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Kilowattrel vs Pawmot: A Deep Dive into Paldea‘s Electrifying New Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced many new creatures, but two electric types – Kilowattrel and Pawmot – stand out from the pack. At first glance, their similarities may fool you. But delving deeper reveals key differences in stats, moves, abilities and viability. This comprehensive guide will closely examine all aspects of these electrifying Pokemon to settle the debate over which outpowers the other.

Kilowattrel vs Pawmot: Core Attributes and Origins

Kilowattrel and Pawmot take inspiration from real-world animals infused with electrical elements.

Kilowattrel derives from frigatebirds, with its avian features and inflated throat pouch for storing charge. Its name also references a kilowatt, a unit of power synonymous with electricity generation. Much like wind turbines capturing air currents to produce energy, Kilowattrel harnesses the winds to charge up through its wings.

In contrast, Pawmot pulls from small furry mammals like prairie dogs and marmots. Its puffy cheeks are reminiscent of pouches certain rodents use for transporting food and nest material. Pawmot’s moniker blends “paw” with “marmot,” encapsulating this Pokemon’s blend of rodent and fighter qualities. Rather than air, Pawmot builds static charge through contact friction and fast movements.

Base Statistics

Kilowattrel and Pawmot showcase key stat distribution differences despite sharing an Electric typing:

Stat Kilowattrel Pawmot
HP 75 80
Attack 80 120
Defense 80 90
Sp. Atk 105 95
Sp. Def 90 90
Speed 115 60

Kilowattrel excels in Speed and Special Attack, suited for fast special sweeping. Pawmot has greater physical bulk and power but poorer agility. This aligns with their contrasting combat styles.


Their abilities also confer different advantages:

  • Kilowattrel: Volt Absorb (heals HP if hit by Electric move), Wind Power (boosts Electric moves in windy weather)

  • Pawmot: Volt Absorb, Natural Cure (cures status on switch out), Hidden Fist (boosts punch-based attacks)

Kilowattrel focuses on electrical maneuvers, whereas Pawmot takes a more defensive posture and favors physical fighting techniques.

Movesets and Coverage

The approach taken by Kilowattrel and Pawmot also diverges in their learnable moves.

Kilowattrel‘s Movepool

Kilowattrel gets a plethora of special Electric and Flying attacks such as Thunderbolt, Air Slash and Hurricane. It uses distance to inflict paralysis, confusion or flinching from afar while avoiding Ground immunity. Kilowattrel lacks coverage against Rock, Ice and Water types resisting its STAB abilities. But it can utilize Hidden Power options or unique moves like Electro Ball and U-Turn to adapt. Sample sets include:

  • Special Attacker: Thunderbolt, Hurricane, Roost, U-Turn
  • Support: Thunder Wave, Tailwind, Taunt, Volt Switch

Pawmot‘s Movepool

In contrast, Pawmot learns more physical Fighting moves like Close Combat, Drain Punch and Thunder Punch. It also gains coverage via Play Rough, Iron Head, Stone Edge and more to hit Dark, Rock, Ice and Fairy types. Pawmot’s trademark Double Shock removes its own Electric STAB as a pivot maneuver. It can also learn priority and utility moves like Quick Guard, Helping Hand and Bulk Up. Potential movesets include:

  • Sweeper: Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
  • Cleric Support: Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Helping Hand, Revival Blessing

Overall, Pawmot claims greater coverage diversity, priority attacks, and disruption tools.

Acquiring and Evolving These Pokemon

The paths to obtaining Kilowattrel and Pawmot also differ markedly:

Getting Kilowattrel

  • Only available as evolved form of Wattrel at level 25
  • Wattrel appears rarely in wild around Paldea coasts
  • Must catch base stage and train up, taking more time

Getting Pawmot

  • Evolves from Pawmo starting at level 18
  • Pawmo evolves from Pawmi by leveling up
  • Pawmi found very commonly almost everywhere
  • Just walk Pawmi to evolve quickly into Pawmot

Pawmi‘s ubiquity makes getting Pawmot far easier early on. Kilowattrel takes more effort to acquire in-game.

Team Synergy and Meta Relevance

When selecting teammates, Kilowattrel and Pawmot align better with different partners:

Good Partners for Kilowattrel

  • Physical attackers like Garchomp, Breloom, and Ferrothorn benefit from electric paralysis support
  • Kilowattrel handles Grass, Fighting, Flying foes; partners cover Rock, Ice, Dragon weaknesses
  • Bulky Waters like Toxapex appreciate Thunderbolt trap setting

Good Partners for Pawmot

  • Special sweepers and setup users like Tapu Koko and Cloyster appreciate Revival Blessing
  • Electric immunities like Quagsire lure Ground attacks from Pawmot
  • Bulky teammates allow it to set up Bulk Up boosts
  • Cleric support aids status-afflicted partners

For in-game, Kilowattrel provides early power. Competitively, Pawmot currently sees more usage for its flexibility, healing, and priority punches:

Smogon Usage Stats

  • Kilowattrel: Ranked B+ OU (~2-3% usage on ~15% of teams)
  • Pawmot: Ranked A- OU (~4-5% usage on ~20% of teams)

Both remain competitive in VGC formats as well. Pawmot maintains an edge overall but Kilowattrel still shines in the right matchups.

Kilowattrel vs. Pawmot: Key Takeaways

While closely matched in some regards, careful examination proves Pawmot generally outclasses Kilowattrel with its well-rounded stats, broader move coverage, priority Thunder Punch, healing properties, and easier acquisition. However, Kilowattrel‘s speed and special attacking prowess give it a niche against opponents weak to electric flying attacks.

Each of these exciting new Pokemon electrify Paldea with their own strengths. But in a direct face-off, Pawmot appears primed to generate more power and versatility for competitive teams. Yet creative trainers can still harness Kilowattrel’s potential in specific matchups. As seasoned players understand, you must deeply analyze the details to determine which electric type charges up victory.