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Becky Lynch – The Irish Superstar Taking Over WWE

Full Name Rebecca Quin
Ring Name Becky Lynch
Born January 30, 1987
Birthplace Limerick, Ireland
Residence Orlando, Florida, United States
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 135 lbs (61 kg)
Trained By Finn Bálor
Net Worth $6 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Becky Lynch is one of the most popular and highly paid wrestlers in WWE today, with a net worth of over $6 million. This Irish superstar has taken the women‘s division by storm through her skills, charisma and determination. Let‘s take a deeper look at her journey to becoming "The Man".

Early Life and Passion for Wrestling

Born Rebecca Quin on January 30, 1987 in Limerick, Ireland, Becky Lynch grew up with a passion for watching professional wrestling and developed an interest in becoming a wrestler herself during her teenage years. She played basketball and soccer as a kid, developing an athletic foundation.

At just 15 years old, Lynch began training to wrestle at a small wrestling school in Ireland run by Fergal Devitt (later known as Finn Bálor in WWE). She learned the fundamentals and honed her craft over the next few years.

Indie Wrestling Days Across Europe

Lynch started wrestling actively in 2002 under the ring name Rebecca Knox. She competed primarily across Europe in countries like the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and more.

Some key highlights from her early indie wrestling days include:

  • Winning a tournament to crown the first ever SuperGirls Champion in 2005.
  • Becoming the inaugural World Queens of Chaos Champion in 2006 after winning a battle royal.
  • Wrestling for promotions like One Pro Wrestling and German Stampede Wrestling.
  • Competing against top European talents like Erin Angel and Sweet Saraya.

This opportunity to work in different countries and promotions allowed Lynch to enhance her in-ring skills and wrestling psychology.

Joining WWE and NXT

After recovering from a severe head injury, Lynch went overseas to Canada for further training before signing a contract with WWE in 2013. She was assigned to their developmental brand NXT and given the new ring name Becky Lynch.

In NXT, Lynch:

  • Made her debut match in June 2014 defeating Summer Rae.
  • Had an extensive feud and matches against her real-life best friend Sasha Banks.
  • Won the NXT Women‘s Championship by defeating Sasha Banks in 2015.
  • Earned the nickname "Irish Lass Kicker" for her no nonsense fighting spirit.

Becoming ‘The Man‘ in WWE

Lynch went on to make her main roster debut in WWE in 2015 during the Superstar Draft. She became a fan favorite over the next few years with memorable matches, feuds and championship victories.

Some major highlights of her WWE career include:

  • Becoming the inaugural SmackDown Women‘s Champion in 2016.
  • Headlining WrestleMania 35 in 2019, the first woman to do so.
  • Holding both the Raw and SmackDown Women‘s titles simultaneously in 2019.
  • Winning the Women‘s Royal Rumble Match in 2019.
  • Main eventing Survivor Series 2019 against Raw Women‘s Champion Bayley and SmackDown Women‘s Champion Shayna Baszler.
  • Defeating wrestlers like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Asuka, Ronda Rousey and more.
  • Winning multiple championships and accolades like Women‘s Grand Slam Champion.

Wrestling Style and Skills

Inside the ring, Becky Lynch utilizes a straight forward, no nonsense brawling style combined with technical wrestling skills. Some of her notable maneuvers and skills include:

  • Dis-Arm-Her – Her finishing submission maneuver that focuses on hyper-extending the opponent‘s arm.
  • Bexploder Suplex – One of her signature moves where she explodes into a bridging belly to back suplex.
  • Straight Fire – A unique arm wrench transitioned into a discus clothesline.
  • Submission wrestling – Utilizing armbars, leglocks and more to wear down opponents.
  • Brawling skills – Relies on striking moves like punches and kicks to fight.
  • Technical wrestling – Can counter and chain wrestle with the best in women‘s division.

Fun Facts about Becky

  • She has a bachelor‘s degree in acting from Dublin Institute of Technology.
  • Her parents are in the airline business and she has two older brothers.
  • Becky is a big fan of Conor McGregor and has walked out to his music before.
  • She is in a relationship with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins.
  • Loves watching Peaky Blinders, rock music, and getting tattoo work done.
  • Her favorite band is Haim and favorite food is Shepherd‘s pie.
  • Previously acted in productions of Richard III and Trainspotting.

In Her Own Words

"I love this business with all of my heart. I didn’t come from a famous background or have famous parents. I started at the absolute bottom…I’m proud that with hard work and determination, I’ve been able to ascend to the top."

"The fans have been one of the driving forces in my life. I want to continue to be a role model and inspiration for both the next generation of wrestlers as well as people from all walks of life."

Becky Lynch has proven she has the skills, charisma, and work ethic to cement her legacy as one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time. This Irish superstar continues to inspire millions of fans globally with her passion for wrestling. There is no doubt Becky Lynch will continue to headline major events and create magical moments in WWE for years to come.