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Bambam: The Talented Thai Singer Making Waves in K-Pop

Overview of Bambam

Full Name Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Stage Name Bambam
Birthday May 2, 1997
Age 26
Hometown Bangkok, Thailand
Active Since 2014
Associated Acts GOT7
Labels JYP Entertainment
Social Media Instagram

As one of the most popular members of GOT7 and a successful solo artist, Bambam has been taking the K-pop world by storm for nearly a decade. Born in Thailand in 1997, he moved to South Korea as a teenager to pursue his dreams of stardom. Now in his mid-20s, Bambam has grown into an incredibly gifted performer oozing with charisma and talent. Let‘s take a closer look at the rising superstar‘s journey so far.

Debut with GOT7

After years of intensive training, Bambam made his high-anticipated debut in early 2014 as part of the new K-pop boyband GOT7 formed by JYP Entertainment. Despite being only 16 at the time, he immediately stood out for his energetic stage presence and eye-catching rapping skills. It was obvious Bambam was born to entertain.

Now on their fifth album, GOT7 has cemented themselves as one of the top idol groups with multiple chart-topping hits and sold-out world tours. They just announced a new contract renewal, much to the joy of their passionate global fandom called "ahgase". As one of the group‘s most popular members, Bambam has been integral to their success.

Success as a Soloist

Beyond his group activities, Bambam has also made a name for himself as a solo artist, especially in his native Thailand. His 2016 single "BM" shot to #1 on Thai charts while subsequent tracks like "Waste It On Me" racked up millions of YouTube views.

Bambam made history in 2019 as the first K-pop idol to perform at Bangkok‘s YouTube Fanfest, electrifying a hometown crowd of 25,000. He recently held his first solo concerts in Bangkok called ‘Red Eye‘, where he cemented his status as Thailand‘s foremost global music star.

As impressive as his singing and rapping abilities are, he‘s also considered one of K-pop‘s top dancers. His smooth moves and charm make him a trending favorite on TikTok. Overall, Bambam possesses the total package of skills, good looks, and charisma that define a true superstar.

Other Endeavors

Aside from music, Bambam has branched out over the years into acting, modeling, and TV hosting. He starred in the web drama ‘Dream Knight‘ and made several variety show appearances where his outgoing personality shined.

Endorsement deals with companies like Adidas, Ivy Club, and NBA Korea have followed, as his influence across Asia continues to grow. But even as his fame rises, Bambam remains humble and dedicated to causes like Bangkok flood relief. His generosity makes him an inspirational role model for youth.

Breakthrough to Global Stardom

At just 26 years old, Bambam‘s career is only just getting started and his future looks incredibly bright. As GOT7 continues racking up accolades, Bambam‘s solo profile is also rising rapidly. He has all the raw skills to become Thailand‘s first truly global breakout music sensation.

Bambam‘s appeal extends far beyond Asia, with millions of international fans admiring his determination and talent. He possesses all the intangible star qualities that the biggest superstars share – stage presence, charisma, crossover marketability. His future collaborations with top western artists seem inevitable.

For now, his supporters are simply enjoying the journey as he continues maturing into one of the most dynamic, multifaceted artists in K-pop today. Bambam has already accomplished so much, but surely his biggest triumphs still lie ahead. The possibilities seem limitless for this creative visionary.

10 Fascinating Facts About Bambam

As his #1 fan, here are some of my favorite fun facts about the talented Thai superstar:

  1. His nickname comes from his habit as a kid of saying "Bam Bam!" whenever he got excited.
  2. Bambam speaks four languages – Thai, Korean, English and conversational Chinese.
  3. His Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.
  4. He has two siblings – older brother Beer and younger sister Baby.
  5. Bambam‘s ideal type is someone who takes care of him well and has a nice smile.
  6. His favorite hobbies are shopping, playing video games, and reading manga.
  7. Bambam loves eating hamburgers, chocolate ice cream, and Thai cuisine.
  8. He learned breakdancing during his trainee years.
  9. Fashion icon G-Dragon and Chris Brown are his role models.
  10. Bambam remains very close with his GOT7 bandmates, considering them family.

The Future is Bright

At just 26 years old, Bambam‘s career is really only just getting started. As part of GOT7, he can look forward to more worldwide tours, albums, and millions of adoring fans. The group‘s future success seems guaranteed.

As a soloist, Bambam will likely focus on releasing music in Korea, Thailand, and English. Collabs with renowned western artists are certainly on the horizon. His previous collab "Waste It On Me" with Steve Aoki shows Bambam‘s true crossover appeal.

Whatever he chooses to pursue, one thing is for certain – global superstardom awaits. Bambam has the package of talent, charisma, and dedication needed to become Thailand‘s first worldwide music icon. K-pop has never seen a star quite like him and his future is blindingly bright. The best is surely yet to come!


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