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Alfie Deyes: The Sensation Behind PointlessBlog

Full Name Alfred Sidney Deyes
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth September 17, 1993
Birthplace England, UK
Height 6′ 1′′
Net Worth $3 million
Social Media YouTube

From Brighton to YouTube Star

Alfie Deyes has become one of the most recognizable faces on the internet to millions of fans worldwide. But his rise to YouTube stardom started humbly in the coastal city of Brighton in the UK.

Born to working class parents, Alfie grew up without many of the luxuries that his fame later afforded him. However, his down-to-earth upbringing helped shape his cheerful, grateful, and modest personality that viewers love.

From a young age, Alfie found joy in entertaining others. As a kid, he would create little home movies and comedy sketches just for fun. This passion for filming and editing eventually led a 16-year old Alfie to start his YouTube channel PointlessBlog in 2009.

The “Pointless” name was meant ironically, as the teenage Alfie had big dreams of building an online audience. However, no one, including Alfie, could have predicted just how wildly successful his channel would become over the next decade.

Daily Vlogs, sketches, challenges – the keys to YouTube success

PointlessBlog started gaining popularity when Alfie began vlogging – sharing a daily video log of his regular teenaged life. His natural charisma and humor made mundane moments fun.

Watching his vlogs felt like hanging out with a friend. Alfie seemed to have an innate talent for talking directly to the camera.

As a long-time fan, I’ve always admired Alfie’s consistency and work ethic. He frequently posted 3-5 videos per week at the height of his YouTube popularity. This kept his audience engaged and constantly coming back.

Here are some of my favorite types of videos from Alfie over the years:

  • Sketches – Alfie and his friends would come up with outrageous comedy sketches and mini-plots that were hilariously entertaining.
  • Challenges – Whether it was chubby bunny or completing an escape room, Alfie took on wild challenges that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • Collabs – Alfie frequently featured collabs with his famous YouTube friends. These videos showcased their camaraderie and fun group dynamic.
  • Pranks – Alfie dished out pranks on friends and the public, always keeping things lighthearted and never mean-spirited.
  • Daily Life Vlogs – The foundation of his channel; Alfie brought viewers along in his daily adventures, meals, events and travels.

Through his broad mix of engaging content, Alfie built one of the most subscribed to and beloved channels in the UK.

Books, tours and TV – Alfie Deyes takes over Britain!

As a bonafide web celeb, Alfie leveraged his online video fame to branch out into other media formats. This included:

  • The Pointless Book series – Alfie‘s fiction humor books for kids became bestsellers in the UK. He‘s released 4 books so far, shifting the YouTube experience to print.
  • PointlessBlog Tours – Alfie headlined multiple live stage shows around the UK and Ireland. These were high energy blends of comedy, music, games and vlogs.
  • BBC and TV – Alfie created shows with BBC and appeared in various web documentaries and series. His crossover into television reflected his mainstream popularity.

On top of this, Alfie’s also dropped a charting pop single, hosted huge fan meetups, and created successful mobile apps. His profile and products became inescapable for British teens!

Charity work – Using fame for good

Amidst all his ventures, I‘ve always admired Alfie‘s dedication to charity work. He‘s partnered with numerous causes close to his heart:

  • Comic Relief
  • CoppaFeel!
  • Save The Children
  • ShelterBox
  • Dementia Revolution

Some highlights of Alfie‘s fundraising efforts include:

  • Hiking Mount Everest to raise £500k against youth homelessness
  • Annual Christmas jumper campaigns raising £250k for CoppaFeel
  • Using his tours and merch to benefit various youth and family charities

Alfie always uses his powerful social presence to encourage his fanbase to donate and volunteer. His charitable initiatives have assisted millions across the UK and beyond.

Fun Facts About the Man Behind the Camera

After following Alfie Deyes for over a decade online, here are some fun facts that give insight into his personality:

  • He has an odd phobia of ketchup and can‘t stand being near it!
  • Alfie is a passionate golfer – he plays regularly and has competed in pro-am tournaments.
  • He dropped out of college at 17 but went back years later to complete his degree.
  • Alfie has been dating fellow YouTuber Zoe Sugg for over 5 years after meeting via social media.
  • He bought his dream Tesla car after hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers. A humble lad from Brighton done well!

What‘s Next for Alfie Deyes?

While Alfie continues posting YouTube content, his videos have shifted to focus more on travel adventures, lifestyle, and grown-up challenges as he enters his late 20s.

Many, including myself, suspect he might pivot to TV presenting or acting soon as he looks beyond YouTube. Others think he may partner with brands for sponsored social media campaigns.

But beyond speculation, one thing is clear – the impact and influence Alfie Deyes has had over the past decade is undeniable. For a generation of British youth, he was the star who defined YouTube culture and entertainment.

Whatever comes next, Alfie‘s fans will support him. Because to us, the journey of watching that humble 16-year old kid from Brighton grow into a generational media icon has been truly PointlessBlogtastic!