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Introduction to Amber Rose: Model, Activist and Pop Culture Icon

Full Name Amber Rose Levonchuck
Birthday October 21, 1983
Age 39 Years Old
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation Model, Actress, Entrepreneur, Author, Activist
Years Active 2007–present
Spouse(s) Wiz Khalifa (m. 2013–2016)
Children 2
Net Worth $12 Million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Amber Rose is one of the most recognizable faces and influential voices in pop culture today. She first rose to fame in the late 2000s as a model, starring in high-profile campaigns and music videos. However, Amber has transcended her modeling career to become an outspoken advocate, author, businesswoman and pop culture icon. Her signature buzzcut, tattoos and curvaceous figure have made her a style inspiration for women around the world. But beyond her striking looks, Amber‘s confident attitude and activism for female empowerment have solidified her status as a cultural force.

Early Life and Stripping Career

Amber Levonchuck was born on October 21, 1983 to an Italian father and Cape Verdean mother. She describes having a rough upbringing in a challenging neighborhood in South Philly, saying "I blossomed really early and was feeding my family at the age of 15." To provide for her family, Amber began stripping at age 15 under the name "Paris." In interviews, she‘s defended stripping as a viable way for women to make money and criticized the stigma around the profession.

Amber continued stripping until the age of 25, eventually becoming a house dancer at a club called Stars in Philadelphia. She recounts first adopting her signature buzzcut hair style during this time after growing tired of relying on hair extensions and weaves at the club. At Stars, Amber was discovered by a local modeling agent named Ian Connor who saw her potential for mainstream success. This fateful meeting would launch her modeling career.

Breakout Modeling Career

With Ian Connor‘s encouragement, Amber began modeling in 2007 using the last name Rose. One of her biggest breaks was becoming a model for Louis Vuitton‘s 2009 ad campaign shot by esteemed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. This helped establish her as a high-fashion model. Amber went on to appear in a slew of magazine editorials and print ads for brands like Celestino, Dorothy Combs and Smashbox Cosmetics.

But it was walking the runway for the buzzy designer Zac Posen at his 2009 New York Fashion Week show that truly put Amber on the wider fashion radar. Her voluptuous figure and signature bleached buzzcut offered a refreshing contrast to conventional runway looks. In subsequent seasons, Amber became a Posen regular, captivating show-goers with her natural charisma and striking appearance season after season. Her career was on a rapid ascent.

Rise to Fame and Relationships

Amber rose to mainstream fame in 2008 when she appeared as the leading lady in rapper Young Jeezy‘s music video for "Put On," which got major rotation on BET. This grabbed the attention of none other than Kanye West, who recruited Amber to star as a futuristic fembot in his infamous sci-fi inspired "Robocop" music video.

The two hit it off instantly and Amber became Kanye‘s muse for awhile, accompanying him to events and appearances. Kanye seemed smitten by Amber‘s bold, bald-headed beauty and cast her in his "Runaway" short film and the music video for "Monster" featuring Jay-Z and Rick Ross. During this high-profile relationship with the rap superstar, Amber made headlines constantly and started to develop her signature look, like her edgy arm tattoos.

After splitting from Kanye in 2010, Amber began dating another rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Their whirlwind relationship and Amber‘s pregnancy became a media sensation as they chronicled it for magazines and websites. Wiz and Amber married in 2013 before divorcing just one year later in 2014. But during this period, Amber‘s fame skyrocketed as she appeared in movies, reality shows and took on big modeling campaigns. Motherhood also changed Amber‘s worldview and influenced her budding activism.

Advocacy and Recent Endeavors

As her platform grew, Amber became more vocal about feminist issues, gender inequality in the entertainment industry, and the importance of self-confidence. She gained praise for boldly defending her sexual agency against misogynistic, slut-shaming attacks from the media and online trolls. Amber developed a close friendship with Kim Kardashian who helped guide her public persona. She soon became known for speaking her mind during no-holds-barred interviews and on social media.

In 2015, Amber organized the first SlutWalk rally in Los Angeles to protest sexual violence and victim blaming, and empower women‘s sexual freedom. Thousands marched and the SlutWalk movement was born. That same year, Amber launched the Amber Rose Foundation to collect donations, host events, and provide guidance to women in need. She also published her memoir How to Be a Bad Bitch, offering candid advice to women on relationships, self-care, and achieving success.

Since then, Amber has continued acting with appearances on TV shows like Black-ish, hosting her own talk show Loveline, and competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2016. Other business ventures include a mobile app, an eyewear line, merchandise, and her non-profit foundation. While she still models occasionally, Amber spends much of her time parenting her two sons and using her platform to advocate for causes she believes in.

Legacy and Cultural Impact

There are many reasons why Amber Rose has become such an iconic pop culture figure over the past decade:

  • She confidently owns her sexuality and femininity. Amber challenged double standards by being proudly sexual and eschewing slut-shaming attacks. Her message of embracing one‘s sensuality has inspired women.
  • She uses her voice to advocate for women‘s rights. Through organizations she‘s founded, Amber strives to fight gender inequality and violence while empowering all women.
  • She promotes body positivity and inclusivity. Amber‘s curves, tattoos, and buzzcut hair have become beauty symbols that push boundaries. She urges women to love themselves.
  • Her style is bold and boundary-breaking. With her signature shaved head, piercings, and curve-hugging fashion choices, Amber expands society‘s ideas of beauty and femininity.
  • She speaks her mind authentically. Amber raises awareness by transparently sharing her opinions on topics like sex, feminism, parenting, relationships, and more through interviews.
  • She persevered through adversity. From her difficult upbringing to public feuds with celebrities, Amber has overcome challenges and stays strong on her own terms.
  • She‘s multi-talented. As a model, actress, author, entrepreneur, and tireless advocate, Amber excels at every endeavor thanks to fearlessness, work ethic, and natural magnetism.

Amber Rose embodies determination, outspokenness, sensuality, and the freedom for women to define beauty and power on their own terms. She is a cultural force who inspires women daily just by unapologetically being her true self. Her impact as a pop culture icon will continue inspiring future generations of women.