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Strap In for Waffle‘s Wild DKC2 Speedrun – An Absolute Jungle Joyride

Ready to go on a barrel-blasting blast through the jungle at breakneck speeds? Then buckle up and join expert speedrunner Waffle on his epic sub-40 minute run through the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country 2. Witnessing Waffle‘s lightning-fast reflexes and mastery of DKC2‘s every intricacy is a breathtaking sight for retro platforming fans.

DKC2 – A 16-Bit Jungle Jam

Before we dive into Waffle‘s speedrun, let‘s set the scene with some background on DKC2. This iconic sidescroller was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. Developed by UK studio Rare, the game quickly became a hit with over 5 million copies sold.

Building on the success of the first Donkey Kong Country, DKC2 upped the ante with even faster gameplay, lush isometric jungle environments, and superb level design. The plot centers around Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie‘s quest to rescue Donkey Kong from the villain King K. Rool.

Critics praised DKC2‘s energetic platforming action, varied level themes ranging from temples to underwater caverns, and the introduction of new playable characters. It‘s held up over time as one of the SNES‘s finest 2D adventures.

The Need for Speedrunning

Now what exactly is a speedrun? It‘s a playthrough of a video game performed with the goal of completing it as fast as possible. While speedrunning existed long before, it really took off in the ‘90s once sites started tracking best times.

Today, speedrunning has an enthusiastic community with tournaments like Games Done Quick where top players compete to set new world record times. For classic platformers like DKC2, the best speedrun times can be under 40 minutes for a game that normally takes 5+ hours!

Let‘s look at the progression of DKC2 speedrun records over the years:

  • Dec 2003 – 2:09:40 by Dave Bulmer
  • Aug 2012 – 53:03 by mariofanatic64
  • Jan 2017 – 42:19 by Eazinn
  • Aug 2017 – 39:41 by Waffle

As of 2022, Waffle still holds 6th place on the DKC2 speedrun leaderboards with several runners edging below his time by a few seconds. But Waffle‘s run remains an incredible display of skill.

Barreling Through Crocodile Cauldron in Record Time

Now, onto Waffle‘s legendary run. This speedrun master has been honing his skills since 2013 on Twitch and YouTube. While adept at several retro classics, few can match his sheer talent at platformers like DKC 2.

In 2017, Waffle submitted his 39 minute 41 second run to Games Done Quick – one of the premier speedrunning charity marathons. Tracking down this VOD is an absolute treat for any DKC2 fan.

Right from the start in "Gangplank Galleon," you can see Waffle fluidly chaining jumps and barrel blasts with the precision of a calculator. He knows every enemy placement and platform layout by heart. By memorizing the most optimal route through each level, Waffle maintains astounding momentum.

Waffle makes clever use of Dixie‘s helicopter spin to bypass chunks of levels in seconds. He can clear mine cart sections like "Rickety Race" without even breaking a sweat. You get the sense his hands are operating on pure instinct at times.

The way Waffle effortlessly locates hidden bonuses and perfectly times vine grabs to shave off milliseconds is a sight to behold. He makes controlling Diddy and Dixie look as natural as breathing. This is a true master at work.

The Joy of Retro Replayability

Even 25+ years after its release, Donkey Kong Country 2 remains a wildly fun and replayable experience thanks to its watertight platforming mechanics. It‘s a testament to DKC2‘s stellar level design that there are still new sequence breaks for speedrunners to discover. The game offers near limitless potential for players like Waffle to continue pushing the limits.

That‘s the beauty of revisiting retro classics – there‘s always something new to master. And watching experts like Waffle blaze through childhood favorites with such finesse gives me a profound appreciation for these games. It‘s no wonder DKC2 remains one of Rare‘s most beloved SNES outings.

Waffle‘s Other Blinding Speedruns

If you enjoy Waffle‘s DKC2 run, his speedrunning excellence extends far beyond just that game. His Twitch channel hosts runs of numerous other classics:

  • Super Metroid in under an hour
  • Link to the Past in just over 90 minutes
  • Yoshi‘s Island in 55 minutes
  • Mega Man X in 38 minutes

Getting to watch Waffle flex his skills across various SNES titles is hugely entertaining. The way he dissects each game and devises the optimal path is a testament to his veteran gamer insights. Even after nearly a decade of speedrunning, Waffle is still going strong.

Strap In for the Ride

Whether you‘re a lapsed DKC2 fan craving some jungle hijinks or just love watching retro mastery in action, do yourself a favor and look up Waffle‘s 39 minute speedrun. From screen-melting mine cart rides to heart-pounding boss fights, it‘s a wild, barrel-blasting ride from start to finish.

Just try not to get dizzy watching Waffle pull off seemingly impossible feats of platforming prowess at dizzying speeds. It‘s a true honor to see one of Rare‘s finest SNES outings conquered by a master gamer at the top of his craft. Now if you‘ll excuse me, I need to dig up my old DKC2 cartridge and start practicing my speedrun skills!