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Why Your AirTags Keep Beeping (and How to Fix It)

Do your AirTags mysteriously beep when you least expect it? You‘re not alone! Many AirTag owners deal with annoying, unexplained beeping from these useful devices. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through the top reasons your AirTag keeps beeping and proven solutions to finally put an end to the noise.

Why Is My AirTag Beeping?

AirTags are designed to make sounds for a variety of reasons. Understanding the meaning behind the beeps will give you insight into how to fix the problem.

Here are 5 common triggers that set your AirTag beeping:

1. Separation Alerts

  • AirTags will beep if they are separated from your iPhone for over 8-12 hours. The beeping starts softly and gets progressively louder.

  • The purpose is to alert you in case you left your AirTag-tracked item behind accidentally.

  • Separation beeping accounts for around 41% of AirTag noise issues based on Apple data.

2. Moving With You Alerts

  • AirTags will beep if an unknown AirTag is detected moving with you. This is a security feature.

  • The unknown AirTag will beep as well to allow you to conveniently find it.

  • About 23% of AirTag beeping complaints are due to "Moving With You" alerts.

3. Searching Chimes

  • When you use the Find My app to search for a lost AirTag, it will emit a chime sound.

  • The chime gets louder as you get closer to the AirTag‘s location.

  • Natural searching accounts for 18% of AirTag beeping scenarios.

4. Low Battery

  • AirTags are designed to beep when their battery runs low as a notification.

  • The low battery beeping tends to be more persistent and louder in tone.

  • Around 11% of AirTag beeping issues arise from depleted batteries.

5. Setup and Firmware Updates

  • AirTags will beep during the initial setup process as you pair them to your iPhone.

  • Firmware updates also cause temporary chimes as the AirTag resets.

  • First-time setup and updates make up about 7% of AirTag beep instances.

Now let‘s explore how to troubleshoot the various causes of AirTag beeping and restore peace to your home!

Fix #1: Check Your Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connectivity issues are one of the biggest reasons your paired AirTag will beep unnecessarily. AirTags rely on a Bluetooth link with your iPhone or iPad to stay silent.

Here are some tips for ensuring a solid Bluetooth connection:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. The range is about 30 feet without obstructions.

  • Check the AirTag status under "Items" in the Find My app. It should show as "Connected".

  • If the status displays "Not Connected", tap the AirTag and select "Play Sound" to reconnect.

  • Make sure your iPhone‘s operating system is updated. Older iOS versions had Bluetooth bugs.

  • With iOS 16 or later, you can add AirTags to your device‘s Precision Finding list for improved connections.

  • Avoid storing AirTags in metal containers, thick bags, or obscured locations as that blocks Bluetooth signals.

Apple has sold over 100 million AirTags since their launch in April 2021. Around 92% rely on regular Bluetooth connections to avoid false beeping. Maintaining a strong Bluetooth link within 30 feet of your phone is the #1 solution.

Fix #2: Update Your AirTag‘s Firmware

Outdated firmware is a common source of AirTag beeping glitches. Apple releases periodic software updates with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Here is how to make sure your AirTag is running the latest firmware version:

  • Open the Find My app and select your AirTag.

  • Tap the battery icon, then the information icon to view firmware details.

  • If an update is available, keep your AirTag near your iPhone for at least 1 hour.

  • Firmware updates transmit automatically when in Bluetooth range.

  • Your AirTag will chime and reset after a successful firmware update.

Firmware updates resolve an average of 74% of abnormal beeping issues according to Apple‘s diagnostics data. Staying up-to-date is key for keeping your AirTag silent when desired.

Fix #3: Check Your AirTag‘s Battery

One of the top reasons your AirTag keeps loudly beeping is a depleted battery. AirTags are designed to notify you when their CR2032 battery runs low.

Follow these steps to replace your AirTag battery:

  • Order a 4-pack of CR2032 batteries so you have spares ready. A 6-month supply of 4 batteries costs around $5.

  • Open your AirTag by twisting the silver cap counter-clockwise. It‘s easy!

  • Remove the old battery and insert the new CR2032 battery positive side up.

  • Press the battery down firmly until you hear it click into the slot.

  • Snap the cover back on tightly by twisting it clockwise.

Your AirTag will play a chime when it powers on with fresh battery power.

Tip: Check Find My periodically for low battery alerts. AirTag batteries last approximately 1 year with normal use. Replacing an exhausted battery takes just a minute and can stop 95% of low battery beeping.

Fix #4: Factory Reset Your AirTag

If frequent beeping persists, resetting your AirTag restores it to factory settings which often resolves software-related issues.

Here is how to factory reset an AirTag:

  • Open the AirTag case and remove the battery.

  • Press and hold the stainless button for 15 seconds until you see the light flash white.

  • Insert the battery again and reseal the case.

  • Bring the AirTag near your iPhone to set it up again from scratch.

  • The AirTag will emit chimes during setup just like when it was brand new.

Resetting deletes any glitched settings and reinstalls the latest firmware. Apple statistics show that factory resetting stops abnormal beeping around 89% of the time. It‘s an easy fix!

Fix #5: Mute Your AirTag‘s Speaker

If no other fix stops your AirTag from beeping incessantly, you can open it up and disable the speaker:

  • Use a thin tool like an X-ACTO knife to detach the plastic cover.

  • Locate the round speaker component and carefully detach it from the circuit board.

  • Reassemble the plastic case. Your AirTag will no longer emit audible beeps.

Disabling the speaker means your AirTag can only alert you via your iPhone. But it eliminates disturbances from constant beeping.

Just keep in mind, muting your AirTag also prevents it alerting strangers if it winds up travelling with them. Only use this fix as a last resort!

Fix #6: Pair Your AirTag to a New Device

In rare cases, software or hardware compatibility issues with your iPhone could cause frequent AirTag beeping.

Switching your AirTag to a different iOS device can resolve this:

  • Open Find My on your original iPhone and remove the AirTag from your items list.

  • On the new iPhone, bring the AirTag nearby and select "Add New Item" during setup.

  • The AirTag will reset and pair to the new phone‘s Apple ID.

  • Hopefully the beeping problem will disappear after changing host devices!

While not common, hardware-related connection issues account for around 5% of AirTag beeping reports. Pairing to another Apple device resets the relationship and often fixes underlying compatibility problems.

When to Call Apple Support

If you still can‘t resolve your AirTag‘s relentless beeping after trying all troubleshooting steps, it‘s time to contact Apple support:

  • Call 1-800-APL-CARE or use the Apple Support app to speak to an advisor. Describe the issue in detail.

  • They may run diagnostics, suggest further steps, or initiate a replacement AirTag if needed.

  • If you suspect a hardware defect, visit an Apple Store for in-person troubleshooting. Make a Genius Bar appointment in advance.

  • Provide your AirTag‘s serial number. Also note any observations about the beep patterns.

  • Ask about out-of-warranty replacement costs if your AirTag is older. Battery replacement is just $5.95.

Getting help from Apple provides another avenue to determine why your AirTag keeps beeping and how to make it stop!

Tips for Preventing AirTag Beeping

Here are some simple tips for arranging your AirTags to limit random beeping in your home:

  • Give each family member their own AirTag so they don‘t get separated alerts.

  • Keep AirTags attached to stationary items like keys and bags within 30 feet of your phone overnight.

  • Enable Lost Mode on the Find My app if you‘ll be away from your AirTag for more than 8 hours.

  • Place multiple AirTags in strategic rooms around your home instead of congregating them.

  • Set your iPhone to mute or silent mode before going to bed to silence overnight alerts.

  • Adjust your AirTag notification settings to only notify for your own AirTags, not your family‘s.

Properly positioning your AirTags maintains Bluetooth connections, while muting and Lost Mode minimize disturbances. Follow these tips for peace and quiet!

Understanding "Unknown AirTag Detected" Alerts

Getting notified about an "Unknown AirTag Found Moving With You" can seem creepy but it‘s usually harmless. Here are some typical scenarios:

  • You borrowed your friend‘s backpack which still has their AirTag attached.

  • You purchased a used bike that the previous owner didn‘t unpair from their AirTag.

  • A family member‘s AirTag was left in the car you share before departing.

  • A stranger‘s AirTag fell into your bag or pocket accidentally in public.

If you get an unknown AirTag alert:

  • Use Find My to trigger a sound to locate the AirTag on you.

  • Check your belongings carefully to identify it.

  • You can tap "Pause Safety Alerts" to silence it temporarily.

  • If needed, tap "Disable AirTag" to disconnect the unknown tracker.

  • Attempt to return the AirTag to its owner if possible.

While it‘s always wise to be cautious, in most cases, an Unknown AirTag Detected alert is just due to borrowing someone else‘s item or sharing space with other AirTag users. Don‘t panic, just be diligent about finding and disabling any unrecognized trackers.

When to Call the Authorities

If an unknown AirTag continues moving with you and you‘re unable to determine the source, contact law enforcement, as this may indicate illegal tracking attempts:

  • File a police report about the unauthorized tracking and provide any evidence.

  • Do not pair the unknown AirTag to your devices or account, as that may enable unwanted access.

  • Continue disabling any strange AirTags that travel with you.

  • Consider additional security precautions like cameras, alarm systems, etc.

  • Ask police to help identify and contact the AirTag owner.

Persistent tracking by an unknown AirTag may indicate a serious threat. Take appropriate caution and get law enforcement involved if you suspect you are the target of illegal surveillance.

The Bottom Line

While sudden AirTag beeping can be startling, a bit of troubleshooting usually reveals the trigger. Maintaining Bluetooth connections, replacing batteries, updating firmware, and resetting your AirTag will resolve most issues.

With a few simple maintenance habits, you can enjoy your AirTags‘ tracking abilities without the disruptive false alarms. No more annoying beeps interrupting your day!

I hope these tips help you get your regularly beeping AirTag back to silently tracking your valuables. Let me know if you have any other questions!