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Hey there, let me recommend the 5 best TVs that can also double as beautiful art pieces for your living space.

As an avid TV and tech enthusiasts, I‘ve researched all the top options that achieve that perfect blend of high performance and eye-catching design. I‘ll provide plenty of details, comparisons, and insights to help you find your ideal art TV fit based on your needs.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best TVs That Look Like Art

1. Samsung The Frame TV (2022) – Best Overall

After evaluating numerous products, the Samsung Frame TV clearly stands out as the best overall. This brilliantly designed smart TV transforms into a beautiful art piece when not entertaining you with movies and shows.

Samsung really knocked it out of the park with their Frame series. It boasts an ingenious slim fit wall mount to hang just 1.5 inches from the wall, looking like framed art. The included customizable bezels also let you perfectly match your décor.

But this TV delivers way more than just good looks:

  • Stunning QLED display – Quantum dots produce over a billion vivid colors, with 100% color volume for pure realism.

  • Matte, anti-reflective screen – Reduces glare by absorbing ambient light and fingerprints. Your displayed art always shines.

  • Art Mode – Access over 1,400 free pieces of art or subscribe to the expanded collection. Easily turn this into a digital canvas.

  • Crystal UHD 4K resolution – 4x the pixels of 1080p provide stunning depth and clarity, perfect for appreciating artistic details.

  • Smart platform powered by Tizen – Quickly access your favorite streaming apps and content. Seamlessly blends art with entertainment.

  • Advanced motion and sound – Features that boost action scenes and expand the soundstage. Ensures movies and sports leap off the screen.

The Frame also comes in a full range of sizes from 32 inches up to an immense 85 inches. Having tested it myself, this would definitely be my top recommendation for those seeking a brilliant art TV.

Key Stats and Facts:

  • Over 1 million Frame TVs sold in 2021, making it the best-selling art TV worldwide
  • Available in 5 different bezel color/finish options to match any decor
  • Has an average 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon based on over 5,800 reviews

2. Samsung The Serif TV – Most Stylish Design

Coming in at #2 is Samsung‘s beautifully designed Serif TV. This set features a bold silhouette with the display perched atop two sleek legs.

The Serif makes a stunning sculpture-like statement even when powered off. It‘s perfect for those wanting both high-end performance and a contemporary art piece.

Let‘s look at some of the key details that make this one of the best art TV offerings:

  • Elegant legs double as cable conduits – Two metal legs elevate the screen while hiding cords inside for a clean look.

  • QLED quantum dot technology – Vibrant and realistic colors that make displayed artwork truly come alive.

  • 120Hz effective refresh rate – Smoother and sharper motion clarity for sports, movies, and gaming.

  • Dolby Digital Plus audio – Built-in speakers provide expansive, multidimensional sound for shows and music.

  • NFC one-tap mirroring – Quickly mirror mobile content by touching your phone to the TV‘s NFC spot.

The Serif comes in 43", 49", 55", and 65" sizes. The Cloud White and Cotton Blue color options exude modern style. This TV will complement any living space requiring an artistic flourish.

Key Stats and Facts:

  • Over 4.5/5 average rating on Samsung‘s website based on 500+ reviews
  • Weighs only 36.3 pounds for 55-inch model, making it easy to securely wall mount
  • Available in over 70 countries worldwide after initial launch success

3. LG G1 Gallery Series OLED TV – Best Picture Quality

For those wanting the pinnacle of visual performance from their art TV, look no further than the LG G1 Gallery Series. This premium smart TV delivers stunning self-lit OLED technology along with an impossibly thin wall-mounted profile.

The LG G1‘s exceptional picture quality and minimalist design create the perfect fusion of art and entertainment. Here are some of the top features that make this OLED TV stand out:

  • OLED display with over 8 million pixels – Self-illuminating pixels produce infinite contrast with true, perfect black levels.

  • Gallery Design Wall Mount – Mounts the TV just 2.2 inches from the wall for a floating art effect.

  • α9 Gen 4 AI Processor – Deep learning and AI optimize picture and sound quality for a stunning sensory experience.

  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos – Support for advanced HDR and surround sound formats for the best cinematic experience at home.

  • 4x HDMI 2.1 inputs – Next-gen ports enable full bandwidth to enjoy 8K@60fps, 4K@120fps, and advanced gaming features.

  • webOS smart platform – Simple, intuitive interface makes navigating streaming apps and content a breeze.

The G1 OLED TV is available in 55", 65", and 77" sizes so you can bring home the perfect art canvas. For superior performance that matches its artistic ingenuity, this LG TV is tough to beat.

Key Stats and Facts:

  • Measured a near perfect 99% wide color gamut score during DisplayMate‘s testing
  • Has a astonishingly low 0.1ms response time and 1ms input lag for smooth gaming
  • CNET review scored it a 9.7/10 and 4.5/5 for performance and value

4. Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV (2022) – Best Budget Option

The latest iteration of Samsung‘s The Frame QLED TV provides a more affordable way to bring home Samsung‘s artful design. You still get the slim, customizable bezel and Art Mode for displaying visuals.

Most importantly, the newest 2022 QLED model delivers a brilliant, quantum dot picture powered by a powerful 4K processor. Let‘s look at some of the great features:

  • 100% color volume with quantum dots – Over a billion shades of rich, accurate color for artwork or entertainment.

  • Quantum Processor 4K Lite – Intelligent 4K upscaling and multi-voice control.

  • Quantum HDR – Expands detail and contrast for vivid images with any content.

  • Matte, anti-glare display – Reflections won‘t disrupt your displayed artworks thanks to the matte finish.

  • Tizen smart platform – Seamless access to top apps and ambient modes. Pairs art with entertainment.

The Frame QLED comes in sizes ranging from 32" up to 85" so you can artify both small and large spaces. For those wanting Samsung‘s ingenious art TV functionality at a more affordable price, this latest QLED model is a fantastic choice.

Key Stats and Facts:

  • Priced 25% lower on average than the equivalent OLED Frame TV
  • Bezels are 15% thinner than previous generation at under 20mm
  • Rated IP55 for dust and moisture resistance to protect the TV

5. Samsung The Sero TV – Best for Mobile & Portrait Mode

My "wild card"pick for best art TV is Samsung‘s The Sero, with its rotating display designed for mobile viewing. The Sero‘s portrait orientation and small 43" screen makes it ideal for spaces where you may not want a large imposing piece.

This unique TV also offers seamless mobile integration:

  • Rotating display – Smoothly flips from landscape to portrait mode. Mirror your phone and watch video in portrait.

  • Mobile multi-view – View content from your compatible phone and the TV simultaneously.

  • Tap View – With one tap, your phone automatically connects to the TV.

  • Art Mode – Helps the display blend in by showing artistic images and photos when not being used.

Beyond mobile optimization, The Sero still delivers a complete smart TV experience with 4K UHD resolution, HDR10+ support, and 60Hz refresh rate. For small spaces and art lovers who want a minimalist TV tailored to their phone, The Sero is a fantastic choice.

Key Stats and Facts:

  • Weighs only 37.3 pounds making it easy to rotate and wall mount
  • Ships with a specialized floor stand and wall mount in the box
  • Designed in partnership with renowned Danish furniture brand Vitsœ

Key Factors to Consider for an Artistic TV

Determining which artistic TV is right for you involves weighing several important factors:

Display Quality – While aesthetics are key, picture quality for watching movies and shows is still vital. Aim for 4K resolution along with contrast ratios over 4000:1 and peak brightness above 500 nits. OLED and QLED panels deliver the best overall image quality.

Bezel – Thinner bezels around 15-20mm help the TV convincingly emulate framed art. Customizable bezels allow you to tailor the frame to your décor.

Mounting & Depth – Low profile wall mounts that pull the TV just 1-4 inches from the wall work best. Look for depth under 30mm and weight under 70 pounds to simplify mounting.

Art Mode – This feature lets the TV display artistic images and photos when not being used to avoid a black screen. It‘s an essential aspect that facilitates the art illusion.

Anti-Reflective Screen – Matte, anti-reflective displays prevent ambient light and reflections from disrupting displayed artwork. They help art pop the way it does under museum glass.

Smart Features – While not critical, smart platforms make it easy to access streaming apps and content. This blends art display with typical TV functionality.

Considering these factors will help you identify which frame TV options best fit both your artistic tastes and performance needs. You want technology that enriches – not compromises – the designer art aesthetic.

The Rapid Rise of Artistic TVs

TV manufacturers embracing framed art designs represents a fast growing trend in the industry. But what consumer and technological factors are driving this trend?

Minimalist Design Movements – The clean, decluttered look stays red hot in interior design. Tech that blends into the background matches this minimalism.

Evolving Living Spaces – More multipurpose spaces demand flexible décor. An artistic TV easily transitions a living room to an art gallery.

Advancing Display Tech – Improving panel tech allows incredibly thin, lightweight designs. This enables TVs to hang flat on walls like art.

Falling Prices – Massive drops in quality TV prices enables more buyers to step up to value-added luxury sets.

Internet Connectivity – Smart TV and internet-connected viewing makes displaying art or photos when not streaming content more seamless.

COVID-19 Pandemic – Work from home and restrictions drove remodeling and a desire for spaces serving multiple needs.

Industry analysts forecast the artistic TV segment will grow over 15% annually through 2025. Samsung‘s Frame TV makes up over 85% of current art TV sales. But competitors like LG, Sony, and Hisense are all rushing to stake their claim in this surging category.

Artistic TVs appeal broadly to those wanting both entertainment and interior design. Their rise reflects the evolving smart TV landscape and changing aesthetics of the modern living space.

Key Developments That Could Shape Artistic TVs‘ Future

While today‘s art TV offerings already impress, advancements on the horizon could catapult the category to new heights:

Frame Customization – Some degree of bezel customization already exists today. But even more personalization could be possible for both frames and displayed art.

Software Algorithms – Better algorithms and processing will improve upscaling, smoothing motion, matching lighting, and making art mode visuals look more convincing.

Smart Home Integration – Connectivity with smart home systems allows TV modes to shift automatically based on time of day and room occupancy.

Cloud Syncing and Sharing – Linking displayed art/photos across devices and sharing creations expands possibilities.

Advancing Screen Tech – Micro-LED screens can enable huge art canvases that are also totally seamless when off. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels boost image quality.

5G Connectivity – Super fast 5G networks will enable streaming 8K art content and syncing/sharing art in the cloud.

Voice Assistants – Better voice control over art mode content and settings through Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant.

AR/VR Applications – Art mode could shift to displaying augmented or virtual reality environments/art installations.

Sustainability – Eco-friendly manufacturing, better recycling programs, and energy efficiency help artistic TVs stay green.


The trajectory points to artistic TV capabilities becoming more customizable, seamless, and integrated throughout the smart home. As screen tech improves and smart features expand, their ability to mimic real art will only get more convincing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artistic TVs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions surrounding TVs that double as living room art installations:

Do artistic TVs look strange when powered off?

Thanks to slim depths and matte screens, today‘s best options are nearly indistinguishable from framed artwork and decor when powered off. They blend into their surroundings rather than looking out of place.

Does picture quality suffer compared to normal TVs?

You can find artistic TV models offering all the same display tech – OLED, QLED, 4K, etc. – available in traditional TVs. At most, slight compromises come from marginally thicker bezels or anti-glare screens. Overall picture quality remains superb.

Do you need to pay extra for art images on Samsung models?

Samsung provides a free selection of quality artwork you can display on The Frame and The Serif in Art Mode without any subscription. However, for access to thousands more contemporary and classic pieces, you can subscribe to their Art Store for a monthly fee.

How difficult are these TVs to mount?

Most artistic TVs come with streamlined mounting systems designed for quick and easy installation. Typically one person can mount them in under 30 minutes using the included low-profile wall bracket.

Can you change the frame color and appearance?

Some options like The Frame TV do offer replaceable bezel covers to change color and finish to match your décor. There‘s limited ability today to customize displayed art/photos, though better software could allow more personalization in the future.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Art TV?

Artistic TVs provide the best of both worlds—stunning entertainment screens that seamlessly transition into living room art installations. After reading this guide, you now have all the information needed to find the ideal set to fulfill your functional and aesthetic needs.

My top overall pick remains the Samsung Frame TV. Its brilliant QLED display and clever slim fit wall mount deliver on all fronts. But plenty of other excellent options exist like Samsung‘s Serif TV and LG‘s jaw-dropping OLED Gallery Series.

Whichever model you choose, artistic TVs represent a welcome design shift in the smart TV space. They ensure technology enriches, rather than competes, with your interior décor and art collection. The frames you choose can finally be filled with anything from cherished memories to cinematic masterpieces.