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Ben Platt: Talented Actor, Singer, and Activist

As a loyal fan who‘s been following Ben Platt‘s inspiring journey from the start, I‘m thrilled to share a comprehensive look at this brilliant young performer‘s background, achievements, and bright future ahead.

Ben Platt Profile Overview

Full Name Benjamin Schiff Platt
Age 29 years old (born September 24, 1993)
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Partner Noah Galvin (actor)
Net Worth $3 million
Social Media Facebook

Early Life & Passion for Performing

Ben Platt was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1993 to a family working in the entertainment industry. His father Marc Platt is a film, television, and theatre producer while his mother Julie Platt is an interior designer.

From an early age, a young Ben was drawn to singing, dancing, and acting. He began taking professional lessons at age 9. As Platt shared in an interview, "I was one of those kids who was putting on shows since I could walk and talk. I was obsessed with Broadway and music."

Platt made his professional stage debut at just 11 years old in The Music Man on Broadway. In 2012 at age 19, he broke out in his Broadway debut as Elder Cunningham in Book of Mormon.

"Ben Platt is a virtuoso singing actor who is destined to be one of the biggest stars of his generation." – Broadway Director Michael Arden

Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen – Breakout Role

In 2015, Ben Platt landed the lead role of anxiety-ridden high schooler Evan Hansen in an original musical called Dear Evan Hansen. When the show premiered on Broadway later that year, it became clear Platt was giving an extraordinary once-in-a-generation performance.

As Evan Hansen, Platt stunned audiences with his vulnerability and emotional range. His acting choices humanized the complicated, lonely character. And his soaring vocals were like nothing Broadway had heard before, especially in the showstopper song "Waving Through a Window."

"Ben Platt‘s performance makes this more than just a wonderful musical. It makes it a profound experience." – NBC Review

Platt earned universal praise from critics, being called a "true original" and the "breakout star of his generation." In 2017, he made history as the youngest actor to win the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for Dear Evan Hansen at just 23 years old.


h3>Other Notable Stage Roles

  • The Music Man (2002 debut)
  • Caroline, or Change (2004)
  • The Book of Mormon (2012 Broadway debut)

Television, Film, and Solo Music

Ben Platt has also flexed his acting skills on screen while pursuing a successful solo music career:

  • Pitch Perfect film series – Played Benji Applebaum in these popular musical comedies
  • The Politician – Earned Emmy nomination for starring as Payton Hobart in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series
  • Concert documentary – Starred in concert film "Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall" on Netflix
  • Debut solo album – "Sing to Me Instead" reached #8 on Billboard 200

Awards and Accomplishments

For someone so young, Ben Platt has already racked up a long list of prestigious accolades:

  • Tony Award – Best Actor in a Musical for Dear Evan Hansen (2017)
  • Grammy Award – Best Musical Theatre Album for Dear Evan Hansen (2018)
  • Emmy Award – Outstanding Musical Performance for "Ease My Mind" (2020)
  • Drama League Distinguished Performance Award (2015)
  • Obie Award for Dear Evan Hansen (2016)
  • 2 Emmy nominations for The Politician
  • Golden Globe nomination for The Politician

What Makes Ben Platt So Special?

What is it about Ben Platt that has made him such a beloved star at such a young age? Here are a few of the qualities that stand out:

  • Jaw-dropping talent – His vocals, stage presence, and emotional acting depth are unparalleled
  • Humble nature – He remains down-to-earth and gracious despite massive success
  • Relatability – His openness about personal struggles makes him feel real
  • Kind spirit – Platt is known for being kind-hearted and generous
  • Passion – His joy and commitment to performing shine through

The Future Is Bright for Ben Platt

At just 29 years old, Ben Platt has already achieved what most only dream of. But his career is still just getting started. After changing the face of Broadway with Dear Evan Hansen, fans are buzzing with excitement about what he‘ll take on next.

One thing‘s for certain – Ben Platt is a once in a generation talent who will continue captivating audiences for decades to come. His extraordinary gifts are undeniable, and his future in entertainment looks incredibly bright. I feel so grateful to witness the rise of this brilliant young artist, and can‘t wait to see the magic he creates next.