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How to Gain Access to Showtime on LG Smart TVs in 2023 and Beyond

As one of premium cable‘s most prestigious destinations for cutting-edge original series, documentaries and stand-up specials, Showtime has built up a loyal audience over nearly 50 years on air. But in early 2023, massive changes rocked the network‘s streaming distribution model – alterations that profoundly impact Showtime fans with LG smart TVs.

Here in this extensive guide, we’ll unpack everything you need to know to once again access Showtime’s robust library on your webOS-powered LG television. You‘ll learn the crucial role played by new Showtime owner Paramount Global alongside analysis of the landmark streaming deal‘s ripple effects. Most importantly, we provide start-to-finish instructions, tips and tricks for accessing Yellowjackets, Billions and all your Showtime favorites through the Paramount+ app.

So read on to navigate the new streaming landscape and enjoy Showtime via Paramount+ on your LG TV!

The Rise and Reign of Showtime

Ever since its founding in 1976 as a challenger to dominant premium network HBO, Showtime steadily built up a portfolio of boundary-pushing originals. The cable channel helped cement the golden age of television, empowering creative talents like David Lynch, Jenji Johan and Robert Green to produce groundbreaking shows year after year.

By delivering a slate of daring, cinematic series and specials plus an extensive catalogue of theatrical films, Showtime grew into serious competition for HBO in the 2000s premium cable wars. They battled across Emmys and subscribers, though HBO maintained a slight edge most years.

According to Nielsen, Showtime passed the 28 million subscriber mark in late 2022 off hits like Yellowjackets. But the network’s executive leadership recognized vast untapped potential in the booming streaming space.

The Age of Streaming: A Need for Change

While far from ratings-challenged, Showtime lacked the global brand recognition and marketing budgets to compete solo in the splashy streaming sphere. Successful streamers like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu spent billions annually on licensed and original content plus technology.

Showtime split the difference by partnering with Paramount’s rebooted CBS All Access app in 2021, bringing originals like Dexter: New Blood to the rebranded Paramount+. Yet by end of 2022, Paramount Global sought full control.

On January 31st, 2023, Paramount Global closed a landmark $3.5 billion acquisition for the remaining 49% of Showtime Networks. Folding Showtime Original Pictures into Paramount Television Studios, CEO Bob Bakish highlighted massive coming investments in streaming content.

The merger mirrored Discovery‘s 2021 deal to consolidate all WBD visual content under streaming service HBO Max. Combining niche streamers into one centralized app helps cut costs and boosts subscription potential.

According to Antenna Data 2022 estimates, key streamers enjoyed these total global subscriber counts:

  • Netflix: 223 million
  • Amazon Prime Video: 200 million
  • Disney+: 164 million
  • HBO Max: 92.1 million
  • Paramount+: 46 million

So while already substantial, Paramount+ subs still pale against the Big Three. Adding Showtime to its content war chest provides many more weapons against aggressive genre rivals like Apple TV+ or Peacock.

But what does the blockbuster Paramount/Showtime deal mean for fans hoping to watch fan-favorite series via LG‘s Smart TV platform?

Understanding LG webOS Capabilities

LG introduced its webOS smart TV operating system in 2014 across its lineup of advanced flatscreens. The user-friendly, intuitive webOS interface enables easy access to popular streaming platforms and apps.

Rather than requiring an external streaming device like Roku or Apple TV, LG Smart TVs let you directly open services like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube from one unified home screen. webOS also supports voice commands via integrated mics.

And importantly for our Showtime streaming dilemma, LG webOS allows downloading additional apps outside the pre-loaded selection. By accessing the LG Content Store app marketplace, owners of supported LG TV models can install third-party streaming services.

That means as Paramount+ became the exclusive new distribution method for all things Showtime, LG webOS users merely need to grab the separate Paramount+ app.

Compared to those locked into the aging software environment of some budget smart TV brands, LG webOS owners retain app flexibility. But signing up for Paramount+ still represents an extra step to keep your Sunday night Yellowjackets ritual.

Accessing Showtime Via Paramount+ on LG webOS

While Showtime Networks the cable channel fills a valuable niche, its shows risk being drowned out on a platform packed with MTV, Nickelodeon and other ViacomCBS properties. Not to mention massive CBS and Paramount Pictures back catalogs now bolstering Paramount+.

But thanks to LG’s webOS capabilities, downloading this one new app restores your pipeline of projects bearing Showtime’s prestige imprint. That includes acclaimed 2023 series like Three Women and groundbreaking documentaries like Four Little Girls.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to access Showtime on an LG Smart TV via Paramount+:

Step 1: Check Your Paramount+ Subscription Tier

Unlike the past partnership that merely required separate Showtime credentials, you now need an active Paramount+ account tied to Showtime access.

The lower Essential plan only provides the Paramount+ library for $5.99 monthly. To also view Showtime series, you must subscribe to the Premium plan at $11.99 per month.

So first log into your Paramount+ account via web browser to confirm your current subscription tier. If you lack an existing account, hold off for now.

Step 2: Download the Paramount+ App

Head over to your LG Smart TV’s home screen then launch the LG Content Store. ThisFunctions similar to smartphone app stores for directly adding new streaming platforms.

In the search bar, type in “Paramount+” then select the eye-catching, light blue app icon to proceed to the download page.

![Paramount+ app download]

The file size averages around 100MB, with speed depending on your Wi-Fi connection. But within minutes, Paramount+ will install right on your LG TV’s app Menu.

Tip: If Paramount+ fails to appear on search, your LG TV model may not support additional app downloads. Consider an inexpensive streaming stick like the Roku Express.

Step 3: Subscribe and Sign Into Paramount+

If you skipped ahead without an active account, no worries! Launch the freshly-added Paramount+ app and you can sign up directly on your TV.

Use your remote to select between the Essential and Premium monthly plans. Again, Premium is required for access to all Showtime content old and new.

Enter your credit card information and email to activate your subscription instantly. For account management later, visit from any device.

Step 4: Navigate to the Showtime Hub

The Paramount+ user interface arranges content into handy niche hubs. So scroll over to the Showtime logo banner on the app’s homepage carousel.

![Showtime hub on Paramount+]

From this centralized Showtime dashboard, browse categories like Drama Series, Docs & Specials or Hit Movies Showtime-style. You‘ll notice familiar favorites like Billions but also Paramount+ Originals living side-by-side thanks to the corporate synergy.

Step 5: Stream Your Favorite Showtime Series

Click any show title from the Showtime hub to open its dedicated page. Here you can browse full episode libraries from current smash hits like Yellowjackets to vintage classics like Dexter.

Select an episode then click the Play icon to start streaming instantly in crisp quality. Thanks to LG’s webOS speed, buffering issues are rare even at 4K resolution.

And thanks to Paramount+‘s redesigned apps, core Showtime series now stream in higher quality 4K Ultra HD compared to years past. Making the merger sting slightly less.

Step 6: Customize Your Profile

Another benefit of housing Showtime within Paramount+ comes via enhanced user profiles. From the overall Paramount+ hub, add specific profile icons for each family member.

Personalize watchlists, viewing histories and recommendations using the "+" sign when browsing Showtime titles. Great for separating Scheduled Recordings by profile too.

Step 7: Download for Offline Viewing

For when Wi-Fi proves elusive such as on long trips, Paramount+ lets you download select films and shows for offline playback. Just look for the Download button on Showtime title pages.

Saved Showtime episodes automatically queue into the Downloads section. And thanks to webOS stability, streaming quality holds up nicely even without consistent internet.

So by taking an hour to grab Paramount+, create profiles and configure streaming settings, your LG TV transforms into the ultimate Showtime binge machine despite the service‘s disappearance.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Getting Showtime via Paramount+

Consolidating Showtime programming under the Paramount+ banner carries notable trade-offs depending on your viewing preferences. Let‘s break down the core pros and cons:


  • All Showtime series now stream in crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD where available
  • Offline downloading for Showtime titles you can watch on the go
  • Centralized billing, profiles and watchlist management via Paramount+
  • Access to live Showtime channel feeds, original Paramount+ shows and 45,000+ movies


  • Must pay for Premium Paramount+ plan to receive Showtime ($11.99 per month)
  • Showtime hub risks being buried among extensive Paramount+ content sections
  • Loss of standalone Showtime streaming app and recommendations
  • Temporary confusion until Showtime brand is retired by Paramount+

Casual Showtime subscribers may chafe at the increased monthly costs now tied to Paramount+ Premium versus $10 monthly previously. But trading standalone apps for enhanced streaming formats and bonuses like live sports may upsell many to the unified Paramount+ experience.

Meanwhile, avid Showtime devotees receive everything that once comprised the cable network and more at their fingertips courtesy of LG‘s flexible webOS environment.

Key Takeaways to Watch Showtime on LG Smart TVs Post-Merger

In this detailed guide, we walked through everything required for existing LG TV owners to access Showtime programming post-Paramount merger from background context to step-by-step instructions.

Here are the core takeaways:

  • Accessing Showtime now requires a Paramount+ Premium streaming account
  • Use your LG TV‘s Content Store to download the Paramount+ app if needed
  • Showtime lives on via a dedicated Showtime hub within the Paramount+ interface
  • Premium pricing sits at $11.99 per month but unlocks broad content vaults
  • Key Showtime series like Yellowjackets now stream in higher resolution

Combining forces with Paramount+ risks Showtime‘s prestigious identity being absorbed into a larger corporate patchwork. Yet Paramount Global‘s streaming-forward strategy keeps your favorite adult dramas easily accessible across LG‘s smart ecosystem if you know where to look on Paramount+.

So fear not – your Sunday ritual of shock, suspense and entertainment courtesy of shows like Yellowjackets endures thanks to Paramount+. Just with a few extra intermediate steps for LG TV audiences to guaranteed your streaming fix.

Hopefully this guide helped explain the new path forward to watching Showtime via Paramount+ on supported LG TVs models. But feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments!