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The Top 10 Games from 2013 That We’re Still Playing

Hi there! You asked me about the top 10 games from 2013 that are still worth playing today. Well, 2013 was an epic year for gaming that produced some all-time greats. Even after nearly a decade, these games remain incredibly fun and influential.

I recently replayed my picks for the top 10 games from that year that truly stand the test of time. Let me walk you through them so you can see why they‘re so memorable!

#1. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V broke records when it launched, selling over 29 million copies in its first six months. It‘s one of the highest grossing games ever, and for good reason!

The sprawling open world of Los Santos still feels wonderfully alive. Citizens go about their daily routines as the sun rises and sets. You can spend hours just people watching, admiring the details Rockstar crammed into this digital metropolis.

Playing as three different protagonists was a revelation. Shifting between Michael, Franklin and Trevor during missions added fun variety. Each character has their own skills, like Franklin‘s driving prowess or Trevor‘s rage strength.

And who could forget GTA Online, the massive multiplayer component that‘s still thriving. Nothing beats roaming Los Santos with friends, getting into all sorts of mischief.

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Really, no other open world game comes close to matching the quality and quantity of activities in GTA V. It set a new benchmark. Eight years later, it remains one of gaming‘s pinnacles.

#2. The Last of Us

The Last of Us had a profound impact on me back in 2013. Joel and Ellie‘s journey across a post-pandemic America was an emotional rollercoaster. Their complex bond as Joel became a father figure to Ellie was fascinating to watch evolve.

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Naughty Dog crafted one of gaming‘s most fully realized worlds. The overgrown, abandoned cities like Boston and Pittsburgh looked eerily believable. Exploring buildings reclaimed by nature as branches crashed through windows really emphasized the post-apocalypse tone.

Stealthily navigating areas crawling with infected kept my heart racing every time. The humans you encounter can be just as dangerous. It‘s kill or be killed.

The Last of Us sold over 17 million copies upon release. With its recent PS5 remake, it‘s catching a second wind. That just shows how strong its narrative and design still are. Its influence can be seen in games to this day. Simply put, it‘s mandatory playing.

#3. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite‘s floating city of Columbia encapsulated turn of the century American splendor mixed with political unrest. It was a gorgeous, imaginative setting, almost like flying through a Jules Verne novel!

Zipping around Columbia by foot, rails and airship remained exciting even after multiple playthroughs. There was always some new detail to spot or area to explore.

The shooting carried over the inventive Vigor powers from previous titles, while adding Elizabeth‘s rift abilities for unique strategy. Combining all your skills against heavy hitters like the Motorized Patriot was so satisfying.

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Of course, the mind bending story was arguably Infinite‘s crowning achievement. After the credits rolled, I just sat there letting the implications sink in. It prompted reflection and debate that few other games achieve. That‘s the sign of a true masterpiece.

#4. Super Mario 3D World

When friends came over back in the day, Super Mario 3D World was our go-to game. Its colorful levels were perfectly suited for couch co-op.

Working together to climb towering volcanoes, speed across ice skates and take down Bowser made for constant laughter and fun chaos. I lost track of how many times we yelled and cheered in unison when making precision jumps.

The cat suits that let you scamper up walls brought out everyone‘s inner feline. Power-ups like Double Cherries that cloned your character added zany unpredictability to multiplayer. And it was all presented with gorgeous HD graphics that made Mario‘s world feel more alive than ever.

When Nintendo ported it to Switch, 3D World enjoyed a second life. There‘s a good reason it remains popular – it‘s one of Mario‘s best 3D outings ever!

#5. Assassin‘s Creed IV: Black Flag

As a huge pirate fan, Black Flag was a dream come true. Sailing my ship around the Caribbean capturing other vessels and plundering settlements never got old. The naval combat was so smooth and addictive. I must have sung sea shanties for days on end!

Ubisoft created one of the most vibrant open world sandboxes ever in Black Flag. The assortment of islands and colonial cities brimmed with secrets and activities. It truly made you feel like calling the shots as a pirate captain.

<praise quote 3>

The memories of seamlessly diving off my ship to explore sunken wrecks still vividly stick with me today. Black Flag made the pirate‘s life one worth living over and over again. No AC game since has captured that same adventurous spirit.

It stands as the series‘ crowning open world achievement even after nearly a decade. Grab your cutlass and let the plundering commence!

#6. Pikmin 3

Nintendo hit a home run with Pikmin 3, perfectly blending puzzles, exploration and real time strategy into one charming package. The Pikmin themselves were brimming with personality as they followed every command.

Sending them to carry objects, build bridges and smash barriers brought out my inner taskmaster. Their high-pitched squeals when defeated still haunt me though!

Pikmin 3 really shone in co-op. My friend and I would split the characters to multitask. "You harvest fruit up there while I escort these Pikmin to the onion!" Coordinating our squads for optimal efficiency was so fun.

Beautiful graphics brought the micro world of the Pikmin to life. Walking under palm trees and mushrooms that towered above you made you feel insect sized. This attention to detail let you dive into the experience like few other games.

Pikmin 3 remains the best in the series and one of Wii U‘s top exclusives. Its smart design and charm withstand the test of time. Give it a go if you like cerebral, laidback adventures!

#7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

A Link Between Worlds blended nostalgia and innovation perfectly by revisiting Link to the Past‘s map, while pioneering new abilities and mechanics.

Turning into a painting to move along walls breathed new energy into the puzzles and dungeon layouts. I felt like Spiderman zipping through cracks to reach new areas!

Being able to rent items provided more flexibility in dungeon order. I could grab the items needed to conquer one dungeon, then rent a new set for the next. This freedom kept the adventure exciting.

Of course, the real joy came from navigating dungeons with my toolkit. Every challenge could be conquered with the proper application of items. That thoughtful design is what I love about Zelda.

From its captivating 3D visuals to inventive new ideas, A Link Between Worlds showed why Link still has tricks up his sleeve after decades of adventures. It stands as one of Link‘s finest outings.

#8. Pokémon X and Y

It was love at first sight when Pokémon stepped into the 3D era with X and Y. Seeing Pokémon roam lush meadows and forests in native 3D was magical. I wanted to live in the stylish Kalos region.

Game Freak streamlined many aspects for an even more accessible experience. Mega Evolutions added strategy to battles by temporarily powering up Pokémon. Being able to customize my avatar for the first time let my personality shine.

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At its core, X and Y perfected the iconic Pokémon loop. Roaming Kalos, catching Pokémon and battling trainers consumed countless hours. Uncovering mysteries about Mega Evolution added to the sense of adventure.

X and Y made me fall in love with Pokémon all over again. They served as the perfect jumping on point for newcomers too. Time has done nothing to diminish their status as modern classics.

#9. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends remains one of the tightest controlling and gorgeous looking platformers ever made. The handcrafted levels were utterly dazzling in their art and design.

Running through cake worlds, underwater lagoons and even musical stages set to entertaining tunes was an audiovisual treat. Each level had little touches and secrets tucked away to delight players.

Ubisoft nailed the floaty character movement. Moving Rayman felt pixel perfect. That made conquering the challenging stages so rewarding. Passing a tough jumping section without a single fault was bliss!

Add in four player local multiplayer and Rayman Legends became delightfully chaotic entertainment. Levels tended to devolve into humorous screaming and frustration with four players. But working together to sync up jumps was extremely satisfying.

For platforming purists, Rayman Legends remains a genre benchmark thanks to its tight controls and clever level concepts. Give it a shot to witness platforming bliss!

#10. Beyond: Two Souls

I was engrossed in Beyond: Two Souls‘ cinematic narrative adventure back in 2013. Playing as Jodie and the supernatural entity Aiden to uncover lost memories was a gripping experience.

Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe‘s stunningly captured performances sold the human drama. Their emotional scenes tugged at the heartstrings thanks to these talented actors.

Making critical choices as Jodie that impacted the story kept me invested. Her character grew in response to trauma and hardship over the years. It felt tangible thanks to Page‘s remarkable acting and Quantic Dream‘s technology.

While its fragmented narrative confused some players, I found piecing together the mystery across different time periods fun and rewarding. The paranormal action punctuated slower moments nicely.

As an interactive tale, Beyond: Two Souls absolutely succeeds at sweeping you into its poignant narrative. If you want a gripping supernatural thriller, it‘s worth playing despite some rough edges.

Well, those were my absolute favorite games from 2013 that are just as entertaining today as ever! Each one remains incredibly memorable for me personally. I hope checking out these games lets you experience why 2013 was such an amazing year for our favorite hobby. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!