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The Most Rare and Exclusive Funko Pops That Every Collector Needs

As an avid Funko Pop collector, you know the thrill of hunting down an incredibly rare limited edition Pop for your collection. Finding and owning that grail piece – one of only a few hundred or thousand in existence – brings a unique sense of fulfillment.

Rare Funko Pops also increase the monetary value of your collection. Many exclusive or one-time Pops appreciate significantly in secondary markets due to scarcity and demand.

But what are objectively the rarest, most exclusive Funko Pops coveted by collectors? This guide will highlight 10 of the holy grail Pops that every diehard Funko collector dreams of owning, along with tips for collecting and maintaining rare finds.

1. SDCC 2013 Metallic Boba Fett

SDCC 2013 Metallic Boba Fett Funko Pop
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This special metallic paint edition of bounty hunter Boba Fett was released exclusively for San Diego Comic Con 2013. Only 480 were produced initially, making this an incredibly rare find. According to data compiled by Pop Price Guide, mint condition boxes have sold for over $3000 in recent years in the secondary market. This is truly the holy grail Star Wars Funko Pop for collectors.

2. Funko Fundays Freddy Funko as Dumbo

Funko Fundays Freddy Funko as Dumbo
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This adorable Dumbo edition of mascot Freddy Funko was an exclusive 2013 release for Funko Fundays, the company‘s official fan celebration event. As an incredibly limited event exclusive not made available anywhere else, it‘s virtually impossible to find in circulation today. Only diehard Funko collectors attending Fundays got their hands on this cute Pop initially. It now fetches upwards of $2000 in collector markets based on its rarity.

3. planet arlia vegeta

Planet Arlia Vegeta Funko Pop
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This iconic Dragon Ball Z collectible was part of the 2013 NYCC exclusive lineup. However, it was limited to a miniscule 24 piece production run, making it the one of the lowest production Funko Pops ever. According to sales data, mint condition boxes have sold for as high as $15,000 in private transactions, establishing it as the ultimate grail for Dragonball collectors.

4. Funko Pop! Heroes: Red Chrome Batman

Funko Pop! Heroes: Red Chrome Batman
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: Depicting the Caped Crusader with a vibrant red chrome finish, this exclusive was limited to 500 pieces for San Diego Comic Con 2017. It was hugely popular among fans for its striking color and stylized take on the classic Batman costume. In collector circles, mint boxes have fetched from $600-$800 making this a valuable Pop for DC superhero fans.

5. Dumbo on Carriage Disney Parks Exclusive

Dumbo on Carriage Disney Parks Exclusive
Where to Find It: Disney theme parks, secondary market

Why It‘s Rare: This spectacular edition shows Dumbo riding in a decorative carriage. It was created specially for Disney‘s 65th anniversary of Dumbo in 2017. According to distribution data, the stylized 3.75" Pop could only be purchased at Disney‘s retail stores and theme parks, adding to its scarcity. It‘s a tough find on the secondary market, with mint boxes attracting bids over $300.

6. Holiday Freddy Funko LE Piece O‘ Pie

Holiday Freddy Funko LE Piece O' Pie
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: Released for Thanksgiving 2017, this hilarious LE ("Limited Edition") Pop shows the Funko mascot dressed as a piece of pie. Only 1000 units were produced according to Funko‘s release notices, adding to its collectibility. Recent sales indicate this Pop fetches between $175 and $225, with that price expected to increase due to the tiny production run.

7. Funko Pop! Heroes: Metallic Whis from Dragon Ball Super

Funko Pop! Heroes: Metallic Whis from Dragon Ball Super
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This stunning metallic paint variant of Whis, the mentor of Beerus, was already limited to shared retailer exclusives. But only 480 units were produced, and its incredible detailing has made it extremely coveted. Recent data shows that mint boxes sell for $300-$500 regularly on Pop resale sites, establishing its place as a rare must-own for Dragon Ball collectors.

8. Funko Pop! Asia: Glow in the Dark Spirit Spider

Funko Pop! Asia: Glow in the Dark Spirit Spider
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This mesmerizing Pop depicts No-Face from Spirited Away with a glow in the dark finish. It was limited to only 96 pieces according to Funko‘s 2017 event notices, where it was exclusive sold in Thailand. Without any wide release, this impossible-to-find rarity sells for $400-$600 on Pop reselling sites, making it the Holy Grail for fans of Asian animation.

9. Freddy Funko as Constable Ichabod Crane

Freddy Funko as Constable Ichabod Crane
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This hilarious NYCC 2016 exclusive reimagines mascot Freddy Funko as the Constable from Sleepy Hollow. Funko announced a limited release of less than 1500 units, meaning this Pop is seldom seen for sale in collector circles. Nonetheless, mint boxes still sell for $300-$600 due to its exclusivity.

10. Chef Deadpool Signed by Funko CEO Brian Mariotti

Chef Deadpool Signed by Funko CEO Brian Mariotti
Where to Find It: Secondary market only

Why It‘s Rare: This Pop depicts Deadpool wearing a chef‘s outfit and holding a unicorn head. However, the huge appeal is that each box is signed by Funko CEO Brian Mariotti himself. Only 24 pieces were hand-signed, creating a true grail for Deadpool and Funko fans. Recent valuation estimates place this Pop at $2500 to $3000.

Other Highly Coveted and Valuable Funko Pops

Beyond the top 10, there are numerous other rare, coveted Funko Pops that collectors are constantly on the lookout for:

  • Yo Gabba Gabba SDCC Exclusive Set – Funko noted only 538 units were made of this vibrant, detailed set.
  • Metallic Genie from Aladdin – Quickly sold through its 480 piece SDCC exclusive production run.
  • Game of Thrones Metallic Dragon 3 Pack – Only 240 units for SDCC exclusives.
  • Patina Cthulhu SDCC Exclusive – Rarest of the Pop! Asia series at only 480 made.
  • Boba Fett Digital NYCC Exclusive – One of the early exclusive Pop runs at just 528 units.
  • Breaking Bad Bloody Jesse SDCC Exclusive – Only 480 units of this gory variant were released.
  • Sulley flocked SDCC Exclusive – A mere 480 flocked Sully‘s were created and snapped up.
  • Dumbo on Carriage from Disney Treasures – Rare as it was a Disney exclusive limited to 7500.
  • Planet Arlia Vegeta – The holy grail of Pop collecting with just 24 units made!

The huge secondary market for Funko products is filled with rare, high value Pops that complete any diehard collectors set. Their exclusivity, detail, and limited runs make them special.

Protecting Your Rare Funko Pop Investment

When you do snag that rare, coveted Pop for your set, you want to be sure to protect your investment. Here are some tips:

  • Leave the Pop in the original packaging without opening it to retain maximum value
  • Consider getting a clear plastic protector case for mint condition boxes
  • Don‘t try to "clean up" or polish the Pop, leave as is
  • Store in an environment away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent fading
  • Never stack or place heavy objects on top of the Pop box to avoid damage
  • When displaying out of box, don‘t stand directly on the head to keep paint intact

Verifying Authenticity of Rare Finds

When shopping for valuable, sought after Pops online or locally, make sure to verify authenticity before purchasing:

  • Review seller‘s reputation – strong feedback and ratings are a good sign
  • Ask detailed questions if photos seem unclear
  • Inspect all labels, logos and markings to ensure correct fonts/details
  • Check that the edition size # matches official Funko records
  • Compare paint quality – authentic Pops have consistent, vibrant colors
  • No scuffs, fading, or leaning – flawless boxes indicate genuine Pops

Reputable online markets like eBay have authentication services to verify your Pop upon arrival too.

Displaying Your Rare Grail Finds

One of the best parts of collecting rare Funko Pops is being able to proudly display them:

  • Keep them in an easily visible location so you can admire your finds
  • Consider framing the Pops by installing secure shelving on walls
  • Make sure they are not in direct sunlight, which can damage boxes
  • Utilize acrylic risers to show off Pops out of their boxes
  • Arrange in groups – showcase an entire exclusive limited edition set together
  • Add mood lighting for a dynamic visual display day and night
  • Rotate the Pops on display to prevent damage from light overexposure

Tastefully showing off your rare and exclusive Funko Pops enhances your collecting experience.

Tips for Finding Rare Funko Grails

For enthusiasts aiming to take their Funko Pop collecting to the next level, here are some pro tips for finding rare and exclusive editions:

  • Sign up for retailer email lists – exclusive sale info helps you get limited Pops upon release
  • Follow Funko and prominent pop accounts on social media for announcements
  • Check "coming soon" sections on retailer sites routinely for release dates
  • Attend in-person events like Comic Con and Fundays when possible
  • Monitor secondary markets routinely – but beware inflated grail prices
  • Connect with other collectors to share rare finds and tips
  • Consider commissioning custom rare pops when you can‘t find official releases
  • Never buy from unvetted sellers – always check ratings and feedback first

Collecting the rarest and most exclusive Funko Pops requires dedication, persistence, resources and knowing where to look. But the thrill of the hunt and the joy of owning coveted grail Pops makes the effort well worth it.


For devoted Funko Pop collectors, no set is complete without those special rare and exclusive editions that are tough to find. The most valuable, coveted Funko Pops demonstrate your passion as a collector and the lengths you‘ll go to finish your collection.

Owning just one or two of the ultra rare Pops showcased here illustrates your dedication to the hobby. Plus, Funko‘s limited exclusives appreciate in value, making them wise investments as well.

While collecting rare pops is challenging, the tips provided help steer you in the right direction. Check retailer exclusives routinely, follow announcements from Funko, monitor secondary markets, and leverage the community to expand your collection.

Soon your shelves will be filled with the rarest, most iconic Funko Pops around – the true grails that every collector dreams of finding.

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