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All About Rising Dance Sensation Ava Foley

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|Full Name: Ava Marie Foley|
|Birthday: December 7, 2012|
|Age: 10|
|Born: Orange County, California, United States|
|Known For: Dancing, Social Media|
|Net Worth: Estimated $200K|
|Facebook| Twitter | Instagram | YouTube|

Early Life and Training

Ava Foley was born in Orange County, California in 2012. She began dancing at just 18 months old, showing an early passion and aptitude for performing. By age 3, she was training extensively in styles like ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop at local dance studios.

Her raw talent was evident even as a toddler – Ava would pick up choreography with ease and light up on stage. Her bubbly personality also shone when interacting with teachers and classmates. As she continued intensive training, Ava‘s skills progressed rapidly.

Competing and Winning

By age 6, Ava was competing at dance competitions and conventions across the country. She quickly made her mark, winning national titles at The Dance Awards, Radix and more.

Some of Ava‘s notable competition accolades include:

  • 2018 ADC superficial Champion
  • 2019 The Dance Awards Mini Female Best Dancer
  • 5x Radix Mini Female Best Dancer
  • 2018 Hollywood Vibe Mini Female Best Dancer

Ava wowed judges with her stage presence, expressive style and versatility across dance genres from lyrical to hip hop. Her competition success and well-rounded skills captured the attention of professional choreographers and television producers.

Breaking Into Entertainment Industry

In 2019, just 7 years old at the time, Ava reached a new level of fame when she appeared on NBC‘s World of Dance. As a competitor mentored by dancer Merrick Hanna, she made it past the Duels round – an impressive feat for such a young performer.

That same year, Ava also showcased her talents on Season 14 of America‘s Got Talent. Her bubbly on-stage personality and energetic dance routines earned new fans and followers across America.

Since then, Ava has continued to break into the entertainment industry with high-profile collaborations and modeling gigs. She has danced in music videos, web series and live tours with stars like Mackenzie Ziegler and Nia Sioux. Well-known choreographers have…