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How to Cancel Amazon Subscriptions in 3 Easy Steps

Hey there! Do you ever look at your credit card statement and wonder, "Why am I still paying for this Amazon subscription?" You‘re not alone, my friend. With the growth of subscription services on Amazon, many of us end up spending on memberships we no longer use or need.

For example, Amazon Prime subscriptions increased by over 50% from 2018 to 2022, reaching almost 200 million members globally. Though super convenient, set-it-and-forget-it subscriptions can really add up.

But canceling unused Amazon subscriptions is thankfully quick and painless. In this guide, I‘ll show you how to identify and cancel subscription services on Amazon through simple steps on both desktop and mobile. Say goodbye to surprise charges! 👋

The Rise of Amazon Subscription Services

To understand why properly managing subscriptions is so important today, let‘s briefly explore Amazon‘s growing roster of membership options:

Subscription Service Launched Members in 2022 Year-Over-Year Growth
Amazon Prime 2005 ~200 million +8-9%
Audible 2007 Unknown Revenue up 20%
Kindle Unlimited 2014 ~6 million +10-15%
Amazon Music Unlimited 2016 ~90 million +14%

As you can see, subscriptions are big business for Amazon. And the company is constantly adding new services, acquiring companies like Twitch, and finding ways to upsell customers.

"Amazon wants to increase subscriber numbers across all categories," says consumer tech analyst Lisa Ellis. "More subscribers equals more revenue and loyalty."

So while subscriptions provide convenience, it‘s alarmingly easy to overlook unused memberships. Let‘s go cancel those pesky auto-renewals!

How to Cancel Amazon Subscriptions on Desktop

If you primarily shop Amazon and manage your account on a laptop or PC, here‘s how to cancel subscriptions through the desktop site:

Step 1: Sign into Your Amazon Account

Visit and hover over Account & Lists in the top right corner. Click the Sign In button and enter your email and password.

Sign in to Amazon account

Step 2: Go to "Memberships & Subscriptions"

Once signed in, you‘ll see the Account & Lists menu. Click on Memberships & Subscriptions to view your active subscriptions.

Navigate to Memberships & Subscriptions

Step 3: Identify the Subscription to Cancel

On this page, you‘ll see all your Amazon subscriptions including Prime, Audible, Kindle Unlimited, etc. Use the filters and search bar to find the specific membership you want to cancel.

Locate the subscription to cancel

Step 4: Cancel the Subscription

When you locate the subscription you want to end, click the Cancel subscription or Do not renew button. Amazon will quickly walk you through confirming the cancellation.

And just like that, you‘ve cancelled another unused subscription! 💸

Cancel subscription

How to Cancel Subscriptions on the Amazon App

You can also easily cancel Amazon subscriptions right from your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet device.

Step 1: Open the Amazon App

Open the Amazon app on your mobile device. Tap the hamburger menu ≡ icon in the upper left corner.

Open the Amazon app

Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings

In the side menu, scroll down and tap on Account. Then select Your Account at the bottom of the Account section.

Go to Your Account

Step 3: Choose "Memberships & Subscriptions"

Under Your Account, tap on Memberships & Subscriptions to view your current subscriptions.

Select Memberships & Subscriptions

Step 4: Cancel the Subscription

When you locate the subscription you want to cancel, tap Cancel subscription and confirm your choice.

Done! The subscription is now canceled. 🙌

Cancel subscription

Pro Tip: Locating Tricky Subscriptions

Most Amazon subscriptions can be canceled right from Memberships & Subscriptions.

But a couple exceptions include:

  • Audible – From your Amazon Account, tap Content and Devices. Then go to Audiobook Membership and select Change or Cancel Membership to cancel Audible.
  • AmazonFresh – Fresh subscription settings live under Programs and Features in Your Account. Tap into AmazonFresh, hit Manage, then choose Cancel to immediately cancel it.

I recommend also checking Recent Orders for any subscriptions you might have forgotten about and want to review before canceling.

Alternatives to Cancelling Amazon Subscriptions

Before cancelling your subscriptions, consider these options to avoid losing access:

  • Pause a subscription – Services like Audible allow you to temporarily pause your membership rather than fully cancel. You can resume anytime.
  • Switch to an annual plan – If you like the service but want to save, consider upgrading to an annual membership before canceling your monthly plan.
  • Use promo codes – Hunt around for Amazon promo codes and discounts before cancelling to score lower rates on subscriptions you use regularly.

Cancel Unwanted Amazon Subscriptions in Seconds

As you can see, Amazon makes it super simple to identify and cancel any subscriptions you no longer use or want. Just a few taps, and you‘re in control. 💪

I hope this guide empowers you to remove any Amazon subscriptions that are no longer serving you. My advice is to periodically review all your memberships to ensure you‘re only paying for services that bring value and joy into your life.

Now go enjoy all that extra cash in your wallet from canceled subscriptions! Treat yourself to something nice. 😊