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Aaron Paul: The Emmy Award-Winning Actor Known for Breaking Bad

Full Name Aaron Russell Sturtevant (later changed to Aaron Paul)
Birthday August 27, 1979
Birth Place Emmett, Idaho, United States
Spouse Lauren Parsekian (married 2013)
Net Worth $20 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

As a long-time fan, I‘m thrilled to provide an in-depth introduction to Aaron Paul – the Emmy-winning actor best known for his iconic role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. Aaron brings such intensity, humanity, and humor to all of his roles. Let‘s take a closer look at his upbringing, breakout on Breaking Bad, life after the AMC drama, and what makes him so beloved.

"Yeah Science!" – Early Life and Career

Born in Emmett, Idaho in 1979, Aaron caught the acting bug early on. He was involved in plays during high school and eventually moved to LA in 1996 to pursue his Hollywood dreams. Like many aspiring actors, he started out with minor TV roles in shows like Beverly Hills 90210 while working odd jobs to make ends meet.

His first big break came in 2003 when he was cast as Adam Knight on Everwood. I still enjoy re-watching those earnest, heartfelt episodes – you can see flashes of his future brilliance as an actor. More supporting roles followed until…

The Role of a Lifetime – Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad

In 2008, Aaron Paul won the career-defining role of Jesse Pinkman on AMC‘s Breaking Bad. As Walter White‘s troubled yet loyal former student-turned-meth cook, Aaron was simply masterful. Over 5 gripping seasons, he took viewers on an intense emotional journey with Jesse. Some standout moments that still give me chills:

  • The gut-wrenching scene when Jesse cries after attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting
  • Jesse‘s heartbreaking monologue about shooting Gale Boetticher
  • "Yeah science!" – Jesse channeling his inner nerd during a cook with Walt

Aaron Paul‘s outstanding performance earned him two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (2010 and 2012), with a third following in 2014. This cemented Jesse Pinkman as one of the most iconic, beloved characters in TV history.

Continued Success and Charitable Endeavors

Following his widespread acclaim on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul‘s career has continued to thrive. Highlights include…

Film Roles

Major movies like Exodus: Gods and Kings, Triple 9, Central Intelligence, and reprising Jesse Pinkman in 2019‘s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

TV Shows

Starring as Eddie Lane in The Path and Caleb Nichols in the sci-fi hit Westworld. I can‘t wait to see what project he takes on next!

Charity Work

Aaron Paul supports great causes like the Kind Campaign against bullying and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has a huge heart and cares about making the world a little better.

In his personal life, Aaron Paul married film director Lauren Parsekian in 2013. The two seem very happy together and often share playful photos on Instagram.

Why We Love Aaron Paul

For me, Aaron Paul is more than just a talented actor – he‘s an enduring pop culture icon thanks to the depth and humanity he brought to Jesse Pinkman. What makes Aaron so special?

  • His natural, raw emotionality. Aaron makes you feel every scene.
  • Killer comic timing. Who doesn‘t crack up when Jesse shouts "Yeah b—-! Magnets!"?
  • Enduring humility and work ethic. Aaron is always looking for new challenges.
  • Obvious passion for his craft. He inhabits his characters completely.

Jesse Pinkman is truly an all-time great TV character, thanks to Aaron Paul‘s once-in-a-generation talent. I can‘t wait to see Aaron continue thriving in Hollywood and hope he knows just how much his work means to longtime fans like myself!