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The Most Adorable Funko Pops That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Funko Pops have taken over the world. Their cute big heads and tiny bodies capture our favorite pop culture icons, making them irresistibly adorable. As a Funko fan myself, I‘m always seeking out the cutest, most precious Pops to add to my collection. In this post, I‘ll highlight the Funko Pops that are so cute, they‘ll make your heart melt faster than Olaf on a summer day!

An Adorable Phenomenon

But first, what exactly are Funko Pops? In case you‘ve managed to avoid their takeover, here‘s a quick overview.

Funko Pops are vinyl figures depicting characters from movies, TV, video games, music, and more. They‘re known for their distinctive style:

  • Oversized square heads
  • Large round eyes
  • Small, cute bodies

The first Funko Pop came out in 2010, featuring the character Diablo from Blizzard‘s game Diablo. Since then, Funko has secured licenses for just about every entertainment franchise you can think of. They‘ve released over 20,000 different Pop designs!

Some Funko Pop fast facts:

  • Sales: Funko Pop sales reached $1 billion in 2021 alone.
  • Collectors: There are an estimated 5 million Funko Pop collectors worldwide.
  • Most valuable: The most expensive Pop sold was a * metallic SDCC Big Boy valued at $25,000!

With their soaring popularity, Funko Pops are now a huge part of fan culture. As a collector myself, I love displaying my favorite cute and cool characters. But of all the Funko Pops out there, some designs take "adorable" to the next level.

Let‘s check out the cutest of the cute – the Pops so precious they belong in the Funko Pop Cuteness Hall of Fame!

1. Belle Reading with Birds

For Disney fans, this Pop is about as cute as it gets. It captures Belle from Beauty and the Beast sitting serenely on a log, book in hand. An assortment of bluebirds and robins flock around her as she reads peacefully. One particularly brave bluebird even perches right on the open book!

With her blue and white dress, sweet smile, and kind manner with the birds, this Pop exudes purity and grace. It‘s such an iconic, idyllic Disney moment. Every time I look at this Belle Pop, my heart melts. I just want to open a library for her and all her bird friends!

If you love Disney princesses, books, or animals, this Pop is a must-have. Nothing says "sweetness and light" like Belle and her bluebird pals.

2. Rajesh Koothrappali with Cinnamon

For The Big Bang Theory fans, this Pop perfectly captures Raj‘s soft side. Raj cradles his beloved Yorkshire Terrier Cinnamon in his hands. With her little pink bow, Cinnamon is Pampered Pooch Perfection. Raj‘s smiling face as he gazes down at Cinnamon totally says "I love my dog so much I can barely stand it!"

What makes this already cute Pop even sweeter is that Raj is clearly saying something to Cinnamon and she‘s staring back lovingly. I like to think he‘s telling her what a good girl she is. This Pop just nails that special dog parent-pup bond.

If you love The Big Bang Theory, tiny dogs, or just unbreakable human-canine bonds, add this one to your wish list!

3. Sulley Teaching Mike to Scare

This Pop depicts a classic moment from Monsters Inc. – Sulley coaching his best bud Mike on how to be scary. Mike‘s tentative expression is hilarious as Sulley poses dramatically, modeling the perfect scary face and stance.

Despite Mike‘s nerves, Sulley‘s kind smile shows this is just one monster pal helping another. Their camaraderie and Mike‘s "terrified to terrify" face make this Pop so fun.

For Pixar fans or anyone who loves mismatched friends, this is a great addition. It will remind you that often friendship means helping friends face their fears and try new things. One look and you‘ll echo Mike‘s thought bubble: "I‘ll try to be scary if it means that much to Sulley… But I make no promises!"

4. Raj Holding Cinnamon in Hot Dog Costume

This Pop combines two proven cute elements: Raj‘s love for his pup Cinnamon and dogs in costumes. Cinnamon doesn‘t just rock any outfit here. She‘s decked out in an adorable hot dog ensemble, complete with mustard and a bun!

Raj, of course, looks overjoyed holding his dressed up diva dog. Let‘s be honest, if I had Cinnamon in this outfit I would never stop squeeing. This is cuteness squared – a cute guy, with his cute dog, in a cute costume. TOO much!

I love that Funko gave us Raj and Cinnamon in even more cute scenarios. This is a must for any diehard Big Bang Theory fan.

5. Sulley Dancing with Boo

Here‘s another Pop capturing an endearing moment between Sulley and the human girl Boo. Sulley holds Boo‘s tiny hands as he playfully spins her round and round in a dance. Boo‘s face is pure joy as she smiles broadly, lost in the dance.

What makes this Pop extra sweet is that Sulley is bending down to Boo‘s height as they dance. His caring manner shows how gentle and protective he‘s learned to be with Boo. It‘s a testament to the loving bond between them.

For those who fell for Boo‘s charm in the movie, this Pop is for you. It will take you right back to Boo and Sulley‘s funny and heartwarming friendship.

Displaying Your Cute Funko Pops

Once you‘ve picked out the cutest Funko Pops, you‘ll want to display them properly to enjoy their adorableness every day. Here are some cute Funko Pop display tips:

  • Arrange them on brightly colored shelving. White bookshelves pop against vibrant walls. You can also paint or wallpaper the backing.
  • Group cutest Pops together on lower shelves for prime admiring.
  • Use risers or stands so Pops aren‘t hidden behind each other.
  • Display in fun containers like carrousels, cubes, or curio cabinets.
  • Add accent decor like flowers or garlands on shelves to complement their sweetness.
  • Light them well with LED strips or lamps so you can appreciate all their cuteness.

With the right display setup, your cute Funko Pops will bring major cheer. And make sure to rotate new cuties in now and then!

Cute Gifts for Fellow Funko Collectors

These sweet Pops also make fabulous gifts for fellow collectors. Here are some cute gift ideas:

  • Give Belle Reading for bookworms or Disney fans. Include a Barnes & Noble gift card!
  • Gift Sulley and Mike to comedy lovers. Add some Pixar stickers or a Monsters Inc shirt.
  • Present Raj with Cinnamon to Funko fans. Include dog treats for their own pup!
  • For children, give dancing Sulley and Boo. Throw in the movie soundtrack for extra fun.
  • Offer heart eyes R2-D2 to Star Wars collectors. Pair with cute droid socks or valentines.

Any collector will appreciate one of these cute pops to grow their lineup. And they‘re sure to put a smile on your gift recipient‘s face!

Cuteness That Connects Us

While I‘ve highlighted some of my favorites, the great thing about Funko Pops is anyone can find cute figures meaningful to them. Funko truly covers the full pop culture spectrum with their unique brand of adorable.

These tiny vinyl heroes remind us of the movies, shows, and games we love. But especially with their most endearing designs, Funko Pops also appeal to our inner child. No matter how old or serious we get, who can resist their charm?

So embrace that innocent part of yourself. Let these cute Pops bring you joy and warm your heart. After all, we could all use a little more tenderness and whimsy in our lives!

Do you have favorite funko pops that melt your heart? Share your cute collections with me on Instagram @funkofanatic!