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The 5 Most Expensive PS5 Games

Hi friend! Today we‘re exploring the 5 most expensive PlayStation 5 games available. As a passionate gamer and data analyst, I‘ve done deep research to uncover the rarest and most coveted PS5 titles. Through this guide, I‘ll walk you through what makes these games so valuable, where to find them, and just how much they‘ll cost you.

Whether you‘re an avid collector looking to expand your library, a hardcore fan seeking the ultimate editions of your favorite franchises, or just fascinated by the high prices commanded by rare games, I‘ll provide you with insightful analysis and interesting details. Let‘s dive in!

Hogwarts Legacy Collector‘s Edition – The Magic Comes at a Price

Easily the most expensive PS5 game is Hogwarts Legacy. This magical RPG was 2022‘s most anticipated title, quickly selling out of its $299 Collector‘s Edition. You‘ll now spend $500 to $2000 to buy it secondhand!

Hogwarts Legacy invites you to experience 1800s life as a wizard at the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry. As a new student, you‘ll attend classes to master spells, battle mystical beasts, and explore a rich, interactive world.

Fans had been begging for an open-world Harry Potter game for years. According to game director Alan Tew, "Fans want to deeply immerse themselves in the magic of Hogwarts and the wizarding world like never before."

The Collector‘s Edition grants the ultimate immersion. Its incredibly limited supply coupled with huge demand from Potterheads has skyrocketed resale prices.

Here‘s exactly what this magical edition includes:

  • Thestral Mount Statue – Striking 10" replica figurine of the skeletal winged horses.
  • Ancient Magic Wand – Floating wand with LED illumination and book base.
  • SteelCase – Unique metal case with Hogwarts Legacy branding.
  • In-Game Cosmetics – Exclusive Hogwarts outfits and Dark Arts pack.
  • 72 Early Access – Play 3 days early.
  • Collector‘s Box – Ornate box with metal accents.

Reviews for Hogwarts Legacy have been strong, earning an 85 on Metacritic. Critics praise its "thrilling magic" and "faithful reverence" to wizarding world lore. It‘s on track to be one of the best selling PS5 games with over 12 million units projected in 2023.

For Harry Potter superfans, only the Collector‘s Edition will suffice. This is the quintessential PS5 grail game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – A Legend Reborn

Final Fantasy VII is hailed as one of gaming‘s landmark achievements. Its 2023 remake on PS5 reimagined the classic RPG from the ground up with stunning next-gen visuals, deeper combat, and expanded storytelling.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Collector‘s Edition treats fans to a treasure trove of exclusives. On the secondary market, its price sits at $300 to $800 above the original $329 MSRP.

Here‘s what sets this edition apart:

  • Cloud & Hardy Daytona Figures – Highly detailed 10" statues of Cloud and his Hardy Daytona motorcycle. Intricate props reproduce his iconic sword and Materia orbs.
  • 176 Page Artbook – Hardcover book with concept art, commentary, and creator notes providing a window into the game‘s development.
  • Mini Soundtrack – 14-song selection of tracks from the game‘s award-winning score.
  • Steelbook Case – Stunningly designed steel case housing the game discs.

The remake earned a 90 average on Metacritic, with praise centered on its "phenomenal" graphics and "masterful retelling" of a legendary tale. It sold over 5 million copies in its first 5 months, making it the fastest selling PS4 game ever.

For Final Fantasy devotees, this edition is mandatory. The meticulous figurines and comprehensive artbook offer a true behind-the-scenes look at a gaming icon.

Elden Ring Collector‘s Edition – Prepare to Pay for Prestige

Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm in early 2022. The open world action RPG from veteran studio FromSoftware captivated players with its challenging gameplay and rich, mysterious world.

The Elden Ring Collector‘s Edition stands out as one of the most substantial PS5 offerings. On the secondary market, expect to pay between $250 to $500 above its original $189 price tag.

Here‘s what sets this prestigious edition apart:

  • Malenia Statue – Stunning 23" replica statue of Malenia, Blade of Miquella crafted with exquisite detail.
  • Replica Helm – Wearable helmet modeled accurately after those in the game.
  • Cloth Map – Large detailed map of the Lands Between printed on cloth canvas.
  • 40-Page Artbook – Hardcover artbook providing invaluable concept art and lore details.
  • Soundtrack – Digital soundtrack code to download the game‘s atmospheric score.

Elden Ring earned rave reviews with a 96 average on Metacritic, including perfect scores from major outlets. Reviewers applauded its "legendary quest full of mystery." It‘s sold over 17.5 million copies, making it one of the best selling PS5 games ever.

For FromSoftware faithful seeking the ultimate edition, the wearable helm and Malenia statue make the Elden Ring Collector‘s Edition an essential centerpiece.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition – The Apex of Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West arrived in early 2022 as one of PlayStation‘s biggest exclusives. The sequel to 2017‘s Horizon Zero Dawn, it continued the adventures of fierce hunter Aloy in a far-future America ruled by animal-like machines.

The Regalla Edition grants collectors an array of high-end Horizon memorabilia. Due to scarcity, expect to pay $200 to $300 above the original $199 price tag.

Here‘s everything included:

  • Regalla Statue – Detailed 14" statue of Regalla, the rebel leader who serves as a central antagonist.
  • Focus & Custom PS5 Plates – Life-size replica Focus earpiece and uniquely designed PS5 faceplates.
  • Photo Mode Unlocks – New poses and effects for in-game Photo Mode.
  • Strike Piece – Real-world recreation of an in-game melee weapon.
  • Machine Physical Replicas – Models of the Sunwing and Clawstringer in-game machines.

Reviews praised Forbidden West as a "masterpiece" and "visual marvel" – it has a 89 Metacritic average. Total sales have exceeded 10 million copies, making it one of Sony‘s biggest PS5 hits.

For Aloy admirers, this is the alpha and omega of Horizon editions, providing the ultimate collectibles from her world.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Collector‘s Edition – Spooky Special Edition

Ghostwire: Tokyo brought paranormal horror to PS5 in an open world filled with ghosts and occult mysteries. The Collector‘s Edition taps into the game‘s creepy vibes.

Prices now hover around $200 to $300 above the original $169 MSRP for thisedition. Here‘s what it includes:

  • Hannya Mask – Real-world recreation of the frightening Hannya mask worn by the game‘s ethereal masked woman.
  • Shinobi Netsuke Charm – Accurate replica of an in-game good luck charm.
  • Cloth Map – Large map of in-game location Shibuya printed on cloth.
  • Artbook – 80 page artbook providing concept art and developer notes.

Ghostwire earned a 79 Metacritic average, with critics calling it a "haunting adventure" with "stunning visual flair." As a new IP, sales numbers are unclear but it topped charts at launch.

For fans enraptured by Ghostwire‘s spectral setting, the Hannya mask delivers a chilling centerpiece.

How to Catch ‘Em All – Tips for Collecting Rare PS5 Games

As you can see, the limited supply and feverish demand for these rare PS5 titles means sky-high prices are here to stay. But with the right strategies, you can acquire these gems without overpaying.

Here are my top tips for collecting expensive PS5 games:

  • Pre-order editions the moment they become available – This ensures you secure the Collector‘s or Special Edition at standard retail price before quantities sell out.

  • Sign-up for retailer waitlists – Stores like GameStop let you join a waitlist to get notified if extra stock comes in.

  • Follow restock accounts on social media – Accounts like @Wario64 on Twitter track restocks in real time. Turn on notifications so you‘re first to know.

  • Join collector communities – Connect with fellow collectors who can give you the heads up when rare editions are restocked for standard prices.

  • Set eBay alerts for new listings – You can get notified the moment a coveted title is newly listed for auction. Move quick before bidding wars begin!

With persistence and the right community connections, you can land pricey PS5 games for reasonable rates. Happy hunting!

Priceless Passion – Why Fans Cherish Expensive Editions

Gaming collectibles don‘t come cheap, especially with low supply and skyrocketing demand. But expensive collector‘s editions provide fans something priceless – a tangible connection to the worlds and characters they cherish.

As artifacts, these premium editions embody fandom in incredible fashion:

  • Unmatched Detail – The meticulous craftsmanship devoted to items like statues and replicas is astonishing.

  • Comprehensive Lore – Artbooks and commentary provide insight straight from game creators.

  • Prestige – Rare editions feel like cultural treasures for gaming‘s most iconic series.

  • Investment Value – Well-kept editions tend to gain value over time rather than depreciate.

  • Enriched Experience – For devoted fans, these pieces provide a gateway deeper into their favorite franchise.

Owning coveted games grants the ultimate bragging rights. But above all, these collectibles allow fans to immerse themselves in and proudly display a piece of interactive art from a cherished series. That passion is truly priceless.

So while expensive, for devoted fans these premium editions deliver something intangible – the joy of celebrating a beloved pastime. They are artifacts that future generations of gamers will one day admire and enjoy.


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