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The 12 Rarest and Most Valuable Funko Pops Ever Made

Funko Pops have become one of the hottest collecting crazes in recent years. With their signature oversized heads and cute, stylized designs, these vinyl figures are a fun way for fans to celebrate their favorite movies, TV shows, video games and more on their shelves.

While Funko produces hundreds of different Pop figures each year, some have stood out as extremely rare and fetched huge prices on the secondary market. So which are the most valuable Funko Pops ever released? Let‘s count down the top 12 rarest and most expensive Funko Pops of all time.

1. Metallic Ghost Rider (NYCC 2011)

Kicking off our list is a truly haunting figure – the Metallic Ghost Rider Funko Pop from New York Comic Con 2011. This version of Ghost Rider really pops thanks to its metallic paint job. With his flaming skull head, leather jacket, and chain whip, Ghost Rider has always been one of the darker and cooler Marvel antiheroes.

Funko produced only 12 of these figures, making it an instant rarity. The Metallic Ghost Rider Funko Pop now fetches over $7,000 on eBay and auction sites, if you can manage to find one. The limited supply and incredible demand from Ghost Rider fans and high-end collectors has driven up values over the years.

2. Holo Darth Maul (SDCC 2012)

Next up is a special Star Wars Funko that was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2012. This version of Darth Maul is extra cool thanks to its glowing holographic finish. The holo effect really stands out and captures Darth Maul‘s sinister appearance.

As one of the main antagonists from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul has become a fan favorite villain from the prequel trilogy. His double-bladed red lightsaber and black-and-red tattoos make him instantly recognizable.

Only 480 Holo Darth Maul Funko Pops were produced, making them extremely hard to find on the secondary market today. Less than 10 have recently sold publically, with prices reaching as high as $7,500. Even opened and damaged boxes can fetch over $5,000 due to intense demand from Star Wars collectors.

3. Planet Arlia Vegeta (NYCC 2014)

Next on our list is another pop culture icon – Dragon Ball Z‘s Vegeta. This Funko Pop depicts Vegeta in his armor from early in the show, based on the Planet Arlia episode. Dragon Ball Z remains one of the most popular anime series worldwide, with a massive fan base even today.

While around 5,000 of these figures were initially produced, its popularity amongst Dragon Ball Z fans has made it a valuable collector‘s item. Only a few hundred appear to circulate among collectors, making it rare compared to more common Funko pops. Mint versions in the original box can sell for around $3,000 in recent years.

4. Gold Chrome Dumbo (SDCC 2013)

This beautiful Gold Chrome Dumbo Funko Pop looks like it flew right out of the classic animated Disney film. The stylized design captures Dumbo‘s adorable appearance, while the stunning gold chrome finish gives it a special collector‘s flair.

Disney Funko Pops are hugely popular, but this was one of their rarest exclusives. It was a San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusive, with only 48 ever produced by Funko. The shiny gold Dumbo looks incredible in person, and has sold for as much as $4,000 in private sales between collectors looking to add this prize to their Disney collections.

5. Bloody Jaime Lannister (SDCC 2013)

What Funko Pop list would be complete without something from Game of Thrones? This Bloody Jaime Lannister figure was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2013 that fans went crazy over.

The blood spattered across Jaime‘s armor looks straight out of the show‘s gory battle scenes. And Jaime‘s cocky expression is perfectly in character with the arrogant Kingslayer. Only 12 Bloody Jamie Lannister Funkos were made in the glow-in-the-dark style, while another 12 lack the GITD effect.

Owning one of these figures has become a status symbol amongst Game of Thrones collectors, with prices going as high as $15,000 for one in the original packaging. Given the show‘s record-breaking popularity, it‘s no surprise people are willing to pay huge sums for this piece of Game of Thrones history.

6. Clown Dumbo (SDCC 2013)

The Clown Dumbo Funko Pop proves that clowns can be cute too! This figure takes the classic Dumbo design but gives him a colorful clown makeover. The red, white and blue face paint looks just like a circus clown. It also glows in the dark, adding a cool effect.

Much like the Gold Chrome Dumbo, this was limited to only 48 pieces for San Diego Comic Con 2013. Between the tiny production run and popularity of rare Disney Funko Pops, prices have soared over $9,000 for one in great condition.

7. Metallic Mickey Mouse (SDCC 2011)

It only makes sense that history‘s most iconic cartoon mouse would make this list. The Metallic Mickey Mouse Funko Pop looks like it just stepped off the set of a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon with its glossy silver finish.

Mickey Mouse was one of Disney‘s first characters to receive a Funko Pop back in 2011. The silver Metallic version was limited to 480 pieces. While more common than some others here, it‘s quite rare compared to most Funko Pops. The Metallic Mickey Mouse typically sells for around $1,000 these days.

8. Glow Clockwork Alex (SDCC 2012)

Funko wasn‘t able to produce a full line of Pops based on A Clockwork Orange due to licensing issues, but this Glow in the Dark Alex DeLarge vinyl figure was made as part of a European exclusive series in 2012.

Alex and his gang of "Droogs" terrified audiences in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film. Images of them wearing bowler hats and false eyelashes became iconic. Alex‘s maniacal and violent nature made him both a dangerous and compelling antihero.

Because this Funko Pop had such a limited release overseas, only about 24 are believed to still exist. It‘s one of the hardest Funkos to find, which has driven prices past $32,000 at auction. A true grail for serious Funko collectors.

9. Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa (Fundays 2016)

This ultra rare pair of Wonka and Oompa Loompa Funko Pops was made specially for Funko‘s Fundays event in 2016. These two Golden Ticket versions, inspired by the classic Willy Wonka film, are perhaps the most valuable Funko Pops ever released.

Funko produced just 10 sets of these figures, making them practically unattainable for most collectors. The only set known to have sold publically went for an astonishing $100,000 in 2020 due to their rarity. They look incredible in their detailed gold chrome paint jobs.

These special edition Funkos represent the chocolate factory wonder and whimsy that made Willy Wonka such an iconic film. For the handful of collectors lucky enough to own these, they are surely the crown jewel of their Funko Pop collection.

10. Red Metallic Stan Lee (NYCC 2017)

No Funko Pop list would be complete without the legendary Stan Lee. The Marvel Comics creator was responsible for iconic superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four. His cameos in Marvel movies became a delightful tradition for fans.

Funko honored Stan Lee‘s legacy with this Red Metallic vinyl figure, which debuted at NYCC 2017. The crimson chrome finish looks bold and celebratory, fit for a legend like Stan Lee. The glossy version was limited to just 12 pieces.

These figures now sell for around $10,000 each. The rarity and popularity of Stan Lee Funkos, especially so soon after his passing in 2018, has made them incredibly valuable. They are must-have pieces for serious Marvel collectors.

11. Franken Berry Freddy Funko (SDCC 2011)

Here‘s a Funko Pop that really pops! This Franken Berry cereal mascot glows in the dark, an effect that looks amazing combined with the bright pink and blue colors. Franken Berry has been a classic monster-themed cereal since the early 1970s.

The Funko Pop captures the character‘s trademark colors and facial expression perfectly. The GITD paint job makes it look like a neon sign – so cool! Released in 2011, it was limited to 48 pieces as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive that fans went wild over.

Prices now exceed $6,000 for one in great condition. Its unique design and tiny production run make it one of the most sought-after Funkos of all time.

12. Freddy Krueger (SDCC 2011)

And last but not least, the burnt-faced killer from everyone‘s nightmares – Freddy Krueger! This San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive sports Freddy‘s iconic dusty brown fedora and his bladed finger gloves.

Freddy Krueger has haunted pop culture as the antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street slasher films going back to the 1980s. His fire-scarred visage and red-and-green sweater are forever burned into the minds of horror fans.

The Freddy Krueger Funko Pop is already 10+ years old, and was limited to just 48 pieces at SDCC 2011. As you can imagine, prices have soared over the years to $3,000+ as more collectors try to add Freddy to their shelves.

What Makes Some Funkos So Valuable?

As you can see, some Funko Pops are worth their weight in gold! But what factors make certain vinyl figures so sought after and expensive?

For the most part, Funko Pops gain value from:

  • Scarcity – Lower production runs of a few hundred or less naturally creates supply and demand pressures. The fewer in existence, the more competition among serious collectors.

  • Special finishes – Variants like metallic, chrome, or glow-in-the-dark paint jobs add uniqueness and visual appeal. Even subtle things like a matte finish can create huge value differences.

  • Con/event exclusives – Funkos made as exclusives for Comic Con, Fundays, or other events create artificial scarcity and hype around their launch.

  • Licensing issues – Some lines had to be cancelled or cut short due to licensing problems, making certain figures instant rarities. Others never made it to full production.

  • Speculation frenzy – Speculators hoarding Funkos can reduce supply, while hype around investability pushes speculative prices higher in feeding frenzies. Social media drives FOMO around hot releases.

  • Franchise/character popularity – There are diehard fans willing to pay virtually any price for rare Funkos of their favorite character or property. Trendy lines see huge spikes in demand.

In a sense, Funkos are works of art valued by collectors like fine art investors. Their monetary and cultural value is in the eye of the beholder.

Tips for Collecting Rare Funko Pops

For hobbyists hoping to collect some of these rare grails, here are some tips:

  • Be prepared to pay big money – For most of the Pops on this list, you‘ll need thousands to tens of thousands spare dollars to acquire them.

  • Get to conventions early – Lines at SDCC and other cons form early for people vying to buy exclusive Funkos. You may even need to enter a lottery.

  • Check 3rd party sellers – Sites like eBay, Mercari and Amazon are always an option, albeit an expensive one. Verify sellers have strong feedback.

  • Follow official announcements – Keep up to date on Funko‘s blog and social media channels to be aware of upcoming rare releases.

  • Network with local collectors – Having knowledgeable collecting buddies can help you keep abreast of limited figures and score good deals.

  • Protect your investment – Keep figures mint in box in a dust-free, temperature stable environment to preserve their condition and value.

  • Balance rarity with personal joy – While reselling for profit can be alluring, the real magic of Funkos is displaying characters you genuinely love.


The Funko Pop collecting craze shows no signs of fading anytime soon. For every mass market Pop, there is a rare and valuable chase version out there for dedicated collectors. Prices continue to reach astronomical levels that boggle the mind.

More than just toys, the most coveted Funko Pops have become symbols of fandom and pop culture significance. They represent characters that have become icons of movies, shows, games and comics. Owning a rare piece has prestige for diehard collectors and investors alike.

Which of these grails would you most love to add to your own collection? Are there any other incredibly rare Funko Pops that you think should have made the list? Let me know in the comments!