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The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in New Hampshire

This article will cover the top 7 highest paying jobs in New Hampshire‘s thriving technology sector based on average salary data.

With major tech companies like Liberty Mutual and Oracle having a presence in the state, plus a robust startup ecosystem, New Hampshire offers outstanding opportunities for tech professionals. Jobs in areas like IT, engineering and computer science pay well, with salaries that go far thanks to New Hampshire‘s tax advantages and lower cost of living compared to neighboring states.

Whether you‘re established in your tech career or just getting started, read on to learn about the 7 most lucrative tech jobs to pursue in the Granite State.

1. Computer Systems Engineer

With an average salary of $108,430, computer systems engineer earns the top spot on our list of highest paying tech jobs in New Hampshire.

And job opportunities abound – the number of systems engineering roles in NH is projected to grow 17% over the next decade, faster than the national average according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Major employers like Liberty Mutual, GE Aviation and the federal government frequently hire systems engineers across the state.

In this hands-on role, you‘ll architect, configure and integrate computer systems and networks used by organizations. You‘ll draw on your expertise in operating systems, server technology, networking protocols and more to design optimal solutions. A computer engineering degree is standard for this job.

Dave S., a systems engineer at Liberty Mutual in Portsmouth, says "Working in New Hampshire provides access to strong tech companies while enjoying more affordable living and outdoor recreation on my off hours."

2. Software Developer

The average annual salary for software developers in New Hampshire hovers around $111,620, making it the second highest paying tech role in the state.

With major local employers like Dyn and Bottomline Technologies looking to fill hundreds of developer openings each year, job prospects look bright. The number of software development jobs in NH is expected to grow 22% over the next decade.

As a developer, you‘ll use languages like Java, JavaScript, C# and Python to code desktop, web and mobile applications. In-demand skills include frameworks like Angular and React along with experience building microservices in the cloud. A bachelor‘s degree in computer science is standard.

"The growing tech scene in New Hampshire presents opportunities to work on interesting projects at companies doing innovative work," says Mike L., a senior software engineer at AutoDesk.

3. Computer Network Architect

With an average annual salary of $111,840, the role of computer network architect ranks third for technology pay in New Hampshire.

In this job, you‘ll be responsible for planning, building and optimizing network infrastructure including LANs, WANs, network segments, intranets and more. Understanding of network protocols like TCP/IP, Cisco switching/routing and network security best practices are key. Most employers require a bachelor‘s degree in network engineering or a related field.

Major industry sectors hiring network architects include IT services, manufacturing, healthcare, education and more. Growing New Hampshire companies like Dell, Cisco and Akamai all employ numerous network architects to support their technology needs.

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager

With average earnings of $146,360 per year, computer and information systems manager takes the top spot as the overall highest paying tech profession in New Hampshire.

In this strategic management role, you‘ll spearhead IT initiatives for organizations and lead teams of IT specialists. Day-to-day responsibilities range from evaluating emerging technologies and setting IT budgets to developing cybersecurity plans and visioning long-term objectives.

While managerial experience is critical for this role, a technical background in disciplines like network engineering or software development is preferred by employers. Some of the top hiring companies include Liberty Mutual, Dartmouth College, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the State of New Hampshire.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

The average salary for computer hardware engineers comes in at $108,430 in New Hampshire, the same as systems engineers.

Major defense contractors like BAE Systems and Sig Sauer frequently recruit hardware engineers in the state along with tech manufacturers like Benchmark Electronics. Job responsibilities can include designing, developing and testing components like circuit boards, processors, routers, displays and memory systems.

Expertise in computer architecture concepts like parallel computing and embedded systems is key for hardware engineers. Most roles require at least a bachelor‘s degree specializing in computer or electrical engineering.

Jill R., a hardware engineer at Sig Sauer, says "I get to work on interesting electronics and device projects while enjoying New Hampshire‘s natural beauty in my free time."

6. Web Developer

With average annual pay of $69,097, web developer is a reasonably lucrative tech role in New Hampshire suitable for those starting out or mid-career.

As a web developer, you‘ll use programming languages like JavaScript, frameworks like React, and content management systems like WordPress to build responsive websites and web applications. Strong HTML, CSS and design skills are also important.

New Hampshire employers frequently hiring web developers include marketing agencies, software firms and larger corporations with digital needs. Experience with e-commerce platforms and search engine optimization (SEO) is also valuable in NH‘s small business economy.

7. Technical Sales Engineer

Technical sales engineers leverage their specialized engineering expertise to sell complex products and services, averaging around $126,575 in total compensation in New Hampshire including generous sales bonuses and commissions.

You‘ll act as a technical advisor to customers exploring investments in technology products or infrastructure in areas like IT, manufacturing, biotech and more. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of products intimately is crucial to being convincing in sales discussions.

Major technology firms with a New Hampshire presence like Cisco, Dell and Juniper Networks employ numerous sales engineers. A bachelor‘s degree in science or engineering is standard, along with soft skills like communication, presentation and relationship building.

Launch Your Technology Career in New Hampshire

As you can see, New Hampshire offers competitive salaries across a range of high demand technology occupations. No state income tax, reasonable cost of living and abundant nature also make it an appealing place for tech professionals to settle.

With cutting-edge companies continuing to expand their New Hampshire workforces, it‘s a great time to progress your technology career in the Granite State.