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How to Watch the Bally Sports App on a Samsung Smart TV

The recent launch of the Bally Sports app in December 2022 opened up a new world of sports programming for Samsung Smart TV owners. Available in most markets, the app grants access to regional sports networks, on-demand replays, and more without the need for a cable subscription.

But how exactly can Samsung TV owners access and watch Bally Sports programming? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from downloading the app to troubleshooting any issues that arise. Read on to learn how you can be streaming your favorite local teams on your Samsung set in no time.

Downloading the Bally Sports App on Your Samsung TV

The first step to watching Bally Sports on your Samsung Smart TV is downloading the Bally Sports app itself. Fortunately, this process only takes a few quick minutes.

Here is how to download the app:

  1. Using your Samsung TV remote, navigate to the Apps or App Store icon on your Smart Hub home screen. This brings up the app library.

  2. Scroll through the catalog and select the Search option.

  3. In the search bar that appears, type "Bally Sports." The Bally Sports app icon should populate in the results below.

  4. With the Bally Sports app highlighted, select Download. This will install the app onto your Samsung TV‘s memory.

Once the download is complete, you‘re ready to open the app and sign in!

Activating Your Bally Sports App

After downloading the Bally Sports app to your Samsung Smart TV, you need to activate it using a activation code. There are two ways to activate:

  • Using your paid TV subscription, such as cable or live TV streaming
  • Purchasing a subscription directly through Bally Sports+

Either method only takes a few minutes.

Activating with a Paid TV Subscription

If you already subscribe to a live TV service like DirecTV or YouTube TV, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the newly downloaded Bally Sports app on your Samsung TV. A 5-digit activation code will appear on screen.

  2. On your smartphone, tablet, or computer, visit

  3. Enter the 5-digit code displayed on your TV and log in using your existing cable/streaming credentials. This links your Bally Sports app to your subscription.

  4. Once activated, your Bally Sports app should update with the channels and content included in your TV package. You may need to exit the app and reopen for changes to take effect.

Activating with a Bally Sports+ Subscription

Don‘t have cable? You can also activate by purchasing a Bally Sports+ streaming subscription:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above to retrieve your 5-digit activation code.

  2. Visit and select a subscription plan. Options start at $19.99/month after a 7-day free trial.

  3. Enter your code on the Bally Sports website while signing up to link your new subscription to your Samsung TV app.

Once you enter the code and authenticate, the full range of live channels and on-demand content with your subscription will be accessible on your Samsung TV‘s Bally Sports app!

Troubleshooting Bally Sports Activation Issues

Having trouble getting the app to activate properly? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check that you‘ve entered the correct 5-digit code from your TV into the Bally Sports website. An inaccurate code is often the culprit.

  • If using a paid TV subscription, verify your login credentials are correct on the Bally Sports site.

  • Try force stopping the Bally Sports app on your Samsung TV by highlighting it and pressing your remote‘s Menu button. Then clear cache/data before reopening.

  • Check for software updates for both your Samsung TV and the Bally Sports app. Having the latest firmware and app version tends to fix many issues.

  • As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the Bally Sports app after restarting your TV. Then attempt to reactivate.

Following activation, you should have full access to stream live sports and replays from your Samsung TV app!

Subscription Options for Bally Sports

Bally Sports offers both regional and national subscription options depending on your location and sports preferences. Here is an overview:

Regional Bally Sports Packages

Bally Sports South

  • Atlanta Braves games
  • Carolina Hurricanes games
  • Cost: Starts at $19.99/month

Bally Sports Southeast

  • Atlanta Hawks games
  • Atlanta Dream games
  • Cost: Starts at $19.99/month

These regional packages focus on local pro and college teams. You can also bundle South + Southeast for $25.99/month.

Bally Sports+ National Package

For wider national coverage, Bally Sports+ grants access to live games and content from regional Bally Sports networks nationwide. Pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly: $29.99/month
  • Annually: $249.99 per year

While the national plan is pricier, it includes many more teams/markets to follow.

Pros and Cons of Bally Sports on Samsung TVs

What are the biggest perks and downsides of watching sports via the Bally Sports app on a Samsung Smart TV?


  • Access lots of local/regional live sports without cable
  • Replays available for 72 hours after games air
  • Smooth streaming quality
  • Supports two simultaneous device streams
  • Free 7-day trial available
  • Works on newer model Samsung TVs (2019 and up)


  • No NFL games (Sunday Ticket has exclusive rights)
  • Limited number of national channels
  • Forced to watch some ads
  • Lacks cloud DVR features
  • App functionality can vary by Samsung TV model

While there are some drawbacks, the Bally Sports app enables streaming regional sports networks directly on supported Samsung TVs at an affordable price. For local team fans, it‘s a game changer!

Streaming the App on Other Devices

Don‘t have a compatible Samsung set from 2019-onward? Not a problem! Here are some alternative ways to watch Bally Sports programming:

  • Mobile Streaming: Download the Bally Sports app for iPhone or Android and cast games directly to older Samsung TVs.

  • Media Streamers: Access the Bally Sports app on Apple TV 4K/HD, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices. Then stream to your TV via HDMI.

  • Game Consoles: Xbox One/Series X owners can install and watch Bally Sports by adding their cable/vMVPD credentials.

So even without a built-in app, enjoying Bally Sports on your Samsung TV is simple with a streaming device or mobile casting.

Optimizing Bally Sports Streaming Quality

To ensure the smoothest streaming performance from the Bally Sports app on your Samsung TV, keep these tips in mind:

  • Whenever possible, use a wired Ethernet connection over WiFi for faster, more reliable speeds.

  • Position your WiFi router close to your TV with minimal obstructions between. Connect nearby mobile devices to 5Ghz over 2.4Ghz as well.

  • Test streaming quality during non-peak times. If experiencing buffering, try adjusting your TV streaming resolution to 720p instead of 1080p/4K UHD.

  • Upgrade your home internet speeds, especially if multiple devices are connected simultaneously. Minimum 25 Mbps speeds are recommended for live sports streaming.

Applying the above tips helps streaming quality stay crisp across live games and on-demand Bally Sports content.

Key Takeaways on Samsung Smart TV Streaming

The Bally Sports app‘s arrival on Samsung TVs makes it easier than ever for sports diehards to stream games. To quickly recap the key details:

  • Samsung Smart TVs from 2019 model years and beyond can install the app directly from their app store. Just search "Bally Sports" and download.

  • To access live channels and replays, you must activate by authenticating an existing TV subscription or purchasing Bally Sports+.

  • Regional and national Bally Sports packages are available starting at $19.99/month. Content varies by market.

  • While very functional, the app has some limitations like no NFL content or cloud DVR capabilities.

  • For the best performance, use a wired internet connection and minimum 25 Mbps broadband speeds.

Ready to watch your local teams? Follow the activation steps outlined above to begin streaming Bally Sports programming directly through your Samsung Smart TV today!