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The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Ohio

Ohio has emerged as an under-the-radar tech hub, offering high salaries and lower costs of living compared to the coasts. This makes Ohio an attractive option for tech professionals looking to maximize their earnings potential without breaking the bank on housing costs.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top 7 highest-paying tech jobs currently in-demand across Ohio‘s thriving startup scene, enterprise companies, and everywhere in between.

Whether you‘re looking to launch a lucrative tech career or pivot into a new role, read on to discover the most promising tech job opportunities in the Buckeye State.

1. Software Architect – $124,306

The critical role of software architect oversees the design, development, and implementation of complex software systems. They translate business requirements into technical solutions and make high-level decisions about features, integrations, and underlying infrastructure.

With an average salary of $124,306 in Ohio, software architects earn over $30,000 more than the national average. Their specialized expertise in software design and system integration commands impressive compensation.

To become a software architect, you‘ll need a computer science or engineering degree along with 5+ years of professional coding experience. Excellent communication skills are essential as you‘ll interface with cross-functional teams and explain technical concepts to stakeholders.

Companies hiring software architects in Ohio include Progressive Insurance, Rockwell Automation, Cardinal Health, JP Morgan Chase, Goodyear, and more.

2. DevOps Engineer – $113,601

The fusion of development and IT operations, DevOps engineers oversee code releases, system upgrades, and the overall project life cycle. They automate processes, troubleshoot issues, and implement tools that allow faster, higher-quality development cycles.

With a median salary of $113,601 in Ohio, DevOps engineers earn $13,000 above the national median. These specialized experts in CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure as code are integral for tech companies releasing software at scale.

To become a DevOps engineer, you‘ll need fluency in Linux, experience with infrastructure provisioning tools like Terraform and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Coding languages like Python and Go are also useful.

Major Ohio companies hiring DevOps talent include JP Morgan Chase, Rockwell Automation, Cardinal Health, Root Insurance, Olive AI, and CoverMyMeds.

3. Full Stack Developer – $110,916

Full stack developers handle both front-end and back-end systems, bridging the gap between visual interfaces and server-side logic. They build responsive web apps, integrate APIs, optimized databases, and implement new features from start to finish.

With an average salary of $110,916, full stack developers earn $14,000 more in Ohio than the national average. Startups and enterprises alike need technologists who can own development across the full stack.

Becoming a full stack developer requires proficiency in front-end languages like JavaScript, CSS, and React as well as back-end languages like Node.js, .NET, or Java. A computer science education provides fundamental grounding across the stack.

Noteworthy companies hiring full stack developers in Ohio include JPMorgan Chase, Rockwell Automation, Root Insurance, CoverMyMeds, Bold Penguin, and more.

4. Cloud Engineer – $108,819

Cloud engineers design, implement, and manage cloud computing systems that offer scalable infrastructure, storage, networking, and applications. As more organizations shift to the cloud, these roles maintain optimal performance and security of cloud-native resources.

With an average salary of $108,819, cloud engineers in Ohio earn nearly $5,000 above the national median. Expertise in leading platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is highly sought after.

Becoming a cloud engineer requires deep knowledge of operating systems, virtualization, containerization, and infrastructure as code tools. Certifications from AWS, Microsoft, or Google offer credentials to showcase your cloud skills.

Major Ohio companies hiring cloud engineers include JP Morgan Chase, Cardinal Health, Nationwide Insurance, Root Insurance, Olive AI, CoverMyMeds, and more.

5. Data Scientist/Analyst – $99,748

Data scientists unlock actionable insights from vast datasets using statistical methods, modeling, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization tools. They inform key business decisions through predictive analytics.

With an average salary of $99,748, data scientists earn a strong median wage in Ohio. Their analytical expertise provides significant value across industries like finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Aspiring data scientists should pursue higher education in statistics, computer science, or mathematics. Fluency in programming languages like Python and R is essential to process, analyze, and present data.

Leading Ohio companies hiring data science talent include JPMorgan Chase, Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, Root Insurance, Alliance Data, Bold Penguin, and more.

6. Information Security Analyst – $96,823

Information security analysts protect organizational assets and data by identifying vulnerabilities, responding to threats, recommending security solutions, and developing information security policies.

With an average salary of $96,823, infosec analysts command strong compensation as companies prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard critical systems and IP.

Becoming an information security analyst requires IT experience along with knowledge of networking protocols, operating systems, and security frameworks like ISO 27001. Certifications such as Security+, CISSP, or CISA provide credentials.

Major Ohio companies hiring information security talent include JP Morgan Chase, Nationwide Insurance, Huntington Bank, Cardinal Health, Alliance Data, Root Insurance, and more.

7. UX/UI Designer – $93,746

UX/UI designers enhance the look, feel, and ease-of-use of digital products and services through user research, prototyping, interaction design, and visual design. They create intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing experiences.

With an average salary of $93,746, UX/UI designers earn strong compensation improving digital products at Ohio‘s many startups and enterprises. Their expertise in designing accessible, human-centered interfaces is universally valued.

Becoming a UX designer requires skills in information architecture, user research, wireframing, prototyping, and design tools like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. A portfolio of case studies showcases your abilities.

Major companies hiring UX/UI designers in Ohio include JP Morgan Chase, Nationwide Insurance, Root Insurance, CoverMyMeds, Bold Penguin, OliveAI, and more.

How to Land a High Paying Tech Job in Ohio

If you‘re looking to launch or advance your technology career in Ohio, here are tips for landing a high-paying tech job:

  • Earn a tech degree – While not always required, having a bachelor‘s in computer science or a related field provides fundamental skills across domains like software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and more.

  • Get certified – Relevant certifications can give your resume a competitive edge. Cloud certs (AWS, Azure, GCP), security certs (CISSP, CISA), and project management certs (PMP) signal specialized expertise.

  • Build your skills – Learn new programming languages, frameworks, and platforms to open up opportunities. Take online courses, participate in coding bootcamps, or contribute to open source projects.

  • Network and connect – Attend local tech meetups, conferences, and events to connect with professionals at Ohio companies. LinkedIn and Github are also great for discovering openings.

  • Apply early and often – Don‘t get discouraged by rejections – persistence is key. Seek entry-level roles to get your foot in the door then work your way up.

  • Highlight your strengths – Tailor your resume, cover letters, and interviews to emphasize how your background aligns with position requirements. Demonstrate passion.

  • Consider relocating – While not required, being willing to relocate within Ohio expands your options to tap into the state‘s diverse tech hubs.

Closing Thoughts

The technology landscape in Ohio offers outstanding opportunities for motivated professionals to launch and grow lucrative careers across a variety of emerging roles.

By identifying high-demand, high-paying positions like software architect, DevOps engineer, full stack developer, and more, you can focus your skills development and job search efforts toward maximum earning potential.

Remember that the first job is just the start. Once you land that initial role, continue expanding your skillset and specializing into advanced technical areas to propel your career, compensation, and impact over the long-term.