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How to Seamlessly Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon – A Simple 6 Step Guide

Have you ever received a Visa gift card for your birthday or the holidays and thought – I know exactly what to buy with this…on Amazon!

With over 350 million active user accounts, Amazon is the preferred online retailer for redeeming gift cards. In fact, a 2021 survey showed that over 80% of gift card recipients used their cards to make purchases on Amazon.

And it‘s easy to understand why – with over 12 million products across every category imaginable, fast free shipping, and lenient return policies, Amazon offers unparalleled selection and convenience.

But if you‘re new to using gift cards online, the process may seem confusing. Questions like "How do I add this to my account?" or "What if my purchase exceeds the card‘s balance?" may arise.

Not to worry! In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll walk through the easy 6 step process for seamlessly using Visa gift cards on Amazon. We‘ll also provide tips for maximizing your card‘s value and differentiating gift cards versus credit cards when shopping on Amazon.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Use Visa Gift Cards on Amazon?

Before we get to the how-to, let‘s discuss the benefits of using Visa gift cards on Amazon:

Endless Inventory to Browse

With millions of items across every department – electronics, home goods, books, toys, fashion, groceries, and more – Amazon is a one-stop shop for spending gift card funds. No need to hunt around different stores to find what you want.

Fast, Free Shipping

Over 100 million products qualify for free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership. And non-Prime orders over $25 ship free in 5-8 business days. Visa gift cards enable you to splurge on heavy or bulky items you may not otherwise buy.

Smooth Returns

Items shipped and sold by Amazon can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Taking the guesswork out of gifting. Shop without worry using your gift card balance.

Digital Goods Add No Extra Fees

Download apps, games, movies, music and books using your gift card balance. With no taxes or shipping costs on digital purchases, your funds go further.

Now that you know the prime benefits of combining Visa gift cards and Amazon, let‘s get to the step-by-step guide for putting your gift money to use!

Step 1: Navigating to Your Amazon Account Settings

First, log into your Amazon account via the mobile app or website. Hover over "Hello [your name]" in the top right corner and select "Account" from the dropdown menu.

Navigating to Your Account menu

This will bring you to your Amazon Account homepage. On the right side of the screen, under "Ordering and shopping preferences", click on "Your Payments".

Locating Your Payments

Selecting "Your Payments" will direct you to the "Manage Payment Options" section.

Think of this as the portal to control what types of credit, debit cards, gift cards and other payment methods are connected to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Adding a Gift Card as a Payment Method

On the "Manage Payment Options" screen, look for the "Credit and debit cards" section and click the yellow "Add a card" button.

Add a card

This will launch a form to input details for a new credit or debit card payment method.

Here‘s an important tip to remember: Even though it‘s a prepaid gift card, you‘ll enter the information just like you would for a credit or debit card.

Fill in the following gift card details:

  • Card number: This 16-digit number is printed on the front of the gift card.

  • Expiration date: The expiration date is typically shown on the front or back of the gift card.

  • Name on card: The name you used to activate and sign the back of the gift card.

  • Billing address: You can input your personal address here for gift cards.

Once all the details are accurately entered, click "Add your card" to finalize adding your gift card as a payment option.

Gift card details form

And voila, your Visa gift card balance is now linked to your Amazon account!

Step 3: Select Gift Card Payment at Checkout

When you go to check out on Amazon, you will see your newly added gift card appear as an available payment method.

Simply select it as the payment option to deduct the amount due from your gift card balance. Easy peasy!

If your order total exceeds your current gift card balance, no worries. You can opt to split the payment between multiple methods like another gift card, credit card, or rewards points.

Pro Tip: Check your gift card balance before adding items to your cart and calculate approximately what the order will cost including taxes and shipping. This ensures your gift card will cover the full amount.

Gift card payment option

Step 4: Check Balance and Use Remaining Funds

To monitor your gift card balance after purchases, navigate back to "Manage Payment Options" and click on "Gift cards" to see balances for each card on your account.

You can also check outside of Amazon at Simply enter the card number to view the balance online.

If you have leftover funds after a purchase, no sweat! You can put the remaining gift card balance towards another order whenever you like.

We recommend using it up on lower priced items like Kindle books, digital movie rentals, mobile app downloads or to pay for a Prime or Audible subscription.

Step 5: Combine Multiple Gift Cards (Optional)

If you received several Amazon gift cards for the holidays, you may be wondering if you can consolidate them into one card. The answer is yes!

Amazon offers reloadable gift cards in various cute designs that you can top up using your other gift card balances.

Add funds from multiple cards onto a single reloadable Amazon gift card so it‘s easier to manage. Then just toss the used up cards.

Amazon reloadable gift card

Step 6: Use Your Balance for Future Purchases

Once added to your account, Amazon will keep your gift card on file to use for future orders. The funds don‘t expire!

You can continue to spend down the balance over time as you find items you‘d like to buy.

Gift cards also make great last minute gifts for others. Instantly send an eGift card using your available balance to help friends and family buy what they really want.

And there you have it, a simple 6 step process for seamlessly spending your Visa gift card balance on Amazon!

Tips for Maximizing Gift Cards on Amazon

Follow these tips to stretch your gift card dollars further when shopping on Amazon:

  • Buy used – Shop Amazon Warehouse deals for discounts up to 20% off compared to new condition items.

  • Bundles over standalone – Opt for product bundles that package items together over purchasing individually.

  • Prioritize digital purchases – No taxes or shipping costs for Kindle books, movies, music and apps.

  • Use for memberships/subscriptions – Apply balance towards a Prime, Audible or Amazon Kids+ membership.

  • Set price drop alerts – Get notified if an item‘s price decreases so you can buy lower.

  • Follow warehouse deals pages – Track lightning deals and clearance items in categories you‘re interested in.

Gift Cards vs Credit Cards: Key Differences to Know

While Visa gift cards function similarly to credit cards on Amazon, there are some notable differences to be aware of:

  • Spending limit – Gift cards can only be used up to their pre-loaded balance, whereas credit cards have a revolving line of credit.

  • Security – Gift cards carry less risk since you can only lose the amount on the card, versus unlimited liability with stolen credit cards.

  • Activation – Gift cards must be formally activated before use, unlike credit cards which are automatically activated.

  • Fees – No interest, late fees or overlimit charges apply to gift cards. But credit cards often carry these costs.

  • CVV codes – Gift cards with a security CVV cannot be used on Amazon since they don‘t support CVV entry, while credit cards require this.

  • Lost or stolen – Lost gift cards cannot be replaced, but credit card companies will replace and refund stolen cards.

  • Combining payment – Gift cards cannot be combined with other payment methods on a single Amazon order. Credit cards can be split.

Gift Card Credit Card
Spending limit Up to balance Revolving credit
Security Less risk More exposure
Activation Requires manual Automatic
Fees None Interest, late fees, overlimit fees
CVV codes Not supported Required
Lost or stolen Not replaceable Can be replaced/refunded
Combining payment Cannot split Can split payment

Put Your Gift Card to Good Use at Amazon!

We hope this guide gave you an easy step-by-step walkthrough for seamlessly linking and using Visa gift cards on Amazon.

The convenience of combining gift cards and Amazon makes it a no brainer to splurge on fun purchases, necessities, and gifts for others through their vast online marketplace.

So go ahead – treat yourself to that shiny new gadget or cozy wardrobe upgrade using your gift card balance today!