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The 8 Largest Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers in the World

Hi there! Today I‘m going to walk you through the 8 largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers that are driving innovation in the exponentially growing semiconductor industry. As our world becomes increasingly reliant on advanced electronics, these companies play a crucial role in developing the tools to produce the chips powering those technologies.

Let‘s start with some background on the semiconductor manufacturing equipment space. This sector produced around $62 billion in global revenue in 2021, and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate of over 7% from 2022-2027, reaching nearly $90 billion according to Acumen Research and Consulting. This growth will be fueled by surging demand for semiconductors enabling everything from EVs and IoT devices to high-performance computing and AI.

Semiconductor equipment companies supply key machinery for complex fabrication processes, including photolithography, etch, deposition, inspection and testing. Leading manufacturers compete by investing heavily in R&D and developing close collaborative relationships with chipmakers. Staying on the cutting edge allows them to solve evolving challenges as chip components shrink and complexity increases.

Now let‘s look at the 8 largest semiconductor equipment powerhouses enabling today‘s digital technologies:

1. Applied Materials

Applied Materials is the undisputed leader in semiconductor equipment, with a commanding market share over 18% in 2020 per VLSI research. Headquartered in California, Applied Materials offers innovative manufacturing solutions for chip and display production, generating over $25 billion in FY2022 revenue.

Applied Materials enables customers to produce next-gen technologies by continually developing new processes and tools. For example, its EUV technology helps reduce chip geometries to just 5nm. Other key innovations include its ENDURA metallization systems, enabling up to 100x productivity gains through automation.

Thanks to its 16,000+ patents, acquisitions of companies like Kokusai Electric, and strategic partnerships with leading chipmakers, Applied Materials dominates the industry. It invests over $1 billion in R&D annually to solve emerging fabrication challenges, cementing its future leadership.


Valued at over $220 billion, Dutch company ASML is the world‘s most valuable semiconductor equipment firm. ASML is driving tomorrow‘s innovations as the sole provider of EUV lithography tools capable of patterning advanced 5nm nodes.

In 2021, ASML shipped 31 EUV systems, which cost around $160 million each! The company invests over $2 billion in R&D annually to maintain its competitive edge as it pushes towards the next milestone – High-NA EUV tools enabling 3nm nodes and beyond. ASML‘s partnerships with megafirms like TSMC, Intel, and Samsung, who help fund its R&D, also solidify its industry dominance.

3. Lam Research

Founded in California in 1980, Lam Research is a top developer of fabrication tools focused on etch and deposition processes. Lam generated $17 billion in FY2022 revenue, capturing a market share of over 15% in dielectric etch according to Omdia.

Lam‘s innovative products like its Sense.i etch platform, improve chip yield through advanced process controls. The company also partners closely with leading IDMs and foundries to optimize manufacturing efficiency. With its expertise in enabling 3D NAND and EUV patterning, Lam is primed to capitalize on surging memory and logic chip demand.

4. Tokyo Electron (TEL)

Valued at around $70 billion, TEL is a Japanese semiconductor production equipment giant. TEL offers a wide range of tools for various chipmaking steps like deposition, etch, cleaning, inspection and more.

TEL differentiates itself through its cutting-edge R&D capabilities, with facilities in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the US. For example, its Tactras VHF plasma source improves etch precision at 5nm nodes. TEL also collaborates closely with major chipmakers to optimize manufacturing processes, cementing its position among the top equipment vendors.

5. KLA Corporation

Headquartered in California, KLA is a leader in yield management solutions, generating $9 billion in revenue in FY2022. With a market cap of $70 billion, it serves every semiconductor manufacturing step through tools like defect inspection, overlay control, and data analytics.

For example, KLA‘s widely adopted 29xx and 39xx patterned wafer inspection platforms enable detection of minute defects down to 0.5nm. Its ADEPT data platform also equips chipmakers with valuable manufacturing insights to optimize production. KLA maintains its competitive edge through R&D and partnerships strengthening infrastructure capabilities.

6. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions

SCREEN Semiconductor, based in Japan, is a trusted equipment supplier specializing in single wafer processing solutions like cleaning systems, coaters, annealers, and more.

With over 50 years of experience, SCREEN maintains leadership through proprietary innovations like its Plasma Dicing technology enabling next-gen wafer dicing quality. Strategic acquisitions have also expanded SCREEN‘s portfolio with laser annealing, inspection, and memory burn-in systems to capitalize on emerging demands.

7. Teradyne

Founded in Massachusetts in 1960, Teradyne produces automated test equipment and industrial automation tools used across the electronics value chain. It generated $3.7 billion in 2021 revenue.

Teradyne is a leader in semiconductor testing, offering memory, wireless, and storage device testers. For example, its UltraFLEX test platform enables high-quality, low-cost testing of 5G chips. Teradyne also produces collaborative robots through its Universal Robots unit, lowering manufacturing costs. Its continued focus on operational excellence and innovation sustains its success.

8. Advantest

Valued at over $11 billion, Japan‘s Advantest is a major producer of test handlers, test systems and lithography tools essential for quality control in chipmaking.

Advantest‘s offerings like its T5835 memory tester enable high-productivity testing for cutting edge DRAM and flash memory chips. Continued innovations through its engineering labs and partnerships reinforce its status as a leading equipment provider enabling next-gen technologies.

As you can see, these elite semiconductor equipment companies are driving progress across the broader electronics ecosystem. Their investments in developing leading-edge fabrication tools allow chipmakers to produce smaller, faster, and more efficient semiconductors powering everything from data centers to autonomous vehicles.

By continuing to collaborate closely with manufacturers and pour billions into strategic R&D, these vendors solve the evolving complexities of chip production to enable revolutionary new technologies. As global semiconductor demand skyrockets in the years ahead, you can expect these pioneering equipment leaders to remain at the helm of innovation.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more about semiconductors and enabling technologies.