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Iconic Actress Angela Bassett

Full Name Angela Evelyn Bassett
Age 64 years old
Birthday August 16, 1958
Birthplace New York City
Net Worth $25 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Angela Bassett has captivated audiences for over 30 years with her powerful on-screen presence and alluring charm. Known for portraying strong, resilient women, she has etched herself into pop culture history with unforgettable performances in films like What‘s Love Got to Do with It, Waiting to Exhale, and Black Panther. Her illustrious career is marked by critical acclaim, pioneering firsts for Black women in Hollywood, and an enduring status as a role model.

Early Life and Influences

Born in Harlem and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bassett enjoyed a loving upbringing with her sister and supportive parents. She first discovered her passion for performing in a youth theater program.

Always a driven student, Bassett attended Yale University where she initially intended to become a pediatrician. But the acting bug bit her hard once she took an elective class in playwriting. She would perform in over 20 productions during college.

After seeing a riveting performance by James Earl Jones in the 70s, Bassett found further inspiration to pursue acting as a career. She made the move to Los Angeles in the late 80s and the rest is history.

Most Memorable Roles

Bassett’s breakout performance in What’s Love Got to Do With It (1993) earned her an Academy Award nomination for perfectly capturing Tina Turner‘s fiery spirit. She memorably bared her soul performing "Proud Mary" with all the magnetic energy fans loved about Tina.

In How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998), Bassett was the epitome of sensuality, draws us in with her palpable on-screen chemistry with co-star Taye Diggs. I‘ll never forget cheering Stella‘s liberating journey to self-discovery.

And as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther (2018), she brought heart, nobility, and a commanding presence easily holding her own among other powerful characters.

While these are some of her most remarkable roles, Bassett has proven her versatility across comedy, drama, action and more. Her filmography is a cinematic treasure.

Legacy and Achievements

With abundant talent and gravitas, Angela Bassett shone a light for generations of Black actresses paving the way in Hollywood. She has earned her place in the industry not by playing to typecasts but through diverse roles that capture the multi-faceted Black experience.

Beyond her extensive film & TV credits, Bassett‘s awards highlight her legendary status. They include an Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe Award, an Emmy Award, and five NAACP Image Awards.

She has also been a galvanizing voice in the fight for equity and inclusion in entertainment as evidenced by her passionate advocacy. Bassett continues to uplift marginalized communities to this day.

At 64, Angela Bassett‘s brilliance is undiminished. She has undoubtedly built an enduring legacy as one of the greatest actors of our time. I cannot wait to see the magic she brings to screens next!