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Bengal: YouTube Superstar

Here‘s a quick overview of Bengal‘s profile:

Full Name Bengal
Age 25
Birthday July 23, 1998
Birth Sign Leo
Born United States
Relationship Single
Height 5‘11
Net Worth $2 million
YouTube Bengal
Instagram Bengal
Twitter Bengal

Background and Early Life

Bengal was born and raised in Los Angeles, California by his parents Anne and James. From an early age, Bengal was making home videos and entertaining his friends with comedic sketches and parodies. He attended Alexander Hamilton High School, where he continued honing his performing skills in drama club productions.

After graduating high school in 2016, Bengal decided to pursue a full-time career as a YouTube creator. He had been uploading comedic videos since 2013 and saw potential for it to become his main focus. With the encouragement of friends and family, Bengal took a leap of faith and committed himself to YouTube stardom.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Bengal uploaded his first video to YouTube on March 19, 2013. It was a Call of Duty gameplay video that earned a modest 300 views. But he soon shifted to making comedy videos and found his true voice. Some major milestones:

  • Hit 100K subscribers in 2014
  • Passed 1 million subscribers in 2016
  • Reached 5 million subscribers in 2021

To date, Bengal has uploaded over 800 videos which have garnered over 500 million views. He continues to post 2-3 times a week, mostly comedic commentary, vlogs, challenges and collaborations.

Notable Collaborations

Bengal has worked with many top YouTubers and influencers over the years:

  • Dobre Twins – He‘s made numerous videos with the Dobre brothers on their popular channel
  • Lexi Hensler – Bengal often collaborates with TikTok superstar Lexi on fun videos
  • Stokes Twins – The Stokes twins join Bengal in comedy sketches and challenges
  • Damon Fizzy – Fellow YouTuber Damon teams up with Bengal for vlogs and hijinks

These collabs introduce Bengal to wider audiences and allow him to riff off fellow talented creators.

Other Projects

Beyond YouTube, Bengal has pursued music, podcasting and acting projects:

  • Released his debut single "Lonely Boy" in 2016 on streaming platforms
  • Launched the podcast "The Bengal Show" in 2019 where he interviews influencers
  • Had a minor role in the 2018 Netflix film "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser"

These additional creative outlets allow Bengal to showcase other aspects of his talent.

Fun Facts About Bengal

  • Bengal‘s first job was working at a movie theater concession stand
  • He took tap dancing lessons for 3 years as a child
  • Bengal has a lizard named Pablo who shows up in some of his videos
  • His dream acting role is to star in an action comedy film
  • Bengal created his YouTube name from his favorite football team, the Cincinnati Bengals

Why We Love Bengal

There are so many reasons Bengal has earned millions of loyal subscribers:

He‘s Hilarious

Bengal has amazing comedic skills – his timing, improv and high energy make every video laugh-out-loud funny.

He‘s Genuine

Bengal is caring, authentic and really connects with fans. He uses his platform to support good causes.

He‘s Entertaining

No one is better at hype and bringing pure entertainment value than Bengal. Every video is a blast.

He‘s Inspirational

Bengal inspires people to chase their dreams. His success story motivates others to take risks.

Bengal represents the best of YouTube – creative, passionate and dedicated to making comedy. He‘s earned the love and respect of fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Bengal‘s birthday?
July 23, 1998. He is currently 25 years old.

Where is Bengal from?
Bengal grew up in Los Angeles and still lives in the area. He was born in California.

What was Bengal‘s first YouTube video?
His first video was a Call of Duty gameplay video in 2013. He quickly shifted to comedy after.

How much money does Bengal make?
Estimates put Bengal‘s net worth around $2 million. His YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships are his main sources of income.

Is Bengal single?
Yes, as of right now Bengal appears to be single and focused on his career. Fans eagerly await any relationship news in the future!