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Ball Greezy – The Miami Rapper Making Waves

Full Name Kinta Cox
Stage Name Ball Greezy
Birthday January 1, 1986
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Age 37
Height 5‘10"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

In the vibrant hip hop scene of Miami, one rapper has been making serious waves – Ball Greezy. With his energetic flow, southern swag, and earworm hooks, Ball Greezy has carved out a unique lane for himself in the rap game. Though he‘s collaborated with big names like Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Flo Rida, Ball Greezy has stayed true to his own style and brand. As a long-time fan, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth profile on who Ball Greezy is, his musical journey, standout songs, and what makes his music special.

About Ball Greezy

Ball Greezy is the stage name of rapper Kinta Cox. He grew up immersed in music in Miami, with musical family members that ignited his early passion for rhythms and beats. Greezy burst onto the underground Miami rap scene in the early 2000s, coining the term "954 Music" to represent the distinct Miami sound. What makes Greezy stand out is his deep, raspy voice and delivery that vividly evokes growing up in the 305. Over his decade plus career, Greezy has cultivated a devoted hometown fanbase while touring across the US.

Ball Greezy‘s Musical Journey

Greezy started locally releasing mixtapes like Back from the Dead that showcased his signature Miami flow. His growing buzz soon caught the attention of major artists like DJ Khaled, who featured Greezy on the 2008 hit "Out Here Grindin." This was a huge career milestone that helped launch Greezy nationally. Some of my personal favorite mixtapes of his are 2010‘s Mr. 850 and 2011‘s Definition of a Hustla, where Greezy really developed his voice.

Greezy‘s first official studio album The Definition came in 2016, including his breakout Billboard #1 single "Shone." As a day-one fan, it was amazing seeing Greezy finally get his due on the charts. He followed up with consistently solid albums like Star and Real Talk Miami, staying true to repping the 305. Greezy has overcome many obstacles to remain real and himself through it all. His genuine love for the culture shines through in his music.

Ball Greezy‘s Legacy

Over 15 years deep in the rap game, Ball Greezy has left a lasting impact on Miami hip hop. He helped establish his hometown‘s distinct "954 Music" sound and inspired the new generation to embrace their local roots. Despite achieving mainstream success, Greezy stays loyal to putting on rising Miami artists. He truly paved the way for today‘s stars repping the 305, like Kodak Black and Denzel Curry. In my eyes, Greezy‘s legacy is being Miami‘s flag-bearer and repping the 305 to the fullest, something he continues to do with passion and pride.


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