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The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Peacock on Samsung Smart TVs

As cord-cutting accelerates and major media companies launch competitive streaming platforms, viewers today face more choice than ever before. With its robust catalog spanning popular NBC and Universal titles, Peacock has quickly become a top contender since first taking flight in 2020. Thanks to native app support and vibrant displays, Samsung‘s line of smart TVs serve as an ideal way for subscribers to stream Peacock‘s library.

This in-depth guide will walk through everything you need to know about accessing Peacock via a Samsung smart TV. Let‘s dive in to how these devices deliver the full streaming experience right from your living room.

A Brief History of Peacock‘s Launch in the Streaming Wars

To fully understand the streaming service now, it helps to understand where Peacock has come from since first launching less than three years ago:

July 2020 – After years of development, Peacock emerges as NBCUniversal‘s answer to Netflix and other growing digital disruptors. The platform markets three tiers at launch – a limited free version alongside $5 Premium and $10 Premium Plus options. Investors question whether consumers will flock to yet another streaming offering.

Early 2021 – Peacock garners over 33 million sign-ups in its first year across all tiers. However, paid subscriptions significantly trail leaders like Netflix and Disney+. Critics wonder if the service can survive sans content powerhouses like Marvel, Pixar or HBO.

2022 – In a pivot, Peacock announces its free tier will be eliminated by fall 2022. All subscribers must now choose between ad-supported Premium or ad-free Premium Plus. The reshuffling aims to boost revenue amid a complex streaming market.

Today, while Peacock‘s subscriber base pales compared to top dogs like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, the service holds its own thanks to NBCUniversal‘s vast catalog of titles. Let‘s examine the breadth and depth of content available to viewers…

Peacock By the Numbers: Subscribers, Content Library and More

As of Q3 2022, Peacock boasted over 15 million paid subscribers according to Comcast earnings reports. While dwarfed by Netflix‘s 223 million global subs, Peacock has shown steady growth in its first few years:

Peacock Paid Subscribers Over Time

| Date | Paid Subscribers |
| July 2020 | 0|
| December 2020 | ~9 million |
| December 2021 | ~24.5 million |
| September 2022 | ~15 million |

Beyond subscriber totals, Peacock offers a deep content catalog to entice new sign-ups. Some key stats about its library include:

  • 75,000+ hours of movies, shows, sports and news programming
  • Hundreds of box office film hits like Jurassic World, The Matrix trilogy and more
  • Complete series runs of NBC classics like The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights
  • Premium sports like Sunday Night Football, Premier League matches and WWE
  • Robust Spanish-language programming through Telemundo
  • Same day access to current NBC and Bravo shows

Thanks to new Peacock Originals like Bel-Air, plus the vast NBCU catalog, Peacock offers no shortage of streaming content – if accessed via the right platforms.

Why Samsung Smart TVs Make Ideal Devices for Peacock

While some viewers opt to stream Peacock via mobile apps, gaming consoles or streaming sticks, Samsung smart TVs offer robust, big-screen access seamlessly integrated into your living room.

Powered by the intuitive Tizen operating system, Samsung smart TV models released after 2015 include built-in support for various top streaming services. This enables cord-cutters to enjoy internet-delivered movies, shows, sports and more in gorgeous high-def, all from one centralized smart hub.

With their growing ubiquity and vibrant displays, it‘s no wonder roughly one in three smart TVs sold today come from Samsung. Couple this with an pre-loaded Peacock app, and Samsung sets become a premier vehicle for accessing everything NBCUniversal‘s streaming library has to offer.

Now let‘s explore how straightforward it is to start streaming Peacock using your Samsung TV‘s baked-in capabilities…

Step-By-Step: How to Download the Peacock App on Samsung Smart TVs

Thanks to Tizen‘s app-driven smart platform, adding Peacock to start streaming NBCUniversal titles is a breeze across compatible Samsung TV models. Simply:

  1. Using your Samsung remote, navigate to the Home Screen or Smart Hub.
  2. Scroll down and select "Apps" to access Tizen‘s media app store.
  3. Search for β€œPeacock” using the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Select to download and install the Peacock app to your Samsung TV.

That‘s it! Once installed, Peacock‘s icon will sit ready and waiting alongside other installed streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Signing Up for Your Paid Peacock Subscription

With Peacock‘s free streaming tier now discontinued, you must subscribe to either of its two remaining paid plans to start watching:

  • πŸ’° Premium – $4.99/month – Includes ads

  • πŸ’° Premium Plus – $9.99/month – Ad-free

The process to sign up directly on your TV is quick and straightforward:

  1. Open the newly downloaded Peacock app from your Samsung Smart Hub
  2. Choose either the Premium or Premium Plus paid tier
  3. Enter your payment method to start your subscription
  4. Create your Peacock account credentials
  5. Login using your new username and password

Once subscribed, you‘ll have full access to stream Peacock‘s entire catalog directly through the brilliant display of your Samsung set!

Browsing Peacock‘s Vast Library on Your TV

As soon as you login to your Peacock account, the full NBCUniversal catalog is at your fingertips courtesy of your Samsung TV‘s vivid Tizen interface:

Use your Samsung remote to:

  • Browse trending movies like Jurassic World Dominion or shows like Saturday Night Live
  • Search for specific titles, actors, or genres
  • Filter by categories like Peacock Originals, Telemundo Series, Reality TV and more
  • Tap into live channels like NBC, MSNBC, Bravo and more
  • Resume shows you‘ve already been watching
  • Take advantage of personalized recommendations

Between beloved comfort shows like The Office, film hits from Universal‘s 100-year history, can‘t-miss sports, and brand new Peacock exclusives, enjoy it all directly through the brilliant display of your Samsung Smart TV!

Now let‘s compare the pros and cons of specifically using a Samsung set to access Peacock…

Pros and Cons of Streaming Peacock via Samsung Smart TV

While streaming Peacock on a Samsung TV comes with numerous advantages courtesy of the Tizen platform, there are a few limitations to note as well before subscribing.


βœ… Seamless access thanks to native Tizen app integration

βœ… Stream in gorgeous 4K resolution with HDR color

βœ… Universal search makes finding titles a breeze

βœ… No extra devices needed to start streaming

βœ… Intuitive browsing and navigation


❌ Only paid options – no free, ad-supported tier exists

❌ Base Premium plan still contains ads

❌ Potential lag or buffering at slower internet speeds

❌ Not all legacy Samsung models supported

❌ No downloading shows for offline viewing

So in summary – while streaming Peacock on a recent Samsung Smart TV model allows you to enjoy its robust catalog the second you log in, drawbacks like the ads on cheaper plans or lack of downloads should also weigh into any decision to subscribe.

How Does Peacock‘s Library Compare to Other Major Streamers?

Even with its shorter lifespan than veteran platforms like Netflix or Hulu, Peacock holds its own when it comes to breadth of content, thanks to NBCUniversal‘s vast catalog spanning nearly a century.

Platform Total Titles Major Studios/Brands Notable Exclusives
πŸ“Ί Peacock 1,800+ movies,
35,000+ TV eps
NBCUniversal brands:
πŸ—½ NBC, πŸŽ₯Universal Pictures, 🏠 Bravo, πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Telemundo
Bel-Air, The Girl in the Woods, Joe vs Carole, The Best Man: The Final Chapters
🎞️ Netflix 4,000+ movies,
2,000+ TV shows
Licensed content from major studios Stranger Things, Bridgerton, The Crown, Ozark
✨ Disney+ 800+ movies,
400+ TV shows
🏰 Disney, ♦️ Marvel, 🐭 Pixar,🌟 Star Wars The Mandalorian, Turning Red, Moon Knight
πŸŽ₯ Hulu 2,500+ movies,
85,000+ TV eps
Disney, FX, 20th Television Only Murders in the Building, Dopesick

Where libraries from Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu span wide varieties of licenses content, Peacock‘s collection stands apart with its laser focus on NBCUniversal programming. This includes everything from classic sitcoms like The Office to beloved films like E.T. and the Fast & Furious franchise.

While Peacock may lack an Iron Man or Baby Yoda, its wealth of NBCU properties offers subscribers plenty to stream – especially when viewing on an immersive Samsung TV.

Beyond Smart TVs: All the Ways to Stream Peacock

While Samsung sets offer best-in-class access, let‘s examine everywhere you can stream Peacock:

Smart TVs

  • Samsung (Tizen OS)
  • LG (webOS)
  • VIZIO (SmartCast)


  • Android phones/tablets
  • Apple iPhones/iPads

Streaming Devices

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast with Google TV

Game Consoles

  • Xbox One, Series X/S
  • Playstation 4 and 5

With robust smart TV, mobile and streaming device support, Peacock offers versatility in accessing its library. But for the utmost viewing experience, today‘s Samsung TVs set the bar for streaming Peacock directly in your living room.

Streaming Features that Make Samsung Sets Ideal Peacock Devices

Beyond app support, Samsung Smart TVs boast several top-tier technological capabilities that enable the ultimate streaming showcase for services like Peacock:

🌈 Stunning Picture Quality – With display resolutions now up to jaw-dropping 8K, Samsung TVs make Peacock content shine with:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) – More vivid colors and enhanced contrast
  • Quantum Dot Technology– Films and sports pop with cinematic color
  • Object Tracking Sound – Audio seems to follow action on-screen

⚑ Lightning Speed Streaming – Fast processing and intelligent upscaling ensures smooth Peacock streaming, including:

  • 4K/60fps playback – No lag even with most demanding streams
  • Crystal UHD – Upscales non-4K video near ultra high-def

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Heavy Processing Power – Quad-core CPUs rapidly load content while machine learning algorithms customize your viewing experience:

  • Tizen Smart Hub – Single menu for apps like Peacock
  • Universal Browse – Aggregates recommendations across services
  • Tap View – Mirror mobile to big screen with a touch

Thanks advanced technologies like these, Samsung TVs fully realize Peacock‘s streaming potential for a flawless viewing experience.

Peacock Streaming Recommendations for Optimal Viewing

To enjoy thesmoothest streaming experience watching Peacock via your Samsung TV, consider these connectivity recommendations:

Internet Speed

⏩ For HD streaming with some buffering – Minimum 3-5 Mbps
⏩ For HD streaming with no buffering – 8-10 Mbps
⏩ For 4K streaming – Minimum 15 Mbps

WiFi Network

πŸ”Œ Connect TV via 5Ghz band (less interference)
πŸ“Ά Situate WiFi router closer to TV
🚫 Avoid obstacles blocking signal path

Adhering networking best practices ensures you tap into the full streaming capabilities of Peacock and your advanced Samsung smart TV.

Signing Up for Peacock: Final Considerations

While Peacock‘s integration into Samsung TVs makes for smooth viewing, weigh the following factors before subscribing:

1️⃣ Cost – With free streaming axed, Peacock comes at a monetary cost via either ad-supported Premium or ad-free Premium Plus plans. Evaluate your budget before joining.

2️⃣ Competitors – Compare Peacock‘s exclusive NBCU catalog against other services you already use and see if it duplicates existing access.

3️⃣ Internet Requirements – Factor in your Wi-Fi capabilities and speed to handle steady HD streaming.

4️⃣ Supported Devices – Ensure your Samsung TV model and OS supports app access rather than relying on mobile streaming alone.

5️⃣ Enhanced Features – Consider whether pricier Premium Plus tier gains must-have perks like offline downloading that the base Premium lacks.

With the above considerations weighed against the appeal of access to shows like The Office and movies like Jurassic World, determine if Peacock merits your hard-earned streaming budget.

The Bottom Line on Peacock Support for Samsung TVs

In an era where new streaming services launch as rapidly as channels once did via cable, standing out from popular veterans like Netflix grows more challenging every year.

However, thanks to smart partnerships enabling app integration with leading smart TV platforms like Samsung‘s polished Tizen OS, Peacock provides an intriguing option for those searching to cut the cord once and for all.

With its laser focus on delivering NBCUniversal programming old and new, Peacock feels tailor-built for viewers craving everything from next-day access to network hits to beloved throwbacks like Parks & Recreation or Downton Abbey. Streaming this singular catalog on the gorgeous displays of Samsung‘s market-leading TVs makes for a perfect combination.

So while newer services like Peacock will always face scrutiny going against entrenched veteran streamers, Samsung TV support enables users to better evaluate NBCUniversal‘s rich content catalog the second they log into their new account. For cinephiles, TV junkies, comedy fans, niche programmers and everyone in between, Peacock on Samsung allows you to put its robust streaming library to the test via an unparalleled living room viewing experience.

So grab the popcorn, kick back on the couch, and tap into everything Peacock has to offer by streaming directly from your advanced Samsung Smart TV today!