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Atiana De La Hoya

Full Name Atiana De La Hoya
Age 24
Birthday March 29, 1999
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Occupation Reality TV Star, Actress, Model
Years active 2007-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Known For: Maya, Meet the Barkers, The Kardashians

Early Life in the Spotlight

Born in Los Angeles to famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya and singer Millie Corretjer, Atiana grew up surrounded by affluence and celebrity. However, with the messy divorce between her parents, Atiana‘s childhood also had challenges…

Overcoming a Difficult Childhood

Despite the privileges of wealth, Atiana endured great hardship as a child due to her parent‘s contentious split. She and her brothers were often caught in the middle of Oscar and Millie‘s fights. While the divorce deeply affected Atiana, she has been admirably resilient.

Becoming a Reality TV Star

Atiana appeared on her first reality show at age 8, giving viewers insight into her family‘s dynamics. Since then, she has steadily built up her reality TV profile with appearances on:

  • Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
  • Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta
  • Baller Wives
  • Temptation Island

While capitalizing on her fame as Oscar De La Hoya‘s daughter, Atiana has also let audiences get to know her as a feisty, unfiltered personality in her own right. She showcases both her glamorous lifestyle and her real-life struggles.

Displaying Her Authentic Self

Unlike many polished "reality" stars, Atiana brings raw honesty about issues like her strained relationship with her father. This emotional authenticity makes her relatable. Fans feel that they really know the "real" Atiana.

Expanding Her Entertainment Career

Beyond reality TV, Atiana has sought opportunities in modeling, music videos, and acting. Her drive to succeed in multiple arenas demonstrates fierce determination to step out of her father‘s shadow. Some highlights include:

  • Appearing in Offset‘s "Ric Flair Drip" music video in 2017
  • Starring in the 2021 film "No Man‘s Land" opposite Ryan Phillippe
  • Modeling for brands like Rockstar Energy Drink

It‘s clear that we‘ve only seen the beginning of Atiana‘s foray into acting. With beauty, talent, and a famous last name, her star is on the rise!

The Passion to Pursue Her Purpose

Atiana has made it clear she is passionately committed to chasing her dreams in entertainment. Though just starting out, she has immense potential to thrive as an actress and model. Her hustle and dedication are beyond impressive!

Why Fans Adore Atiana

What makes Atiana De La Hoya so loved?

  • Her authenticity – she keeps it real!
  • Her resilience and work ethic are aspirational
  • She boldly steps out of her famous father‘s shadow
  • She‘s gorgeous inside and out!
  • Her presence on reality TV is bold yet vulnerable

Atiana‘s unique blend of courage, charisma, beauty and humility makes her a fascinating star on the rise!

Fun Facts About the Gorgeous Atiana

  1. She was named after her Puerto Rican grandmother Cecelia
  2. She‘s fluent in both English and Spanish
  3. She loves horseback riding and animals
  4. She‘s close with her grandmother who helps manage her
  5. She played volleyball competitively as a teen

The Future is Bright for Atiana

With legions of loyal fans cheering her on, there is no limit to how far Atiana De La Hoya can soar! She has the drive, talent, and personality to make it big. We can expect amazing things are on the horizon for this beautiful rising star. The future is brighter than ever for Atiana!