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Hello, let‘s explore the top solar companies in Idaho to save money!

Going solar can be a great way to reduce your electricity bills and environmental impact. With abundant sunshine, Idaho is an excellent state to reap these benefits.

But finding the right solar company to partner with is key. Today, we‘ll dive into the top solar providers in Idaho and tips to choose the best one for your needs. Get ready to learn how solar works and start saving!

Here are my top recommended solar companies in Idaho:

I‘ve researched all the major installers in Idaho to find the best options based on experience, reputation, breadth of service, and more.

1. Blue Raven Solar – Best Overall Pick

Operating in 16 states, Blue Raven Solar stands out as my #1 pick for Idaho homeowners. Let‘s look at why:

  • Flexible financing – Their BluePower+ loan option requires $0 down and has an 18-month grace period before payments start. This makes solar attainable for more budgets.

  • Strong reputation – With over 15 years of experience, Blue Raven has installed tens of thousands of residential solar systems and has an A+ BBB rating.

  • Competitive pricing – Their prices are competitive thanks to partnerships with top equipment manufacturers. Expect to pay around the average Idaho cost of $2.60/Watt.

The one downside is they don‘t yet offer solar battery storage. But their pros still make Blue Raven a great overall choice for quality solar panels.

2. RevoluSun Idaho – Top Installation Quality

Though founded in Idaho fairly recently in 2018, RevoluSun Idaho brings experience from across the U.S. Their installation quality is superb, with over 8,000 solar systems already installed in Idaho.

What makes RevoluSun stand out is their diverse team. They have in-house roofers, electricians, architects, and solar pros to handle every aspect of the process. This delivers a smoother experience compared to subcontracted work.

Currently RevoluSun serves southwest Idaho including Boise, Meridian, and surrounding areas. Their local owners and community involvement are major assets as well.

3. SunPower – Best Product Warranty

Known for producing 50% more energy per panel, SunPower offers high efficiency solar. Their premium panels convert more sunlight even on cloudy days, meaning you need fewer panels.

The 25-year warranty on products and workmanship provides peace of mind too. SunPower only uses panels from one trusted manufacturer to ensure consistency across your system.

Of course, the higher efficiency comes at a cost premium. So while you‘ll get superb quality with SunPower, the price is higher than competitors.

4. EGT Solar – Top Customer Service

With 10+ years of work in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Boise and surrounding regions, EGT Solar is a great local choice. Their in-house team handles the full process from permits to installation.

Homeowners consistently praise EGT‘s responsive customer service and attention to detail during and after installation. Their expertise and quality workmanship result in systems with maximum uptime and output.

The main limitation is EGT‘s smaller coverage region compared to statewide providers. But within their service areas, their customer satisfaction is hard to beat.

5. Pell Solar – Most Unique Offering

Established in Idaho and California for 15+ years, Pell Solar caught my eye for their solar backup solution. Their Enphase IQ8 microinverter seamlessly forms a microgrid to power your home when the main grid is down.

This means you can have solar backup without installing bulky, expensive batteries. Pell‘s solution also integrates well whether or not you have solar battery storage. The company has a great reputation and hundreds of happy customers in the Boise area.

6. Magic Solar – Best Extra Services

Magic Solar is a cool local company based in Southern Idaho. They stand out for also providing HVAC, plumbing and electrical services alongside solar.

For solar, Magic has experience with residential, agricultural and commercial projects. Their 10-year workmanship warranty demonstrates their commitment to quality and service.

Overall, Magic is a great option if you want solar plus other home services from one reliable provider.

Let‘s explore how to pick the best solar company:

Choosing the right installer is crucial for maximizing your long-term solar savings. Follow these tips during your solar research process:

  • Review available incentives – Be sure to ask providers about federal, state, and utility incentives you can take advantage of. This includes the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

  • Calculate your solar needs – Ask installers to assess your utility bills and recommend an appropriately sized solar system. More panels mean higher upfront costs.

  • Compare panel efficiency – Higher efficiency panels produce more watts per square foot. But they come at a premium cost versus standard options.

  • Get multiple quotes – To find the best price, get bids from at least 3 top-rated local solar companies. Compare warranties and equipment too.

Let‘s look at key factors when buying solar in Idaho:

While going solar requires an investment upfront, the energy savings and environmental benefits can make it worthwhile. Consider these aspects while shopping:

  • Solar brands – With Idaho‘s limited sunshine compared to states like Arizona, opting for top solar panel brands maximizes efficiency. Ask providers which trusted manufacturers they use.

  • Warranty duration – Solar panels can last 25+ years. Look for installers that offer at least 25-year coverage on equipment and workmanship issues to protect your investment.

  • Financing options – If paying cash upfront doesn‘t fit your budget, ask about financing. Many solar companies offer solar loans and leases to spread out payments over time.

Here‘s what you can expect after going solar:

Once your new solar system is up and running, here are some key benefits you‘ll enjoy:

  • Lower electricity bills – Your solar panels will provide clean energy during the day, reducing the electricity you need to buy from the grid. This saves money, given Idaho‘s electricity rate of around 10.22 cents per kWh.

  • Smaller environmental impact – Solar energy doesn‘t create any greenhouse gas emissions. Using solar lets you shrink your carbon footprint.

  • Increased home value – Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a property with an existing solar system. Going solar can boost your resale value.

  • System monitoring – Many installers provide a web portal or app to view your real-time solar production and track your energy savings.

The solar landscape continues to grow in Idaho:

Historically Idaho has lagged behind leading solar states like California and Arizona. But solar power is on the rise here.

As of 2022, over 550 megawatts (MW) of solar have been installed statewide – enough to power roughly 78,000 homes! And most of that capacity was added within the last 5 years showing the growth potential.

The cities with the most solar adoption are Boise, Meridian, and Nampa thanks to population density and sunnier weather.

State incentives also help offset costs. For example, Idaho offers a 100% tax deduction for adding solar or efficiency upgrades to homes built before 2002.

The main limitation is Idaho‘s lack of Renewable Portfolio Standards. So utilities here don‘t have to credit customers for surplus solar power. Even so, solar can still significantly lower your electricity expenses.

Thanks to sunnier weather, improving technology, and attractive incentives, Idaho‘s solar future looks bright. Finding the right local installer can help you start benefiting from solar energy and savings.

I hope this overview gives you a helpful starting point for researching the top solar companies in Idaho. Reach out if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to help explain more about how solar works and the available options. Wishing you the best on your solar journey!