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Abbey Sharp

Full Name Abbey Sharp
Age 35 years old
Birthday December 14, 1987
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Born Canada
Height 5‘5"
Relationship Married to Max Sharp
Net Worth $2 million
Instagram @abbeyskitchen
YouTube Abbey‘s Kitchen

All About Abbey

Abbey Sharp is a registered dietitian, media personality, and influencer based in Canada. She completed her nutrition degree at Acadia University and became a certified dietitian in 2010. After working in clinical nutrition, Abbey launched the blog Abbey‘s Kitchen in 2012 to share nutrition tips and recipes in an engaging, relatable way.

Her fun, compassionate approach quickly earned Abbey over 160,000 Instagram followers and 200,000+ YouTube subscribers. She hosts the weekly podcast Food Psych and has appeared on shows like The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social as a nutrition expert. Abbey provides realistic, non-diet advice aimed at promoting healthy relationships with food.

Abbey Sharp Timeline

  • 1987 – Born on December 14 in Canada
  • 2010 – Completed nutrition degree and became a registered dietitian
  • 2012 – Launched blog Abbey‘s Kitchen
  • 2013 – Created YouTube channel Abbey‘s Kitchen
  • 2016 – Appeared on CTV‘s Stars on the Sidelines
  • 2018 – Named one of YouTube‘s Breakout Creators
  • 2019 – Launched weekly podcast Food Psych
  • 2022 – Released first cookbook The Mindful Glow Cookbook

Why We Love Abbey Sharp

There are so many reasons Abbey has become a trusted and beloved nutrition influencer:

  • Her advice is practical, relatable and non-judgemental. She provides realistic tips tailored to everyday life.
  • She takes an inclusive approach celebrating diverse foods and perspectives. Representation matters to Abbey.
  • Her fun, compassionate style makes nutrition topics engaging and easy to digest. Abbey has an awesome sense of humor!
  • Abbey is passionate about using science and research to debunk fad diets and improve people‘s relationships with food.
  • She creates visually appealing recipes and videos that make healthy eating seem doable and enjoyable.

5 Interesting Facts About Abbey

  • Her favorite indulgences are sushi, cheese and chocolate. But she emphasizes balance!
  • Abbey met husband Max Sharp when studying nutrition at Acadia University. They now have two children.
  • She was on a CTV reality show training celebs to become figure skaters!
  • Interior design would be Abbey‘s dream career if not a dietitian.
  • Her first job at age 15 was working at a smoothie shop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abbey Sharp

When is Abbey Sharp‘s birthday?

Abbey‘s birthday is December 14, 1987. She was born in Canada and is currently 35 years old.

What is Abbey‘s approach to nutrition?

Abbey focuses on realistic, sustainable advice tailored to individual needs – no "good" or "bad" foods. Her compassionate approach aims to reduce nutrition confusion.

Where did Abbey study to become a dietitian?

She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada and became a registered dietitian in 2010.

How did Abbey gain such a big following?

After launching Abbey‘s Kitchen blog in 2012, her fun YouTube videos earned her over 200,000 subscribers and 160,000 Instagram followers.

What are some of Abbey‘s favorite foods?

Some of her favorite indulgences are sushi, cheese plates, and dark chocolate. But she emphasizes balance and moderation.