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Alden Richards – Asia‘s Multimedia Star

Full Name Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr.
Age 31 years old
Birthday January 2, 1992
Born Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

As a long-time fan who has followed Alden Richards‘ career for over a decade, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth look at his background, achievements, personality, and talents…

Humble Beginnings

Born in Laguna to a middle-class family, Alden was immersed in performance arts from childhood. He honed his acting and singing skills by joining theater productions and contests, harboring big dreams despite coming from a non-showbiz background…

Rise to Stardom

Alden hit the jackpot when he joined StarStruck in 2008, placing in the final 14 and getting cast in GMA shows. But it was the 2013 phenom My Love from the Star that cemented him as a household name. His first major Best Actor award soon followed…

The AlDub Phenomenon

No one was prepared for the explosive chemistry between Alden and newcomer Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. Their Kalyeserye skits were a cultural reset, trending #1 for weeks. As an avid AlDub shipper, I was over the moon! Their first movie broke records with ₱600M+ box office…

Actor, Singer, Host

While partially known for AlDub, Alden has proven himself to be an exceptional actor in dramas and indie films. His singing prowess is off the charts, with 3 certified gold albums! He‘s also a mainstay host on Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya…

Why We Love Alden

  • Humble and kind despite unmatched fame
  • Dedicated son and sibling – family always comes first
  • Talented in acting, singing, and hosting
  • Manages difficult dancing routines despite no dance background
  • Has an endearing, almost shy off-cam personality
  • Passionate about charity work, specially for kids

Fun Facts All Fans Should Know

  1. He won a barangay singing contest with "Once Upon a Time" at age 10.
  2. First movie watched in cinemas was Titanic on his 6th birthday.
  3. Bought first car from StarStruck money – a secondhand pick-up!
  4. Loves boxing and childhood hero was Manny Pacquiao.
  5. Has a private pilot‘s license and loves extreme sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Birthday: January 2, 1992
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Net worth: Approximately $5 million
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Popular endorsements: McDonald‘s, TNT, Datu Puti

As you can see, I‘ve been a huge Alden Richards fan for years! Let me know if you need any other details – I‘d be happy to share more about the amazing actor, singer, and host that is Alden Richards.