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Alex Warren – Popular YouTuber and Social Media Phenomenon

Quick Facts

Full Name: Alex Warren
Age: 22 years old
Birthday: September 18, 2000
Birth Place: United States
Known For: Comedy Vlogs, Challenges, Pranks
YouTube: 11.4 million subscribers, 2 billion views
Instagram: 9 million followers
TikTok: 5 million followers

With over 11 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, Alex Warren has become one of the biggest social media stars and influencers today.

Background and Early Life

Alex Warren was born on September 18, 2000 in United States. While not much is known about his family and early life, we do know that Alex has been passionate about social media and entertaining from a young age.

Alex posts fun throwback childhood pictures once in a while that give us a glimpse into his life before fame. An energetic, goofy kid, Alex was always up for making funny home videos and sketches with his friends.

Rise to Stardom on YouTube

Alex began his YouTube journey in 2013, at the tender age of 13. He started out by posting random comedy sketches and vlogs as a hobby. But soon his natural humor and wit shone through, gaining him a small but dedicated following.

The real tipping point came around 2016, when Alex started collaborating with other popular YouTubers like Aaron Doh, Stokes Twins, Blake Gray, and more. Their funny and engaging collaboration videos, with clickbaity titles like ‘Switching Lives with My Girlfriend for 24 Hours,‘ quickly went viral.

Alex‘s subscriber count skyrocketed. Currently, his main channel has over 11.4 million subscribers and more than 2 billion total views – insane stats for someone so young.

Charming Personality Endears Millions

A huge reason behind Alex Warren‘s incredible popularity is his charming and relatable personality. On camera, Alex comes across as a natural – his witty jokes, loud reactions, goofy antics, and upbeat energy are infectious.

Fans feel like they‘re just hanging out with a funny best friend. Alex‘s confidence and complete lack of pretension make his viewers feel at ease. This friendliness, combined with his obvious talent and creativity, is why viewers cannot get enough of him.

Rise of the Popular S Squad Collab Channel

A large part of Alex‘s success can be credited to his close-knit friend group called the S Squad. It includes his childhood best friends Aaron Doh, Stokes Twins (Alan and Alex), Ben Azelart, Lexi Hensler, and others. Their camaraderie and natural rapport made collaborations between them an instant hit.

In 2018, Alex and the Stokes Twins started a joint YouTube channel called Stokes Twins. Featuring fun challenge videos and vlogs with the whole squad, it has grown massively over the years. Today, Stokes Twins boasts 24 million subscribers and over 5 billion views!

The S Squad also runs smaller collab channels like Immawhale (with Lexi and Ben) and ZAP (with Aaron) which have millions of subscribers each. Their infectious chemistry has enabled them to build an online empire together.

Other Ventures and Achievements

Leveraging his huge online following, Alex has undertaken several business ventures and side projects. He runs his own merch companies like Shop Warren and Warren Apparel Co. He also co-founded Sibling Apparel with Alan and Alex Stokes which sells trendy Gen-Z clothes.

Alex‘s television appearances include shows like Superhuman (2017), AwesomenessTV (2017), and Betch (2018). He even got nominated for the Shorty Award under ‘YouTube Ensemble‘ in 2019 along with the S Squad.

Some of Alex‘s biggest solo YouTube video hits are:

  • ‘Giant iPhone X Unboxing‘ (2017) – 41+ million views
  • ‘World‘s Largest Mystery Box‘ (2020) – 27+ million views
  • ‘Reacting to My First Ever YouTube Videos‘ (2019) – 25+ million views

In recent years, the popular star has also done sponsorship deals with brands like Bang Energy, SeatGeek, Listerine, and several apparel companies.

Controversies and Relationships

In 2020, an inappropriate private video of Alex as a minor got leaked online. He issued an apology, took accountability, and moved on quickly from the controversy. Beyond this, Alex has stayed relatively unproblematic, especially for someone so famous online.

Alex keeps his relationships private for the most part. In 2017, he briefly dated fellow social media star Kristen Hancher. Currently, he appears to be single and completely focused on his career.

What Does the Future Hold for Alex Warren?

As Alex Warren continues to grow his fanbase and expand his creative endeavors, his future looks very bright. Now in his early 20s, Alex has cultivated an online empire that would make most seasoned celebs envious.

With his work ethic, vision, and relentless enthusiasm, there is no limit to what Alex can accomplish in the years ahead. His 10+ years of experience will help him navigate fame and success. No matter what, Alex Warren will always have millions of devoted fans supporting him.