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How to Watch the Bally Sports App on an LG Smart TV

What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sports is a regional sports network that offers live and on-demand games and content from various professional and college leagues. It‘s an alternative to national mainstream sports networks like ESPN, showing more localized game coverage.

Bally Sports currently has rights to air certain MLB, NBA, NHL and college games in select markets across the United States. So the specific content you can access depends on your location.

In addition to live games, the Bally Sports app and website provide analysis shows, press conferences, classic game replays and other team-focused programming.

Key Bally Sports App User Statistics:

  • Over 5 million downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Roughly 800,000 subscribers as of Q3 2022
  • 75% of viewership focused on live sports; 25% on shows and replay content

Why Isn‘t There a Native Bally Sports LG TV App?

Unfortunately LG smart TVs do not have an official Bally Sports app in their proprietary app store. This is likely due to licensing restrictions around regional sports networks.

Other major smart TV platforms like Samsung, Roku and Amazon Fire TV have managed to strike deals to offer Bally Sports apps. But LG joined the party late and has not come to an agreement with Bally yet.

The following LG TV models support the streaming capabilities needed for Bally Sports access:

  • Native casting through Google Cast: 2016-2022 model years
  • Native app store for streaming devices: 2016-2022 model years
  • Screen mirroring: 2018-2022 model years
  • HDMI connectivity: 2016-2022 model years

The good news is there are several reliable workarounds to access Bally Sports on your LG television. Let‘s look at the main methods…

Method 1: Cast Bally Sports from Your Mobile Device

Casting Bally Sports from your smartphone or tablet is the simplest option for most LG TV owners.

Here are separate guides for Android and iOS users:

Cast from an Android Device

What you need:

  • LG smart TV (2016-2022 models)
  • Android phone or tablet (Android 7.0+)
  • Bally Sports app (free from Google Play Store)


  1. Download and open the Bally Sports app on your Android device
  2. Log in using your Bally Sports account credentials
  3. Start playing a live game or video
  4. Tap the Cast icon in the top right (it looks like a WiFi symbol)
  5. Select your LG TV from the target device list
  6. Accept the connection prompt on your TV
  7. Enjoy Bally Sports casting from your Android!

How Android Casting Works:

Your Android device streams video and audio directly to your WiFi network. The LG TV then "pulls" this feed from the network to display on your television.

Controlling playback happens from your phone rather than the TV. This allows you to conveniently hold your device while watching.

Performance depends on having a strong 5Ghz WiFi connection, with degraded quality or lag possible on slower networks.

Pros of Android Casting:

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Convenient mobile control
  • Free (part of OS and app)

Cons of Android Casting:

  • More latency vs native apps
  • Lower max video resolution (1080p)
  • Dropout issues on poor WiFi

Cast from an iPhone or iPad

What you need:

  • LG smart TV (2016-2022 models)
  • iPhone or iPad (iOS 12+)
  • Bally Sports app (free from App Store)


  1. Get the Bally Sports app on your iOS device
  2. Sign in with your account info
  3. Initiate playback of a video
  4. Look for the AirPlay icon in the playback screen (or in Control Center)
  5. Choose your LG TV as the AirPlay target
  6. Allow the connection on your television
  7. Start streaming Bally Sports to your LG TV!

How AirPlay Casting Works:

Apple‘s proprietary AirPlay technology mirrors your iPhone/iPad screen or media apps over WiFi to AirPlay-compatible smart TVs.

The TV receives a feed of exactly what‘s shown on your iOS device – including playback controls – as if it were wired directly.

As with any wireless casting, AirPlay performance relies heavily on having robust home WiFi coverage and bandwidth. Disruptions can occur on slower networks or with greater distance from the router/extender.

Pros of iOS Casting:

  • Leverages AirPlay ecosystem
  • Good for app mirroring
  • Access via Control Center for convenience

Cons of iOS Casting:

  • Typically lower reliability versus native streaming platforms
  • Higher latency than HDMI or component cables
  • Max 1080p resolution on LG TV AirPlay

Casting gives you the freedom to hold your mobile device while watching on the big screen. It‘s easy to start and stop streams whenever needed. Just note that game quality and stability relies on having robust WiFi.

Method 2: Use a Streaming Device Like Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV

Another excellent way to get the Bally Sports app on an LG TV is by using streaming media devices that connect via HDMI.

Major platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV offer full-featured Bally Sports apps:


Roku devices support the Bally Sports app, enabling access to live regional games and shows. Just search for "Bally Sports" on your Roku and add the channel.

Your Roku will need to be running OS version 12.0 or higher. This includes most models released within the last 3-4 years.

Video Quality & Performance:

  • Streams up to 60 fps
  • Max resolution of 4K HDR where available
  • Consistent quality matching cable/satellite
  • Very low stream latency (~250ms delay)

Pros of Roku Streaming:

  • Dedicated high-performance streaming hardware
  • Wired connectivity via HDMI
  • Feature-rich smart TV platform and ecosystem

Cons of Roku Streaming:

  • Requires purchase of streaming player
  • Missing newer model years limits 4K/HDR
  • Limited controls from LG TV remote

Amazon Fire TV

Fire TV streamers and Fire TV Edition televisions also have a Bally Sports app in their stores. Look for the one published by FOX Sports.

To install, your Fire TV device must be running Fire OS version 5 or newer. This shouldn‘t be an issue if bought recently.

Video Quality & Performance:

  • 60 fps streams
  • Up to 4K Ultra HD where available
  • Equivalent to cable/satellite feeds
  • Low stream latency (~200ms delay)

Pros of Fire TV Streaming:

  • Affordable 4K-capable hardware
  • Integrates with Amazon ecosystem
  • Access to Alexa voice controls

Cons of Fire TV Streaming:

  • Older devices max out at 1080p
  • Heavy interface ads and promotions
  • Requires Amazon account

Apple TV

Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K boxes have one of the best Bally Sports apps available. Search the App Store or visit to get it.

Video Quality & Performance:

  • 60 fps streaming framerate
  • Up to 4K HDR based on content availability
  • Exceptional stream reliability
  • Ultra-low latency around 160ms

Pros of Apple TV Streaming:

  • Leading 4K HDR performance
  • Deep integration with Apple ecosystem
  • Intuitive touchpad remote included

Cons of Apple TV Streaming:

  • Most expensive streaming device option
  • Restricted to Apple platforms and accounts
  • No Alexa/Google Assistant support

Streaming devices give you access to the full Bally Sports library and often deliver higher quality streams than casting. Just plug the hardware into your LG TV and enjoy cable-esque functionality!

Method 3: Watch Bally Sports on Your Game Console

Modern gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation integrate various streaming apps alongside gaming.

Currently Xbox is the only major platform with an official Bally Sports app:

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

The Bally Sports app can be installed free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Search the Microsoft Store and look for the one from Diamond Sports Group.

Video Quality & Performance:

  • Streams up to 60 fps
  • 1080p HD resolution maximum
  • Comparable to casting solutions
  • Slightly higher latency (~400ms)

Do note that some users have experienced technical issues when streaming live content. So your mileage may vary.

Pros of Xbox Streaming:

  • Consolidates sports and gaming
  • Dedicated console hardware
  • Accessible via game controller

Cons of Xbox Streaming:

  • Capped at 1080p resolution
  • App stability concerns exists
  • Purchase of console required

Hopefully greater app support for smart TV platforms reduces the need for workarounds. But for now Xbox users have another option beside mobile casting and external streaming devices.

Other Methods for Getting Bally Sports on an LG TV

Beyond mobile casting, streaming boxes and Xbox, you can utilize some additional tactics to access Bally Sports on an LG television:

Use a Computer and Browser Casting

The Bally Sports website provides live streams to logged-in subscribers. You can cast these to your LG TV from a PC or Mac using Chrome or Edge browsers.

Simply initiate stream playback, click the "Cast" icon and select your smart TV as the target device. A wireless connection will be established to transfer the feed.

Video Quality & Performance:

  • Depends on computer hardware and browser
  • Typically maxes out at 1080p/30fps
  • Latency ~500-1000ms higher than other methods

Quality and performance varies across different computer hardware and casting software. So your experience may differ.

Screen Mirroring from Mobile Devices

Most modern LG televisions allow mobile devices to directly mirror their screens. This presents the full device interface on your TV rather than just a video stream.

Activate screen mirroring on your phone or tablet and choose your LG TV as the destination. Now launch the Bally Sports app and enjoy everything on the big screen.

How Screen Mirroring Works:

Screen mirroring takes the exact image from your mobile device and pushes it in real-time over WiFi to a compatible TV. This fully reflects the device interface and apps.

Latency is generally higher compared to optimized casting. So expect more lag between controlling your phone and seeing reactions on the television.

Pros of Screen Mirroring:

  • Simple universal functionality for phones/tablets
  • Mirrors full device interface and controls
  • No additional software or hardware needed

Cons of Screen Mirroring:

  • Increased wireless interference likelihood
  • Performance and latency impacted by WiFi congestion
  • Typically lower reliability than native apps

Do keep latency and potential quality loss in mind compared to native apps.

HDMI Cables from Laptops

If your smart TV and laptop have HDMI ports, you can directly connect them with an HDMI cable. This gives you a wired feed perfect for web streaming.

Simply visit on your Windows/Mac laptop, plug in the HDMI cable to your LG TV, then enter fullscreen for maximum playback.

How HDMI Streaming Works:

HDMI carries uncompressed digital video and audio signals between your computer and LG television. This allows the full quality potential of both devices to be realized.

You get greater reliability than wireless casting given the dedicated wired connection. But it lacks convenience and portability.

Pros of HDMI Streaming:

  • Uncompressed maximum quality
  • Very low streaming latency
  • Consistent connectivity via wired link

Cons of HDMI Streaming:

  • Lacks ability to stream from multiple devices
  • Confined to location of TV and HDMI ports
  • Ongoing costs for long/high-quality cables

However, this does limit portability and introduces physical connectivity issues versus wireless casting.

Common Bally Sports Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Bally Sports streaming service:

What Sports Leagues Are on Bally Sports?

Bally Sports shows live games and content from MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL and various college conferences, depending on regional rights. Programming varies across different parts of the United States.

How Much Does Bally Sports Cost?

Accessing Bally Sports online requires a subscription. Monthly pricing starts at $19.99, with cheaper annual or single sport "Season Pass" options available.

However cable and satellite viewers can log in with their TV credentials instead for account verification. This allows free access to regionally aired Bally Sports networks.

Why Are There Multiple Bally Sports Apps?

Differences exist between the Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Southeast apps for example. This comes down to coverage maps and licensing considerations around teams‘ regional broadcast territories.

Make sure you have the correct regional Bally Sports app or TV channel for your location and desired teams.

The Best Ways to Get Bally Sports on an LG Smart TV

In summary, I recommend using one of these top options to access Bally Sports on your LG television:

Mobile Casting

  • Casting from a smartphone or tablet offers the simplest, most convenient streaming solution for many. Just tap a few buttons to start or stop streams.

Roku/Fire TV/Apple TV

  • Media streamers provide full-scale apps, the widest content selection and highest reliability. This comes at the cost of buying additional hardware.

Xbox Consoles

  • Gamers who already own Xbox can get a seamless Bally Sports experience across gaming, shows and live sports. Performance concerns linger however.

I hope this detailed 2500+ word guide gives you clarity in getting Bally Sports running on your LG smart TV setup. Let me know if you have any other questions!