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Austin McBroom – YouTube Star and Ace Family Patriarch

Full Name Austin McBroom
Birthday May 20, 1992
Age 30 years old
Born Los Angeles, California
Relationship Married to Catherine Paiz
Children Elle, Alaïa, Steel
Height 6‘0"
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Instagram

Early Life & Background

Austin McBroom was born in Los Angeles to a middle-class family. His parents stressed the importance of education and hard work. As a teen, Austin attended Campbell Hall School where he excelled at basketball. This earned him an athletic scholarship to play basketball at Saint Louis University.

Rise to Social Media Stardom

After two seasons playing overseas professionally in Europe, McBroom returned to LA in 2016 and began posting comedy videos on Instagram and YouTube.

His following grew rapidly once he started collaborating with Catherine Paiz. They began dating in 2016 after meeting in LA. Their natural chemistry and pranks earned them millions of viewers.

Some key milestones:

  • First video in May 2016 – "Gold Digger Prank!"
  • Began dating Catherine in late 2016
  • Announced Catherine‘s pregnancy in 2017
  • Ace Family channel gained 1M subs in 2017
  • Married Catherine in 2018
  • Hit 10M YouTube subs in 2019
  • Currently have 19.4 million YouTube subscribers

Loving Family Life

Austin and Catherine have documented their family life since 2016. They now have three children:

  • Elle Lively – born in 2017
  • Alaïa Ray – born in 2018
  • Steel McBroom – born in 2021

The kids are frequently featured in videos. Fans praise the couple‘s hands-on parenting style and close-knit family.

In 2020, they moved into a $10 million mansion in Los Angeles to accommodate their growing family.

Controversies & Criticisms

The Ace Family has dealt with some controversies over the years:

  • Accused of staging pranks and videoing people without consent
  • Criticized in 2020 for a stunt where Austin knocked out YouTuber Faze Jarvis
  • Allegations of not paying people who appear in videos
  • Thumbnails and titles seen as clickbait aimed at younger audience

They defend their videos as lighthearted entertainment and deny deceiving fans. Still, their pranks sometimes veer into dangerous territory according to critics.

Expanding Business Empire

Austin has earned money through:

  • YouTube – Estimated to make up to $28,000 per sponsored video
  • Merch – Launched Ace Hat Collection line
  • Sponsors – Promotes brands like FashionNova and Bang Energy
  • Real Estate – Has invested $10+ million into LA properties
  • Celebrity Boxing – Got paid for 2021 boxing match vs. Bryce Hall

His fame allows him to earn massive paydays from brand partnerships. For example, he reportedly makes up to $200,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

Charity & Philanthropy

Giving back has been important for the Ace Family. They‘ve worked with:

  • Red Cross – Helped raise $100k+ for California wildfire victims
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation – Granted wishes for kids in need
  • Angels of East Africa – Donated and helped build water wells in Africa
  • Children‘s Hospital LA – Organized toy drives for patients

Austin aims to be a positive role model. He reminds fans to keep pushing through adversity.

What‘s Next for Austin?

The Ace Family remains one of the most popular family vlogging channels. They continue to post content featuring pranks, challenges, and their kids.

With new ventures underway, it seems Austin McBroom has no plans to quit YouTube fame anytime soon. His charisma continues charming audiences worldwide.