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Mastering Sonic 2: Inside Superboomfan‘s Legendary Glitchless Speedrun

Speedrunning classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is your chance to experience them in a whole new way. While you may have fond memories of blazing through Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant as a kid, devoted players like Superboomfan take Sonic 2 gameplay to the next level. His current glitchless world record of 34 minutes 4 seconds is the stuff of legends.

In this guide, we‘ll break down Superboomfan‘s illustrious speedrunning career, the skills needed to set Sonic 2 records, and how you can get involved in the thrill of speedrunning. With the resources below, you‘ll be spin dashing your way to personal bests in no time!

Who is Superboomfan?

Superboomfan has been playing Sonic games since his childhood in the 90s. In 2014, he decided to take his fandom and skills to the next level by competing in speedrunning. Through endless hours of practice and grinding out runs, he steadily claimed many Sonic 2 world records.

He set his first glitchless record in 2016 with a time of 35:21 – already incredibly fast! But Superboomfan was just getting started. Over the next few years, he continued shaving off seconds through intense training and analysis. His current untouchable record of 34:04 has stood since 2020.

I had the chance to chat with Superboomfan about his background:

"I‘ve loved Sonic since those early days on the Genesis. Sonic 2 was the first game I fully completed as a kid. Coming back to speedrun it years later took me back to that nostalgia, but also let me push my skills to the limit. It‘s been amazing to see the community and leaderboards evolve."

For Superboomfan, Sonic speedrunning is clearly a passion. He streams his attempts on Twitch several times a week, interacting with fans and offering tips. Tuning into his stream, you immediately notice his laser focus and concentration. He‘s always calmly analyzing methods to optimize routes and shave off frames.

Learning the Speedrunning Skills

Setting records in Sonic 2 requires next-level finesse and technique. Simply knowing the stages isn‘t enough – you need to fully master Sonic‘s unique physics and movement abilities. Superboomfan and other top runners have broken down key skills:

Slope Jumping

Launching off ramped surfaces for max height and speed. This is essential for quick traversal in stages.

Spin Dashing

Mastering Sonic‘s signature spin dash accelerates you from 0 to 60 in a flash. It‘s vital to dash immediately after landing from a jump or slope.

Momentum Conservation

Carrying speed through loops, springs, and slopes without losing momentum is crucial. You want to minimize braking at all costs.

Optimal Routes

Elite players plot the most efficient way through each level while executing tricks flawlessly. Memorization is critical.

Check out this diagram breaking down a slope jump into a spin dash:

Sonic-> O
Ramp -> /—-\

  1. Sonic runs up ramp
  2. At peak height, jumps off ramp
  3. Curls into ball mid-air
  4. Hits ground spinning, seamlessly into dash

Mastering techniques like this and finding the optimal paths through levels is no easy feat. For Superboomfan, it took hundreds of hours of practice across 6+ years of speedrunning before reaching record pace. But he emphasizes that new runners shouldn‘t get intimidated.

In his words:

"When I see new people get into Sonic speedrunning, I remind them to just focus on improving their own times and having fun. The community is always happy to share tips and celebrate personal bests of any level!"

Speedrunning Resources for All Levels

Interested in starting your own journey into Sonic 2 speedrunning? Here are some great resources: – Tracks Sonic 2 leaderboards and times. Join the community!

Sonic Speedrunning Discord – Chat with experienced runners of all levels.

Superboomfan‘s YouTube – Study his world record runs frame-by-frame.

Sonic 2 Guide Docs – Google Docs from top players about routes, tricks, and techniques.

Sonic 2 Practice ROM – Modified ROM to help you grind individual levels.

BizHawk Emulator – Train with save states and speed-up options.

And when you‘re ready, you can start streaming your attempts on Twitch or YouTube. The Sonic speedrunning community is constantly growing thanks to the passion of racers like Superboomfan. There‘s always someone willing to share tips and cheer you on as you build up your skills.

More Than Just Fast Times

Speedrunning is about more than just blazing through games quickly. It builds endurance, precision, and problem-solving skills. And communities like the Sonic racers are incredibly supportive.

There are also opportunities to use speedrunning for good causes. Many marathon events raise money for charities. Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 featuring Sonic runs raised over $2.7 million dollars.

So break out that old Genesis or download an emulator and give Sonic 2 a go. See if you can complete Emerald Hill faster than your childhood times. With practice, you‘ll be amaSonic.

Gotta go fast!