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How to Watch Fox Nation on Samsung Smart TV: A Complete Guide

Fox Nation is a popular on-demand streaming service from Fox News that offers an extensive collection of reality shows, investigative documentaries, history specials and more along with some Fox News content. If you own a Samsung Smart TV and wish to access Fox Nation on the big screen, you can easily do so by just downloading and installing the Fox Nation app.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the step-by-step process to watch Fox Nation on your internet-connected Samsung television.

Introduction to Fox Nation

For those unaware, Fox Nation is Fox News‘ standalone streaming service that does not require a cable subscription. It offers thousands of hours of content spanning diverse genres like lifestyle shows, history specials, political commentary, investigative documentaries and more.

While Fox Nation does feature some Fox News segments, the majority of content on the platform is exclusive and not available on the Fox News cable channel. This makes the $5.99 per month service worthwhile for cord-cutters seeking additional programming from Fox.

Fox Nation has seen tremendous growth in recent years. As per Fox executives, the service hit record subscriber numbers in 2021. The convenience of accessing Fox Nation via streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV and mobile apps has been a major driver behind its expanding subscriber base.

And now with support for Samsung Smart TVs, watching Fox Nation on your big screen TV is easier than ever.

Steps to Watch Fox Nation on Samsung Smart TV

The ability to install streaming service apps directly on a Samsung Smart TVs makes cutting the cord super simple. Here are the steps to access Fox Nation on your Samsung television:

1. Access the Smart Hub on Your Samsung TV

The first step is to access the Smart Hub section on your Samsung TV. The Smart Hub is Samsung‘s name for the app store and menus where you can access installed apps.

To get to the Smart Hub, use the remote control to scroll through the menu options at the bottom of your screen and select "Smart Hub". Alternatively, you can press the button with the Smart Hub logo on your Samsung remote.

Samsung Smart Hub

Once in the Smart Hub, you‘ll see different rows like Featured, Most Popular, Recently Added etc.

2. Launch the Apps Section

Within the Smart Hub, locate and enter the "Apps" section. This is where you can browse through all apps compatible with your Samsung TV model.

Use your remote to scroll down and select the "Apps" icon on the Smart Hub homepage. Alternatively, choose "Apps" from the menu bar at the left side of the screen.

Samsung Smart TV Apps

This will open the app store where you can search, download and install different streaming service and utility apps.

3. Search for the Fox Nation App

With the app store open, move to the search bar at the top of the screen. Use the remote control to select the search icon and type in "Fox Nation" using the on-screen keyboard.

As you begin typing, the name should auto-populate in the search bar. Once it shows the full name, select "Fox Nation" from the search results.

Search Fox Nation Samsung TV

4. Install the Fox Nation App on Your Samsung TV

After locating Fox Nation from the search results, select the app and choose the "Install" option.

Note: You may need to Accept certain permissions for the Fox Nation app during installation.

The time taken to install will depend on your internet connection speed. But it typically only takes a few seconds to a couple minutes.

Install Fox Nation Samsung

Once installed, you‘ll see the Open option.

5. Launch the App and Log In

The last step is to launch the newly installed Fox Nation app and sign-in with your account credentials.

Open the Fox Nation app and choose whether you want to login using an existing account or start a free trial.

If signing in to an existing account, you‘ll need to enter your Fox Nation login email and password. Use the remote to type in the details on the Samsung TV on-screen keyboard.

Alternatively, Fox Nation also provides the option to activate via a web browser on your PC or smartphone. Simply visit and enter the code showing on your TV screen.

Activate Fox Nation

Finish signing in on the browser page and your Samsung TV should automatically give you access to Fox Nation.

And that‘s it! You can now watch Fox Nation content on your Samsung Smart TV.

Fox Nation Subscription Options

Fox Nation is available as either a monthly or annual subscription:

  • Monthly – $5.99 per month. Automatically renews every month.
  • Yearly – $64.99 per year. Around $5.41 per month. Automatically renews annually.

The service offers a free 7-day trial for first-time subscribers. However, you will need to provide payment information upfront which will be charged at the end of the trial period. Of course, you can cancel anytime during the trial week to avoid getting billed.

Additionally, Fox Nation also allows cable and satellite TV subscribers to use their existing credentials to sign-in and access content. So if you have a qualifying TV package from providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, DirecTV etc. you may be able to use your login details instead of paying for yet another streaming plan.

Troubleshooting Fox Nation on Samsung Smart TV

Despite being generally easy to setup, you may encounter occasional hiccups with streaming apps on smart TV platforms.

Here are some common Fox Nation issues faced on Samsung TVs and potential fixes:

App Crashing? This is often caused by a compatibility problem after a system update on the TV or the app itself. Try deleting and reinstalling Fox Nation from the Samsung App Store. Also make sure your TV is updated to the latest firmware.

Buffering/Video Stalls? Buffering and stalling typically occurs due to slow internet speeds or WiFi signal issues. Ensure your Samsung TV has a minimum internet connection of 25 Mbps for streaming. Also position your router closer to the TV or connect via ethernet instead of WiFi if possible.

Sign-in Not Working? Sometimes apps forget your credentials after an update or new install. Try removing your account from Fox Nation settings and resigning in from scratch on your TV.

Geographic Restrictions? Content may be geo-restricted based on your location. Use a reliable VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN to bypass any location blocks.

If problems persist even after the above fixes, reach out to Fox Nation customer support for additional troubleshooting.

What to Expect from Fox Nation?

While signing up, you may be wondering – what exactly does the Fox Nation catalog offer?

The streaming service goes beyond news commentary with a varied mix of lifestyle programming from Fox. This includes:

  • Fox News Segments: Get access to opinions, debates and analysis from popular hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and more.
  • Political Comedy: Shows like Cwatney offer a humorous take on politics and current affairs.
  • Reality Series: Follow the lives of celebrities and public figures through Fox Nation original reality programs.
  • Food & Cooking Shows: Ever wanted recipes from your favorite Fox News anchors? Fox Nation has got you covered.
  • Historical Documentaries: Learn little-known history and facts through Fox Nation‘s growing library of documentary films.
  • Investigative Programming: Go deeper into notable news developments through documentary specials and investigations.

In summary, Fox Nation can serve as your one-stop shop for right-leaning programming spanning news, comedy, reality TV and more. The service offers a ton of content you won‘t find on the Fox News channel.

So grab your remote and get easy access to Fox Nation on your Samsung TV today!