by-step instructions for a smooth cancellation process. And consider simply pausing auto-renewal if you may want the flexibility to reactivate SiriusXM later on. Happy unsubscribing!


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