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Bethany Mota: From Teenage YouTuber to Entrepreneurial Icon

As one of YouTube‘s first homegrown celebrities, Bethany Mota has grown up in front of the camera. Through hard work and consistently fun content, she has built an online empire and become a role model for young entrepreneurs.

All About Bethany: Her Origins and Meteoritic Rise

Full Name Bethany Noel Mota
Birthday November 7, 1995
Birth Place Los Banos, California, United States
Age 27 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Occupation YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
Net Worth $7 Million
YouTube Subscribers 9.86 Million
Instagram Followers 3.8 Million
Twitter Followers 4.2 Million
Facebook Fans 7 Million

I still remember the first Bethany Mota video I came across in 2009. As a 14 year old, I absolutely loved watching her clothing hauls, DIY room decor ideas, and makeup tutorials.

Bethany started her YouTube channel "Macbarbie07" at just 13 years old. Living in Los Banos, California, she turned to YouTube as a creative outlet and way to make new friends online.

While beauty and fashion videos existed on YouTube already, Bethany‘s youthful charm made her content feel fresh and fun. She shared details from her everyday teen life – chatting about new purchases from the mall, testing makeup products, and styling cute outfits.

Bethany quickly resonated with young viewers who found her videos inspiring and relatable. Her subscriber base skyrocketed within months. Hitting 1 million subscribers felt like a huge milestone at the time!

Turning Her Passion Into a Business Empire

What began as a hobby quickly morphed into a booming business for Bethany. Capitalizing on her YouTube fame, she embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures over the years:

  • 2014: Launched a fashion line with Aeropostale including clothes, accessories and home decor
  • 2014: Competed on Dancing with the Stars season 19
  • 2016: Released pop single "Need You Right Now"
  • 2017: Published memoir "Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motavation!"
  • 2018: Launched makeup and beauty brand Motav cosmetics
  • 2019: Starred in YouTube Originals coming-of-age series "The Road to Amazing"

Each business move further cemented Bethany as a serious entrepreneur guided by her positive mindset and work ethic. Her brands remain popular with fans today.

Winning Hearts Through Relatability and Sincerity

After over a decade in the limelight, what makes Bethany so beloved by fans?

  • Friendly Presence. Bethany feels like the sweet girl next door. Her warm demeanor on camera makes you want to root for her success.
  • Inspiring Message. Bethany maintains an upbeat, glass-half-full perspective in videos. She wants to lift up others.
  • Trendy Content. Bethany keeps her content fresh and on-trend for her young demographic. She tries new things to keep longtime fans engaged.
  • Interacting with Viewers. Bethany has always made an effort to engage with her audience. Responding to comments helps forge a personal bond.
  • Candid Videos. Bethany opens up about past bullying, body image, and other relatable struggles. Her sincerity touches fans.

5 Endearing Facts About Bethany

  1. She was a competitive dancer growing up and loves staying active.
  2. Bethany has an adorable pet poodle named Paris who sometimes makes cameo appearances.
  3. She taught herself how to edit videos as a teen using iMovie and Photoshop.
  4. Bethany‘s mom Sadie helps manage her YouTube channel and often films videos.
  5. She speaks some Spanish and has filmed videos in both languages for her bilingual fans.

Continuing to Thrive in the Influencer Era

Now 27, Bethany remains a successful influencer and entrepreneur. While her YouTube following has declined from its 10 million+ peak, she has over 10 million collective followers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Bethany continues to run her own brands while partnering with companies like Amazon for sponsored content. She uses her platform to support good causes close to her heart as well.

The YouTube landscape looks radically different today compared to Bethany‘s early days. Yet her impact on the influencer space cannot be understated. She proved the immense opportunity for creators to transform passion into business success.

As one of YouTube‘s first homegrown stars, Bethany Mota has inspired millions with her fun, upbeat content. She showed creativity and perseverance can overcome early life struggles. For so many of us, Bethany‘s journey has been a delight to follow.